weekly photochallenge – letters

Only 2 letters – R W

RW 2

RW –stands for Raoul Wallenberg … the Swedish business man that rescue between tens of thousands and one hundred thousand Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the Holocaustfrom Hungarian Fascists and the Nazis during the later stages of World War II. While serving as Sweden’s special envoy in Budapest between July and December 1944.

The letters R and W is on the bronze briefcase at the Raul Wallenberg Monument, First Avenue and 47th street, NYC. The briefcase that was left in a hurry.

RW breif case

The monument consists of five columns, one of which is 7 meters high (23 feet) and has a pottery sphere on top. The sides have engraved writings that telling aspects of Wallenberg’s life and mission, as well as an extract of the joint resolution of the American Congress by which Wallenberg was declared Honorary Citizen of the United States of America in 1981.

No one really seem to know what really happened when Wallenberg was captured by the Russians in 1945. It is said that he surrendered himself to them in exchange for more Jewish lifes.

It is also very unclear about his death, some information says that Wallenberg died  in a Russian prison in 1957 and others say that he was executed in the Lubyanka prison 10 years earlier, back in 1947.

“Never postpone until tomorrow
what you can postpone until the day after.”
Raoul Wallenberg


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41 thoughts on “weekly photochallenge – letters

    • Also one of our royal family members, Folke Bernadotte, rescued Jews during the war – over 20.000 – but he negotiated directly with Himmler – and he took them in “white busses” – Red Cross busses to Sweden.
      He was murdered in Israel in 1948 and his killer was looked on as a hero in Israel. The man that save so many Jews from death, was murdered by one.
      In the spring of 1949 were protesting Sweden with abstention, when Israel’s UN membership was discussed. A story that needs to be told again.

  1. A man I have looked up to and so highly respected since I was a little girl! Thank you for the reminder! [off topic: Since ‘Nessun Dorma’ is a male oriented aria, who is singing it so beautifully ? – story-wise of course not appropriate, but so beautifully sung 😀 !!

    • Hello, beautiful lady: was surprised at how many sopranos have attempted such a beloved ‘Turandot’ aria – cannot understand, but am I getting any closer with Jackie Evancho? Nope! Don’t think so!!!!

      • No, it’s Sarah Brightman … there is a small info section on the media player – on the right side – if you click on that you get the artist information.
        I have never been very found of female versions of this amazing song, but Sarah truly nailed it. This petite woman has an amazing voice.

      • [laughing] She was my second choice hitting YouTube: not enough time to listen 😀 !! Am so glad I asked ’cause had been a blind Freddy and not noticed the very welcome info section – you do play some very interesting music! Thanks heaps!!

    • I think the world has forgotten about Wallenberg and many people don’t even know who he is and what this fantastic humanitarian he was. I only wished that he had known what was going on earlier in the war, he could have done a lot more. He was just a business man that tried to make so much money as he could during the war – until he saw a train transport to the death camps by accident. He also belongs to the most influential family in Sweden.
      I will do a proper post about him – under my postcards from Sweden.

      • Please do!! Somehow my family always knew and respected. But I was so reminded of him by Kofi Annan’s second marriage to his niece – Don’t know, all the story was widely printed/broadcast in the medias then and [not that that is important] they were supposedly the most glamorous couple on NY dance floors 😉 !!

    • Yes, it took many years before Russia wanted to release any information about Wallenberg and after that there has been more information, but there is still an enquire going on.
      Wallenberg was on a train that was standing still on his way back to Sweden … and a train for the death camps stopped next to his and he saw how the Jews was treated, all by accident – back in Sweden he asked to get diplomatic immunity and the Swedish government gave him that .. and he went back to Hungry and started his mission.

    • Sylvia, I took the photos last year … and I didn’t even know about the monument, but it was just by the UN and the Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza, another remarkable Swede that was killed for his believes. Not easy to find suitable music for this post, but then this came to my mind. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

    • Tina, I didn’t click with the challenge this week at first … then I remember the briefcase with the two letters.
      Such a remarkable man – so unselfish and courageous.

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    • I don’t think many people in UK know about Raoul Wallenberg. Also one of our royal family saved Jewish lives during the war … and we had an Ambassador in Chile that saved people from the junta. Remarkable men.

  3. Riveting! So many must have watched and looked away, Vivi. So brave to do the right thing. The briefcase is so poignant. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    And how does that soprano reach those notes?

    • It’s Sarah Brightman …. she can handle notes. *smile
      I think you read my post about Raoul and Dag, after my visit in NYC.
      I will write more about Raoul in one of my postcards.
      Haven’t you taken off yet ?????

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