i’m flying away ….

Påskkärring. - glorias nu

today, like all witches does over here in Scandinavia …. flying to Blåkulla – The Brocken is the place where witches according to folklore was flying on broomsticks during Maundy Thursday to celebrate the witches’ sabbath with the Devil.

For this years trip I got myself a new motor. Will be gone for the whole Easter, but I promise that I will back.

my new motor

So until then – Happy Easter Everybody – a go easy on the eggs and the bunnies.

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48 thoughts on “i’m flying away ….

    • Hi there, Girlfriend.
      Back on a proper chair now …. my new motor is tucked away until next year.
      I hope you had a fantastic Easter … we had a taste of summer. Just wonderful .. and a friend was visiting me.
      Sorry, to be a pain – but have had a chance to check the dates … I’m now thinking off. 6-11 August.

    • Mary, thank you so much … the trip went well and the new motor gave a smooth journey.
      Nice to be back here again.
      Hope that your Easter was pleasant too. *smile

    • Nia, thank you so much …. had a friend that visit me for 5 days – just what I needed, great company and lovely weather. We had a pre-taste of summer … over the weekend.
      I hope your weekend was pleasant too.

    • Ajay, thank you so much … had a fantastic Easter; great company and wonderful weather.
      I know you don’t celebrate Easter … but I hope you had a nice weekend. *smile

      • No dear if you celebrate Easter than it is my auspicious day also and it is a universal day, if Jesus was crucified then who will not celebrate that day in his memory dear

        thank you to hear it was a fantastic day for you 🙂 🙂

  1. You are the nicest witch I know 🙂 Have a wonderful time with your broomstick. Thank you for the beautiful card. I did intend to send you one, but here is Easter already! I’ve been having some problems booking accommodation for my last couple of days in Poland so time online has been limited. Easter hugs! 🙂

    • Thank you so much – had a lovely Easter Holiday … with stunning weather, pre-tasting of summer – just lovely plus I had a friend visiting.
      I hope your Easter was lovely too.

    • Frank, thank you so much .. for visiting.
      Back home now … and the broomstick is safely parked until next year. *smile
      Really I been home the whole long Easter weekend … had a girlfriend visiting from Gothenburg. Great company and fantastic weather is a great treatment.
      I hope you Easter was pleasant too.

      • Welcome back … and I’m sure you had a good trip … after all, you had a very reliable broomstick. You may enjoy the collection of murals on my current post.

    • Suzanne, thanks a million.
      Had a fantastic Easter holiday, the weather has been fantastic, had a taste of summer for 2 days …+22C.
      The nature is singing very loud just now.
      Hope that you had a fantastic Easter too.

  2. A fantasy trip is nice as there is no jet lag or in this case broom lag. 😀 It was nice that you got to spend Easter with a friend, I know it must have been enjoyable.

    • Karen, like the … broom lag. *smile
      It’s great to have friends visiting – all my friends lives away from Landskrona
      Had a fantastic Easter. Going back to visit mom’s Simrishamn today .. for the weeekend. It’s now nearly 11 months since she left me. A year that has gone so quick.

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