25 years of pure pleasure and indulgence

pure pleasure

Happy Birthday Magnum!!!!!

Your have without any doubt put some extra kilos on to my hips during the years.
You’re pure pleasure. Can’t believe that it is really 25 years since I had my first Magnum – talk about that time fly.

I just love that cracking sound when the chocolate cracks at the frist bite, that is give that feeling of indulgence every time.

I’m addicted to ice cream – my favorite is soft ice/soft serve and I know that here is not much off ice cream, but it stands for summer – Swedish summer … I don’t eat it any other season or anywhere else. Always longing for that first really hot summer day when I can have my first soft ice of the year.

happy birthday

My favorite ice cream is Mövenpick, a Swizz ice cream and in my book the best bulk ice cream there is, but I know many don’t agree with me – mostly because they never tried it. In Sweden we can’t buy Mövenpick in the supermarket, but there is some cafés that sells it. Not in Landskrona.

So for bulk I buy a Swedish ice cream, SIA – and their pure vanilla ice cream is very good, not so good as Mövenpick.


But Magnum is my treat and it was also my mum’s – she needed at leat two have Mini Magnum in her freezer at all time. My favorite is the Classic Magnum, but on a day with blue sky and sunshine I always buy a Magnum White; white chocolate and strawberry.

When I did my weekly grocery shopping last week I saw that they had the 25th anniversary special edition Magnum; Marc de Champagne and covered with milk chocolate and in silver. It is very good – a good choice for the anniverary edition.

magnum_champagne- gb se

Magnum I can buy all over the world and it’s the same pleasure where ever I buy it and it taste the same too.
Well done UK and Unilever!!! You really hit the nail right on this one.

Also Magnum has always got their commercials right. I don’t think anything could come between my Magnum and me neither – Yes, maybe Henrik Lundqvist, but that is a post in itself.

But the originally Magnum first launched in Germany in 1989 as an upmarket ice cream for the Nogger brand and it was manufactured by Frisko in Denmark.

I’m sure that Magnum will be around for another 25 years, but I will not … but I will keep on enjoying my Magnum so long as I live, just like my mom did.

a piece of heaven

The photos are off my last moment of Magnum pleasure … on Landskrona station yesterday.

Magnum is one of my guilty pleasures. Magnum is for us pleasure seekers.

“Ice-cream is exquisite – what a pity it isn’t illegal”

 Images provided by and thanks to; gb.se & behance.net

31 thoughts on “25 years of pure pleasure and indulgence

  1. I’m dying for one! Ice cream is my greatest pleasure, not on my self-imposed diet. For this I make an exception: in the this big metro Detroit area there must be someplace to buy one. I’ll let you know. Happy savoring! Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

  2. not sure if the magnums I have had are the same thing you describe here. my daughter introduced them to me 🙂 ours come on sticks and there are different flavors for the chocolate on the outside. and I love them too!! I didn’t know where they originated from so very interesting!!

    • Yes, it’s Magnum, – but what I understand is that not all countries has all the flavors – but Magnum is Magnum all over the world.
      Magnum is a lollipop ice cream, but they have started to sell in tubs too now.

    • Jo, yes had no major discomfort this week … LOVELY.
      I think you can only buy the silver in packs of 4 at the supermarkets. Go for it, girlfriend. You will not regret it.
      Thanks for caring.

  3. 🙂 Yumyum! The classic Magnum im my favorite – vanilla in dark chocolate. Yes, the cracking chocolate and the melting vanilla ice-cream – I can almost taste it. And there’s no Magnum in my freezer now 😦 !! I know what I have to go shopping for next week 😀
    When you come for your visit I will take you to some ice-cream parlors, now I know that you enjoy a good ice-cream 🙂 xo

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