ukraine’s got talent – enjoy!

This act is called – Duo Flame!! Aiusha Khadzh Khamed was born 1992 and Vladyslav Ivashkin in  1988, both from Kiev. They won the competition in 2013.

Just amazing, please give this video a couple of minute of your time – you will not regret it. There is only one word for this performance: WOOoOOoooOOOOoooOow!


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29 thoughts on “ukraine’s got talent – enjoy!

  1. Absolutely incredible! I didn’t know human beings could do that. And it’s not just gymnastics, it’s utter distilled emotion. Wow How do you suppose it feels to be those performers?

    • Mary, for me is it so fantastic – big fan of Cirque du Soleil – I have seen many acts … but this is one of the better.
      I think they move to another place when they do their performances – but they must be so concentrated on the same time.

  2. How can anybody move in a way like that – total body control and trust in the other person. Absolutely fantastic! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this, dear Wivi 🙂 xoxo

    • I don’t have a clue how they do … it – but it’s truly amazing.
      So glad they won!!!! I suppose it’s hard to beat an act like this. *smile

    • Jo, good … I was a bit worried … I wouldn’t try this at home neither. I’m sure whatever you do .. will be romantic enough. *laughing – you’re really crack me up with this comment. Wonderful.

  3. Talent indeed! Hope poor Ukraine is allowed to show it on Eurovision in about a fortnight’s time also! A tragedy enfolding there . . . are we wiser this time around?

    Off topic and the first I have told: Most in Europe would not know this as yet – Australia, for reasons I do not quite understand, seems to be the most E’vision supportive country in the world outside the accepted sphere. Perchance our hugely multicultural and relatively peaceful coexistence is at play. Denmark has reacted in a wonderful way – the interim act [when the votes re phoned in and counted] is not Danish this time, but filled by an absolutely wonderful Australian Aboriginal artist called Jessica Mauboy – what an honour, what a privilege . . . and, yes, the beautiful gal CAN sing 🙂 !

    • I know, AU is a massive fan of Eurovision – I think it’s a fantastic thing that so many countries comes together and everything else is put the side in the name of music.
      I think Denmark will put on a great show … and I truly hope that Ukraine will be able to attend, because I think their people need that in all the “shit” that is going on there
      Jessica Mauboy, never heard about her … have to look her up. So the counting of the votes are not going to be in Denmark???!!! I think it’s great that the Danish gives AU the credit for being such a huge fan of the competition.

      • Looking at your music choices, Vivi, I think you will like ‘the total package’ – actually she will be on in the interim of Semi-final 2. Yes, of course, all counting will go on as ‘normal’, just many will feel this is unexpected!! We here very much feel E’vision to be a ‘political’ exercise and hence are most interested in that aspect. But there are thousands of Eurovision ‘parties’ on the night 🙂 ! And tho’ the music may not be great . . . we’ll be there!!!!

      • I have to remember to watch the semi-final then, I normally on watch the main event.
        I like her voice – pretty girl too … and the tune is very good.
        I can image that AU now is all into the Eurovision – I think it’s such amazing operation and event – where no religion or skin color matters, only singing and fun.

      • Just looked up and listened – an upbeat but quite serious tune called ‘Never be the same’ . . .

    • Yes, this is entertiment … amazing couple. And they have done very well for themselves after their win.
      I could see them in Cirque du Soleil.

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