guess what – i’m back

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After 8 months my sorry ass is keeping a very low profile  – all down to that fantastic female doctor, Berit, at Lund’s University Hospital – that prescribed Lyrica to me.

It didn’t work at once, but then she increased the morning pill to two and MAGIC! I was a bit worried about the medicine because it mainly to treat epilepsy and shingles, but she promised me that the strength on my daily intake is so small and the medicine in itself isn’t addictive. Haven’t taken any lucky pills for over a month now.

There is no words to describe the “living hell” I been in for nearly 8 months. But there is always a prize to pay. Lyrica creates more fluid in my body and I already have problems from my cancer operation with lymph, that I wear support tights against, but they don’t help anymore. Some mornings my feet is nearly half a size bigger and I have big feet (EU8) to start with.

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So it’s not good for me to sit by the PC with the legs down most of the day, but also I have to take medicine for that. It’s a bad circle, this with effects of medicine.

I have been so spoiled through my whole life, have never had to take any medicine what so ever. Hardly taken an aspirin for headache. This with have to take pills 2 times per day doesn’t feel that great, but out of two evil – I stick to the pills.

So I’m back in the blogging wheel again – and I have decided to have system, because I can’t spend hours by the computer again every day, but still to be able to visit your world too, I have done a schedule, where I will visit once per week and … read what you have posted during the week. Some of you post many posts per day – and I will try to read so many as possible.

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As my friend Dia@happyface313 wrote in one of her posts not long ago – to read what you have posted is like to read a daily chic magazine, just love that sentence.

In other words – it’s great to be back!

“Look back, and smile on perils past.”
Walter Scott

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59 thoughts on “guess what – i’m back

  1. Great news Viveka, good that the medicine is finally making a difference! I’m always amazed that you still always sound so cheerful and positive in your blog posts, that’s a strength you have! Enjoy being back!

    • Gunilla, it has been a tough time – but to dwell about it doesn’t make it better and for other bloggers to read about it time after time … depressing, even if I have written a couple of posts about my problems – and I’m a very positive person and that is what have helped through all problems.

  2. I am glad to hear this dear Viveka, but in any case it is not good to spend a long time at PC by sitting!!!! for all of us. Walking, dancing, or making sports, or yoga,,… I need to move too… Please take care of yourself, you know you are coming here and I am so excited for this. Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    • Thanks, Sweet Nia.
      I do long walks every day when the weather is good … but it’s boring to walk alone – and I do my Zumba once per week.
      I hate gym … but like my bike.
      Me too … so excited … to see Istanbul and meet you.
      Have a pleasant weekend.

  3. Congrats on the improvements! I tried Lyrica. It immediately eliminated my pain in a non-narcotic way…however, the filter in my mind seemingly disappeared. Suddenly my wife was saying ‘why did you say that to them? that wasn’t very kind’. I had no recollection of having said anything to ‘them’ kind or unkind. Hmmm? After several months I had to wean myself off regretfully as now the pain is constant and narcotics don’t touch it….I do hope it is side effects free for you….it usually is….also, I admire your distancing yourself from the monitoring/creating. I really need to do that, but find it hard to not share and stay in touch. Best wishes Viveka!!!!

    • Thank so much for you comment and I’m so sorry that Layrica wasn’t suitable for you. I take 2×25 g in the morning and 1x25g before bedtime.
      Beside that the increase in lymph fluid I haven’t notice any other side effects – but I have started to forget things .. a week ago I forgot to brush my teeth. I don’t know if is caused by the pills.
      It’s painful to read that you have to live with pain … pain really eat us up mentally and physical.
      I know what you mean with the sharing and staying in touch, but I have to try to get blogging under control … but it’s hard. Thank you so much for this lovely comment and the support. I wish you only best and I hope that you will get help with a new medicine … to ease your pain.
      Lots … of Viveka

  4. And it’s great to have you back and feeling like yourself again! What a journey you are taking.

    You’re so good to share yourself with us, and even make a plan to be sure and keep in touch while you take care of yourself. Enjoy every moment of every day, and know all of us will be thinking of you, knowing you are thinking of us. (No one gave me permission to speak for “us”, but despite the great differences between us I don’t doubt that we are one when it comes to loving you.

    Your friend in Michigan, USA, Mary at Mary in Michigan

    • Mary, thank you for your support and … friendship.
      It’s fantastic to not have to take any lucky pills to be able to sleep ..
      I think writing about our health problems in some degree can be a support for others – but to dwell about them .. in post after post, is depressing both for my readers and for me.
      I have to move on .. otherwise will I be left behind, by life.
      Mary, thanks again for being for me. *smile

    • Marina, thank you .. yes, I’m so happy – because I have really struggled to have a descent life .. for months. Thank you much for your support.

  5. I’m glad you’ve got a system that works for you Viveka. I’m glad you are doing better. I don’t like your side effects. But you sound to be doing MUCH better. 🙂

    • Colleen, so do I *laughing .. I don’t like my the side effects neither, but I don’t want my butt problems back.
      It’s such enormous change for me. And that I don’t need a lucky to be able to sleep.

  6. That is great to hear Viveka, sorry about the side effects, but you are right we do seem to have pay one way or another. Great that feel well enough to get back into it.

