not for the heart fated

This young woman ….. is just out of this world;  she beats Van Damme with horse lengths. And the truck drivers too … because they does an ABSOLUTE  awesome job. How can two trucks drive that accurate and in pretty good speed too??? The truck drivers are true artists.

Enjoy if you dare!!!

“Never was anything great achieved without danger.”
Niccolò Machiavelli

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15 thoughts on “not for the heart fated

    • Me too …. it said in the information to the video that is has been banned. I think Van Damme’s video is great too … but those trucks goes backward.
      I think it’s just amazing on all parts involved. Even if the trucks are very advanced, brilliant job.

    • Yes, she is just awesome – image to be world champion is something like that. What a sport – nothing for me .. don’t have much balance and I’m scared of heights. *smile

    • Colleen, I don’t think the commercial was the main propose on it’s own … I think she wanted to do for her own sake. She is the world champion! And extreme sport stars are MAD!!!!
      And also if things had gone wrong … they wouldn’t released the video.

      • That’s what I told myself to be able to watch it! 🙂 That they wouldn’t have shown it if it was a bad result. And yes, there is a madness to the extreme sports. 🙂

      • I suppose the extreme sports are like a drug .. to those that do it – the kick of be able to do something outrageous. It shows on the girl – after they passed the tunnel.
        And I can understand the feeling … but nothing for me.

  1. Unbelievable stunt! Unfortunately, I’m afraid that videos like this lead to others trying to copy dangerous stunts without any safety precautions.

    • Karen, you are so right … but a stunt like this, they have be pretty stupid to try. First of all they have to be able to walk the line or whatever it’s called.

      • I often wonder if they time out after a period of time. Or are taken down by their original source. Not certain. I had seen the truck gals awhile back. I am only now learning about using videos in my posts.

      • You just go to the share bit on Youtube – copy the code . Then you paste it into media – insert from URL . Done. Make sure your have a bit of space around the link. Good luck.

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