beneath our cherry tree

cherry tree - close up

Tuesday meant back to normal – after a very nice weekend with stunning weather and great company.
My girlfriend Paula visiting for a long weekend, so loads of catching up – good food, a bit of touring of my beautiful county that is screaming very loudly about spring.

We took a trip back to Höör, where I grow up – a trip down childhood lane and there will be post later about my visit and reconnection with my past.

My Tuesday started with 4 hours in the laundry room and the rest of the day where just about get back to normal again.

We had the most fantastic weather over Easter – a pre-tasting of summer. Sunshine everyday … and over Saturday and Sunday, close to +20C. Only Thursday that was a bit chilly with overcast in the afternoon.

Our magnificent cherry tree fall into bloom over the Easter – and it will be full of cherries this year too, the birds will be pleased, because we are not able to eat any of them – because the berries are so high up.

It was very boring to be a lonely diner again – just had a filet steak with mushroom in left over red wine sauce. While I was waiting for the steak to set – I took some photo from my balcony from what was going on beneath our cherry tree – it was very lively on our backyard the whole evening, even if the sun had taken a break and the air had become a bit chilly.

In Sweden are we not allowed, by law, to take any photos of people without their consent. So it’s really difficult to get some “street life” photos, but from my balcony I manage to get some photos of the playing children.

“What a strange thing!
 to be alive
beneath cherry blossoms.”
Kobayashi Issa

steak dinner


25 thoughts on “beneath our cherry tree

  1. How funny! The whole world is posting blossom! 🙂 They’re so lovely this year, it’s no wonder. Your lonely supper looks very delicious, Viveka, but not enough to share, sadly. It’s ok- I’ll have cheese and crackers. And maybe one of those Silver Magnums, if you haven’t scoffed the lot 🙂 Happy weekend hugs!

    • We are all sucked into the Spring just now and cherry trees is what tell us that NOW the SPRING is here.
      I would have cooked more if I knew you was coming around and I had two of silver in my freezer … one for you and one for me.Only one left now.
      Sunny Sunday hugs …. from Simrishamn.

  2. Selfishly methinks I would so love to be looking at your beautiful, simple, elegant cherry blossoms and pretend we are not heading into the cold and dark winter months – ebb and flow!!

    • Eha, yes … it always amazes me that when we have summer you have winter and the other way around. Will you have any cold and chill there down under????? I know that it snows in New Zealand.

    • Thanks, – this year our spring is at least 2 weeks ahead, something we aren’t use to, but you winter was so severe over there, but one thing is for sure … spring will arrive.

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