no flashing lights, but borrowed feathers

flashing lights - squamishchief com Just before midnight I start to get cramps in my bladder together with a heavy pressure – and they became more severe by the minute. I took a strong pain killer, but nothing helped – so I dialed 1177,  Health Care Guide.

Had to wait for about 20 min and then I got to talk to a very nice nurse by name Annika. She said that I should go to ER at Lund’s University Hospital. She told me to phone for a car with flashing lights – so that was it. ER - Lund 30 min later the ambulance was here – and 25 min later I was at the hospital, but without the flashing lights. It looked like that they had a “quiet” night, was allocated to a room straight away  – couple of minutes later a nurse (male) came to take all my blood tests.

A a very handsome doctor came and asked me about my treatment and medical history, put his hands on me (all for good cause)  … and a couple of hours later, they had come to the conclusion that I have a severer infection in my bladder – and sent me home.

Was home around 7.30pm – and had to wait for the pharmacy to open up 9pm, when time I took Oscar with me out in the sunshine, but the wind is very chilly.

Landskrona city center was decorated with green color feathers – it’s Easter … so beautiful and it made me feel so good and happy.

The camera battery was very low – but I manage to take some photos from the beautiful Magnolia trees in the Teater Park, that just started blooming.

So now is it just for me to take the pills and I’m so happy I will be able to be cured at home. It was all a bit scary. But never a dull moment.

“Doctors are great,
as long as you don’t need them.”
Edward E. Rosenbaum

Magnolia. 1

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61 thoughts on “no flashing lights, but borrowed feathers

  1. Good to be home again! Hopefully the pills will cure you and you can enjoy all the Easter colurs and the smashing food…I love Easter food and have been cooking the whole day for the guests arriving Thursday…and more cooking there will be. Pies and salmon and lamb and more…Love this food – more than the Christmas food. Happy Easter Viveka!

    • Wow, you are buzy!!! I like Easter feats too – becuase the food isn’t that heavy as at Christmas.
      Will have “sill i paper” one day – planned chicken and lamb chops too. I truly hope the weater will stay nice, because I’m going back to Höör (where I grow up) and see their collection of my granddad’s wooden figures at their museum. Very excited. Haven’t been back since 1986. Yes, I’m so glad I’m back home, because I didn’t have time or strenght to pack a bag – and also I have a friend coming for tomorrow for the Easter. Happy Easter to you too! *smile

  2. So glad they could help you! But sorry you had to go through it. Each day is precious and so are you. Warm good wishes from your friend, Mary

    • I had problems with my bladder since the radio therapy – but only once before have it been this bad – then they kept me 8 days on hospital.
      But I’m all set with antibiotics and pain killers, if needed … so happy to be back home – but so tired after the night’s adventure. Thank you so much for your thoughts and concern.

  3. I’m happy to hear that you are alright, Especially as I started reading your post! yipes! big chuckle on ‘All for a good cause” and admit it, you laughed at writing that 😛

    • Yes, Maralee – but the wind is very “wintery” and strong just now – but the sun is good to us.
      I had something very similar only a couple of months after I finished my treatments. They kept on the hospital for 8 days. Nice to be home in my own big bed.

  4. I can understand this was a scary experience. But at least – as you say – you will be able to get better at home. All the more impressive still that you were able to captured these beautiful images – almost as a contrast to your tense night. I wish you a quick recovery. All the best!

    • Otto, I were feeling great – because of the pain killer they given me on ER! And I had a great nights sleep.
      The green happy feathers in every corner of the town center made me feel even better. I saw that the Magnolia tree had start blooming last week when I went to the supermarket, so I thought they will be perfect for some images. Only thing was that I couldn’t take photos direct on the flowers, because the sun was straight in the lens, so I had to turn my back to the sun and that mean I had to take photos from the back of the flowers too, but it worked well.
      Thank you so much for your concern – and thoughts. And today another day of sunshine and blue sky – time for a borrowed moment with the cherry trees in the same park.

