today I was the traveller

sun smile

It was an early spring day. The wind and the sun had an argument.

The wind boasted “I am stronger than you.”

The sun mildly said “No. you are not”.

Just then, they saw a traveller wrapped in a blanket was passing by. The wind said, “Whoever separates the blanket from traveller is the stronger. Do you agree?”

The sun replied, “OK. First you try.”

The wind started blowing. The traveller wrapped his blanket around him. He blew harder. The traveller held his blanket firmer. He blew still harder. The traveller held his blanket still tighter. The harder the wind blew the tighter and firmer did the traveller hold his blanket. The wind failed.

It was the Sun’s turn. The sun smiled gently at the traveller. The traveller loosened his grip on the blanket. The sun smiled warmly. The traveller felt the warmth and soon took off the blanket.

The sun was declared stronger.

MORAL : Gentle smile can achieve what brutal force can’t.

Today I was this traveller – when I step of the train in Landskrona around 2.40pm and standing at the busstop – the sun was smile at me – and I just had to take Oscar out of his bag. Just now is it +20.6C/68.09F in the shadow on my balcony and it feels like life is smiling too. *smile All the information I can find about this story is; Æsop. (Sixth century B.C.) Fables. The Harvard Classics. (1909–14). Not have a clue what it means. What I understand is it used for students to learn English. I just think it’s so lovely and as I have said so many times, if we meet somebody without smile, give them our own. sunshine 1

27 thoughts on “today I was the traveller

  1. Whatever the source, it’s lovely. I think it can be said lots of ways, like “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” (Do you know that one?) Or “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” from my Sunday school days. Me? I’m a lover, not a fighter. Hugs, Mary

    • I love the fable too …. it makes me smile too. The sun was just smiling straight at me at the bus stop today … I don’t think anyone notice. *smile

  2. As the days pass hope there will be many more sunny smiles so you can drop the winter layers . . .

    PS Hope you caught Danny’s lovely shout-out yesterday [1227 Foster and the VRAI magazine 🙂 !]

    • Uru, I just love this little story – and the sun was smile straight at me yesterday – and still smiling. First day without a jacket today. Summer temperatures out there.

    • Thanks, Cindy … we have so lucky with the weather since Easter, but it’s very early this year for us … but the Spring is here to stay. Changes tonight they told us, bit colder.

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