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It was time for me to check through my freezer draw with fish and seafood – there was quite a lot to be used up.

There was salmon pieces that been left over since I last served my “famous” fish soup, a small piece of ovenbaked fish pate and garlic king prawns.

So I diced to cook “en papillote” – in a parcel. My grandmother did that often when I was a child, salted herring with potatoes on the AGA ember in wet newspaper sheet.
I used foil, but if it had been for a restaurant menu it would have been in parchment paper and foiled in that in very posh way, that isn’t particular easy.

The advantage of cooking “en papillote” is that the entire aroma stays with the food and all the jus to. No pots to wash up neither.

seafood page 1

Not many fresh ingredients this time neither; fresh lemon juice and butter – that is all.

Again I used Findus for the vegetable mix – oven roast potato and vegetable mix with orange and yellow carrots, leek, potatoes, celery jack, parsnip and all pre-season with basil, thyme and black pepper plus a couple of frozen asparagus.

seafood page 2

I defrosted the salmon pieces and the fish pate – everything else I kept frozen. I based the foil sheet with the frozen vegetable mix and the fish went on top – finished of the with the king prawns, used two – and to pieces of butter that I had turned in frozen dill. I season with that fantastic “don’t know what’s in” fish spice, black pepper and some rock salt. To last before closing up the foil I squeezed some lemon juice over the all the ingredients.
The king prawns I kept frozen, because they don’t take long time to cook and to eat over- cooked prawns is like eating rubber.

fish spice

Oven pre-heated to 200C/390F – I cooked the parcel for 35 min. All done and I tell you when I open that parcel it was a heavenly aroma coming against me.

You can use any vegetables you fancy, frozen or fresh, if fresh they have to be blanched of before.

seafood parcel page 1

Blanched come from the French cuisine too, of course – and it means that you dip your vegetables in salted boiled water for a couple of minutes, after that you chock them under ice cold water or in water with ice cubes, so they keep their color.

That is something you should always do before your freeze any fresh vegetables, that way they will not lose their color when defrosted and of course they will cook so much quicker.

seafood parcel page

Here is a minute guide;
Artichoke(Hearts) 6 minutes
Asparagus 2-4 minutes (depending on how thick the stalks are)
Beans-Green or Wax 3 minutes
Broccoli (1-inch pieces) 2 minutes
Brussels Sprouts 3-5 minutes (depending on size)
Cauliflower (1-inch) 3 minutes
Kohlrabi (1-inch cubes) 1 minute
Leafy Greens 1-2 minutes (use the longer time for collards and cabbage)
Okra 2-3 minutes (depending on size)
Peas (Pod) 2-3 minutes (depending on size)
Peas (Shelled) 1.5 minutes
Squash (Chayote) 2 minutes
Squash (Summer) 3 minutes
Blanch small whole carrots 5 minutes, diced or sliced 2 minutes and lengthwise strips 2 minutes.

Make sure whenever you serve smoked or “gravid” and cook salmon that that the darkest part is cut away, because it affects the flavor – leaving it on can make the salmon taste rancid. When serving sliced smoked and “gravid” – just cut out the dark triangle before serving. And when cooking salmon filet, just cut the dark part away. It’s also where all the fat on the salmon is.

“In France, cooking is a serious art form and a national sport.”
Julia Child

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My cloud comes from the soundtrack to the animated film ” Ratatouille”; a good cover of  Camille’s “Le Festin” – The Feast.

27 thoughts on “quick fix … seafood en papillote

  1. Wonderful post! It’s a keeper for the all the timing info, blanching, etc. I often eat fish, usually cooked “en papillote” with whatever veggies I have. Finally I feel like I’m doing something “worthy” – and I’ll keep on doing it. Many thanks, Mary at Variety, the Spice of Life

    • I think it’s a brilliant way to cook … “in paper” – done it a couple of times with chicken too .. but I had to cut the chicken fillet into smaller pieces otherwise the vegetables would be cooked to death before the chicken is done.
      And no pots to wash up … just love it. So glad that there is more than me that like the style of cooking. Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  2. It would be heavenly being married to you… what you do with left overs we can’t do with fresh ingredients… If you were my wife I’d ask you only to cook left overs…

    • You are … so funny!!! Leftovers have to come from somewhere … *smile
      I don’t eat leftovers everyday – but I quite enjoy open up my freezer and go from there. *smile
      Lovely to see that your humor is still here.
      I didn’t know that it’s your lungs that have made you so ill. My God, you just take it easy – but I can image that walking can be good for you, don’t walk too far into the savannah.

      • The swelling that took place in the stomach area compressed and collapsed my lungs as well as my bladder… the bladder seems to be back to normal, but getting the lungs to re-inflate seems to be easier said than done

      • My god, you have been serious ill – do they know what caused the swelling????
        So happy over that your body is getting back its old self – but I can image it is a slow process. now.

      • The swelling was a suspected burst appendix or colon.. the infection count was the equivalent of septicemia… I had and emergency operation and spent 7 odd days in hospital… most oif that time was on oxygen as well as being pumped up with 63 antibiotics.. that all went in through my arm that kept discarding the needle…

  3. Absolutely loved your recipe – I began cooking ‘en papillote’ for health reasons and stayed to enjoy so much! Oft do!! The parchment paper method just takes one or two tries to get right 🙂 ! I can see why you praise ‘Findus’ vegetables – we have nothing half-way as ‘exciting’ in our freezer cupboards – as a matter of fact when I went looking, the brand has again been withdrawn. Ah well, we have an almost year-long fresh vegetable season!

    • I’m not very good at folding parchment paper – and it’s many years since I did last time. But I really like the whole papillote idea, because of all the aroma stays inside that parcel. I have done it with chicken too.
      Yes, Findus is a blessing for me – I will never go hungry and I will have different vegetable at hands all the time. And I think we have a total different range of products here in Sweden compare to the rest of the world.
      I eat fresh vegetables too – but it will only be one or two at the time and mostly I’m fed up with them before I used them all up.

  4. ‘Friday’s fish’ but tonight I made lasagne. I might have preferred fish but my boys only like the kind done in batter 😦 and my son eats pasta like it’s going out of fashion!
    Soon to Polish food, and no cooking for 10 days- bliss for me 🙂

    • *smile – Friday Fish supper .. what a work it was with the crew meal – on the busiest evening of the week, so we moved it to Tuesday instead with the crews blessing.
      In Sweden Tuesday is the fish day – because our fishermen don’t work over the weekend, so no fresh fish … and all fish mongers are closed on Monday. The only problem with pasta is that I get hungry after 4-5 days

  5. You created a delicious meal with your little bits of frozen this and that. Thank goodness we have freezers so food doesn’t have to be wasted.

    • Karen, so true … I can’t even remember how we did before fridge and freezer – I use a lot of frozen products because nothing is single portions.

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