quick fix …. tupperware omelet

tupperware omelet

There is things I really can’t get my head around – before it was pancakes and omelets, now it’s only omelets. For me as a chef it should be a piece of cake, but I think it’s a mental blockage I have.

After all my moaning about my omelet making a friend of mine showed me this omelet dish that she had, Tapperware, for the microwave. It’s a true magic.

tupperware omelet page

I eat omelets for dinner at times, just can’t be bothered with a proper cooked meals.

For this quick fix I only used red onion, eggs and milk that was fresh – everything else came out of my freezer.

omelet page

I defrosted 1 cup Findus Greek Warm Salad; a mixture of tomatoes, red onion, spinach, sugar snap peas, feta cheese and black olives in a sieve. 1/2 cup diced bacon, 2 tbsp grated cheese and Findus frozen Italian herbs.

I heated some butter in the frying pan – added finely sliced red onion and bacon, stir until the bacon was cooked and then I added the defrosted vegetable mix. You can use what ever vegetable mix you fancy, it the pieces are big – cut them smaller – season with salt and freshly ground pepper – and I also added a pinch of Spaghetti spice mix.

tupperware omelet page 2

3 eggs I wisked together with 2 tbsp milk and added the grated cheese. Then I put the bacon-vegetable mix in the middle of the dish and poor the egg-milk over – and sprinkled the herbs over it.

With a 3 egg omelet – 3 min in the microwave is needed. And it comes out fluffy and just perfect.

omelet page 1

The omelet I just had with some hand-ripped Romain lettuce and the last of the my fantastic couscous dressing.

A good and tasty substantial meal for a ….. lonely diner was done. Even Oscar liked this omelet.

omelet close up

“We all have televisions.
They are relatively inexpensive.
We all have microwave ovens.
Why do we need to go out?”
Norman Chad

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25 thoughts on “quick fix …. tupperware omelet

  1. An omelette in the microwave? It looks delicious. However, I think I only use the microwave to make popcorn 😉 My omelette still comes out of the pan, although I do have a lot of Tupperware… I knew you were the most creative chef in the world! xo 🙂

    • As I said – I’m not able to get a good omelet out of the pan – and probably never will – so microwave and Tupperware will do if for me.

  2. I think it is more work to have it in the microwave. I haven’t seen that gadget here but I probably won’t buy it because I can cook my omelet as fast on the stove.

    • Bebs, I useless to make omelets and I love omelets … so this is the second best thing there is.
      I envy all you that can do omelet the proper way, but I can’t!
      And I know it takes longer time .. in the microwave, but it’s what it’s! *smile

  3. I am afraid I have to agree with the above comments 🙂 ! I do not think I have used my microwave for 3-4 years and then only to heat heatpads I use against pain. I feel I can make everything I need in a pot or pan or on a grill and that without zapping the vitamins and minerals. I also have far greater control over softness/firmness and consistency!! But if you feel it works for you . . . .

    • It works for me .. because I can’t get it right in a pan – and the result is far better than most omelets I have been eating that others and chef’s on hotels has done for me.
      If a microwave is monitored – there is no lost of vitamins or minerals. Not meant to be cooked to death.
      I wish I could do omelets in pan, but I can’t – they come out terrible.

      • Beautiful Vivi – a big hug and if this works, God bless!!!! I also sometimes do an egg dish like that if tired or in a hurry, but I cheat. Take a small omelette pan, stirfry my mixture, pour the eggs on top, cook for a minute and then put the pan under a hot grill until the whole thing puffs up beautifully and browns just a little – a kind of frittata I suppose – tastes the same, is still soft and a little gooey in the centre, but does not need turning – guess it is not as pretty 🙂 !

      • Edh, I left the kitchen as a chef .. so I’m not bother anymore about doing omelets, but I was lucky I had great chefs that did them brilliantly.
        I stick to Tupperware and I get a big fluffy omelet every time.
        And my friends like them too, so that is reason enough for me to keep on using the dish.
        We don’t have stove with grills on top – we have to use the oven and it’s not the same result.
        Edh, we are all happy in our own believes. And anything goes. *laughter

      • Just out of interest – all Australian cookers are built basically the same – one has 4-8 round electric or gas cooking rings or one big flat one [often one is a wok burner these days], next down comes a separate grilling compartment and then, quite separately, one has the oven. As grilling is just about the most common cooking method for meat or fish, that narrow compartment is also the most used. Almost everyone here also has a small tabletop grill on the kitchen counter – I use mine every day 🙂 ! Oh – and not that it matters so much, but my name is EHA, which means ‘last light of day’ in Estonian!!!

      • I was more thinking about the cookers with the grill unit above the the stove – the US and UK style.
        With a grill on top of the stove is not standard but there is posh stoves with it, but not a standard for normal households.
        Have I spelled your name wrongly – so sorry … because I know it’s EHA! Have to be more careful. *smile

  4. I don’t have a microwave (and don’t want one)….. I do my omelettes the old-fashioned way. I’m not sure a microwave would get the texture right. But glad you are happy with your workaround! Good old Tupperware, eh? 🙂

    • We are all happy in our own believes … and I think I would struggle without a microwave today – even if I been a chef over 40 years – I wasn’t that keen on microwave neither, but today … its used in nearly all restaurant kitchens – it how we use it.
      The thing is I can’t get my head around how to make an omelet in a pan, but I’m world champion on souffles. *laughing
      Yes, good old Tupperware, the only Tupperware product I own, but I like their products.

    • Thank you, Frank … I really feel like I been told off .. for using the microwave today. *laughter … Nobody has comment on the omelet.
      I had it for my dinner and I have a couple of times per months.

  5. It seems like a brilliant invention! Each of us has to do what is right for us, in the kitchen, as well as in ife. There should be no judgement.

    • That is what I think too … I don’t think I have been told off – but the omelet was the core object and the microwave took over *smile – very funny really!!!
      Thanks for your support – and personal I think the omelet look very good and it always comes out tasty.

  6. We have to do what works for us. I’ve never understood why someone would want a rice cooker but friends who have one love them. For me rice is the simplest thing in the world to cook, especially in the microwave. As long as you add the right amount to water it comes out perfect every time. Sometimes when I’m running late I’ll throw a couple of eggs in my lunch bag and cook them up in the microwave at school. They turn out fluffy and perfectly cooked in less than 3 minutes.

    • Carol, I’m so glad that somebody more than me use the microwave – I think it’s a fantastic tool – and of course it has to be used in the right way. I have never cooked rice in it, but I have friends that does and it comes out beautiful and fluffy in only a couple of minutes.
      Neither have I cooked eggs … but I don’t “poached” eggs .. in a special dish and it works okay and far less hassle than doing them in a pan, but have to keep an eye on them.
      Microwave I worked with as a chef for nearly 30 years and I would like to see a restaurant kitchen today without a microwave. Easy counted.
      So how do you manage to cook egg in the micro without them exploding ??? Do you pick them ???

      • I break the egg into a bowl and whisk it and put it in the microwave. I’m not sure you can put a whole egg (in the shell) in the microwave. It probably would explode.

      • Carol, I think I seen something about picking the egg in both ends with a needle type of tool, but I wouldn’t dare to try *laughter.

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