    • Leanne, you’re so right … because one medicine gives side effects and then an other medicine is needed – then that medicine … give another side effect, just a bad circle. I have said for many years that we need to be healthy to be sick. *laughing.

  7. Fantastic news, Viveka! I’m so happy for you! And, working out a system is perfect – I guessed you would do that immediately. Hope this will work for you all the way now – take care!


  8. Great news, dear Viveka! I’m truly happy that you are so much better. Side effects are always a pain in the butt (oh, no, not again!), but sometimes the side effects are a bit better than being in pain all the time.
    I tell you, there are some very nice and comfortable “Birkis” – I mean Birkenstock shoes – out there. I just saw an incredible pair in contrasting colors with purple sole and orange on top 😀
    My feet swell when it gets hot, so I have come to enjoy Birkis on my feet for a while. Have a very good start into the weekend – with a couple of Magnum, too! xo 🙂

    • Dia, I can’t wear “Birkis” because my numb foot pads get so soar from the pattern their soles – I use Rieker – I can’t use Ecco neither. After 5 min I my poor feet had enough.
      My numbness in my foot pads is a gift from the chemo. I can only wear shoes that have a pattern free sole.
      My feet has been okay for nearly 3 years … and with help of the support tights – but now we are back to square one.
      But … I don’t want my sorry ass back.
      Have a lovely weekend too *smile – Magnum, yes … going to buy a box today. *smile

      • Oh, I didn’t know about the numbness. Sorry to hear that. You really have your share of sh.. happening to you in the last couple of years.
        But I admire you for your good spirits!
        And YES, today I went to the grocery store and bought Mangum – all different kinds and the anniversary one you introduced us to. Looks very interesting. Will let you know how it tasted in the next few days.
        Many hugs xoxoxo, dear Viveka! 🙂

      • Dia, the numbness is a massive problem, because I love to walk and I still do, but I have to change shoes – so I have to have a second pair with me all the time, when I’m out for longer period. To change the pressure on the pads.
        We get used to some pain after a while, but use to say that I only have 70% of my life as a woman left … the cancer took the rest. But if I hadn’t have the operation I would have 0% left.
        Looking forward to the Magnum review. I don’t have any at home. Had the last .. yesterday.
        More champagne ones I have to buy.
        Have a lovely weekend.
        Wivi … hugs!

  9. Am so glad your pain is better – now you have to balance the absence of that against the side effects. Many of us seem to have had the need to change our visiting/commenting patterns. As I do fulltime paidwork/study and a lot of committee/’charity’ work seven days a week at the computer I decided to halve my time on other matters just a week or so ago: don’t like having had to delete a lot of blogs and not know how favourite people are doing but looking after oneself begins at home as the saying goes. Good luck with your new plans 🙂 !

  10. Viveka I’m glad you’ve finally found a medicine that works for you. I’ve been banished from exercising for 7 days because of my gum surgery but I know that I will have to make a concerted effort to get outside and start moving again. I spend too much time on this computer. This winter has been especially difficult to get outside and one falls back into bad habits so easily. It sounds like you’re already doing more activity than I am so what’s my excuse? I don’t really have one. You’re an inspiration to me. I love your positive outlook and how you never give up. Hugs! Carol

    • Uru, it’s so great to not being all messed up after the pain killer .. when I wake up in the morning.
      Thank you so much for your kind words. *smile

  11. Welcome back. I know what you mean about sitting with legs down and the fluid retention. I have that problem also…but being too active also makes the same problem, trying to find the balance is not easy. When I’m at work I’m on my feet ALOT! Not uncommon to do 10-11 thousand steps while at work. After that, I’m tired and want to sit. Trying hard to write a few posts, visit a certain number of blogs, then get up and walk around. It’s too much or too little for me, no real average. I’m also trying to take walks on days when I don’t work. It’s suppose to help bring down my cholesterol also…we’ll see how it goes, and good luck to you.

    • Sandy, thank you so much for your support – and nice comment. Yes, I have to take breaks and walk around, great advice.
      I have been on my feet all my life while working – up to 15 hours per day at times, as a chef. So sitting still isn’t really my thing, but blogging takes time.
      So I have doing what you said .. I write and then I do something else – so today I have been jumping between my ironing and my blog.
      Thanks for taking the time .. with me. *smile

  12. A good life is what you’re after, Vivi 🙂 10 minutes ago my cousin Adam, who doesn’t speak English, said to me ‘I love you’. I’m passing it on 🙂 🙂 With a hug! Visit when you can. Life comes first.

    • Thanks for taking the time to visit me – lovely – really hope you have fantastic weather and that your little camera goes mad.
      Yes, it seems like the sorry ass is finely beaten, I’m so happy. It was one of the worst medical ordeal I ever gone through. Worst than the cancer treatment.
      So truly .. life come first.
      Thanks for being you, jo!!!!

  13. I’m so happy that the medication is now working for you even if there is a side effect from the the medicine. Knowing you are going to be traveling soon, I know that this will make a huge difference in how you enjoy your trip.

    • Thanks, Karen … I’m sure I will have a fantastic time with my friends in Istanbul.
      And of course will Oscar be very busy … day and night. *smile

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