last day of winter


Today is the offical last day of winter here in Sweden – tonight will we light bonefires and the stundets will put their hats on to sings out the winter and welcomes the spring.

This card is my way to say Welcome Spring 2014 – I do to a waltz by Johann Strauss, Jr. “Frühlingsstimmen” (Voices Of Spring), Op. 410, written in 1882.

All my photos is taken this year – so it’s how I have seen the Spring of 2014 together with and with help of Oscar . This year the spring is nearly 2 weeks too early, but we are not complaining.

Enjoy !!!!!!!!

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(Play the card in full screen – so you can read all the fantastic quotes that I have found about spring)

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33 thoughts on “last day of winter

  1. beautiful so beautiful… Please write to me when are you coming and to where, which hotel, details again, to my e-mail, dear Viveka. I am so excited and I hope and wish to arrange the days with you. Thanks and Love, nia

    • Yes, we are … in the end of this month – so excited … have invited one of my best friends and her partner – only the airfare … 5 days, And I know Nia and Istanbul is going to be a fantastic experience for us all.

    • Thanks, Sylvia!!!!! We had a taste of the early summer for nearly a week now, but there will be changes tonight.
      But the Spring is here to stay. *smile

  2. A wonderfully happy post on a day the first snow is falling on our Alps [no, just cold winds here 🙂 !] The students in white caps – university sorority and fraternity members, or do other students in Sweden wear them also? It is just the former in Estonia.

    • Snow!!! WoW! All students in Sweden when they leave school get a white hat. Maybe our tradition with the hats comes from there. Don’t have clue, have to look into it. Google here I come.

  3. Thank you, Vivi! I hope you had a wonderful evening 🙂 I have a WiFi connection in the hotel and am just spending 5 minutes before I go in the shower. It’s ‘na slub’ – the wedding today- so I won’t be back online till tomorrow evening. It is a Polish National holiday here today and on 3rd May so it’s a long weekend for everybody. Is it a holiday in Sweden today? Have a good time and I hope you stay fit and healthy. Bye! 🙂 🙂 Swift hug!

    • Wedding, how fantastic .. I bet you had a fantastic time. Because what I understand weddings in Poland is a 3 day event, just like on Ireland. It’s a national holiday here too .. the whole of Scandinavia – it’s the workers day.
      Here is a ex-worker’s hug …. see you later.

  4. Your card reflects what a wonderful spring you are enjoying. I’m so glad you are having a nice one and have shared it with us. Ours has been very cold and wet so far.

    • Yes, the spring is very special to us up here in the North with the long dark days … haven’t had much of a winter this year, so that’s why the spring is in full bloom now.
      I couldn’t live where there is no seasons, because I love them all 4.Only wish that spring would last a bit longer.

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