  5. Oh shit!!! [Is that allowed]. I have suffered from bouts of cystitis since my early 20s’ – these days the infection quietly creeps up the ureters > kidneys, and I do spend some 7-10 day periods each year on a drip in the hospital for pyelonephritis – so I know exactly what that is about!!!!! Bugger!!!!! All you needed!!!! Hope you do not have a’biotic allergies to make matters even more miserable . . . yuk!!!! Heaps and heaps of water, vit C and unsweetened cranberry juice or tablets if your tum will tolerate. Go easy on coffee, alcohol and chocolate!! Go without bottom underwear at home [Am not being rude: it makes a lot of difference!]. But thank you to Oscar and your for the beautiful photos you did manage to capture in the interim . . . heaps of love and hugs . . .

    • Thanks million for your advice – this is something that the radio therapy has caused me, the humor was so close to the bladder – that they were very worried about the health of my bladder. So it was impossible for them not hit the bladder to during the treatments. I can’t drink cranberry juice because it makes my leakage even worst – but I have been eating cranberry tablets for nearly 3 years.
      Changed brand last year and I have become a lot better, a lot less infections. C-vitamins I get through all the oranges I eat daily. My bladder is so sensitive and like my colon is there never a chance for it to rest.
      Because of my severe leakage, is it nearly impossible for me to be without towel or knickers. Because I leak without any notice as such, also a result from my cancer treatment. Still I do it at times.
      6 months after my treatments was finished – I got the same thing, also at night, but that time they found me on the bathroom floor. I thought it was stomach pains at that time. 8 days on hospital and after checked my stomach inside out – they told me that it’s my bladder, now over 3 years ago.
      One thing I’m not good at – and that is to drink water – but I have become a lot better.
      I got an injection against the pain at ER, so I was in a good mood yesterday morning – so happy to be back home too. Because the ward I was partly last time was so terrible depressing. And none of the other patients was very social either and when they talk was it all about sickness.
      Another day of sunshine and blue sky today, so Oscar is up for another walk – this time the object is the cherry trees.
      Breakfast … hugs!!!!

      • Try with the water! I always have three glasses of the tap stuff at various parts of my cottage – just one sip every time I pass! It becomes a ‘game’ and a habit I do not even notice doing! I appreciate that with incontinence more urine is the last thing one wants, but there is a tradeoff twixt that and infection!!! Have a wonderful few days off, hugs Eha

      • Eha, thanks … great advice – I really have tried to drink more water, about 1,5 liter per day.
        I had a very good weekend, just some slightly pain .. but not too much discomfort.
        I hope that you had a great Easter too. *smile

  6. In addition to pain just being what it is-hurt. It’s also scary when you don’t know what it is. I’m glad you’re doing better Viveka. At least you and Oscar had a lovely date. 🙂

    • Yes, it was so nice to be able to come home … because I had a friend coming down from Gothenburg for the Easter and I would have hated to cancel her visit.
      In over all I had a pretty problem free holiday and we had some lovely weather – +22C and full sunshine still. *smile

      • Oh Geez! I just sent you an email because I hadn’t “seen” you and I sent the email and here you are! 🙂

        I’m glad it was “pretty problem free”. 🙂

  7. You certainly can’t get a break lately. I’m happy that it wasn’t something that would keep you in the hospital. You and Oscar did a lovely job with the photos…very nice.

  8. I’ve been wanting to get photos of the magnolias here. Your shots are lovely.
    I’m sure it was scary, but hopefully you’ll be feeling better very soon. Hugs & healings Miss Viveka.

  9. I take my eye off you for 2 minutes, and there you are, in hospital! Glad it turned out well in the end, Vivi. I just came to wish you Happy Easter and to see if you had plans.

    Those green feathers are incredible! Do they grow like that, and do you know what the plant is called? And those magnolia shots are magnificent 🙂

    • Yes, I know ….. so soon you’re not around to keep an eye on me … everything goes “ape shit”!!!!!
      I wish I knew what the name of the feather plants are ???!!!! *laughing.

      Had a fantastic long Easter holiday. Had a girlfriend visiting – great company and lovely weather is a great medicine.

      I hope your Easter was pleasant too. Will come around and visit you tomorrow.

      • Hi Vivi 🙂 I thought you might be posting weekend excitement today because you’re always quick off the mark! Glad you had a good time. I’ll come check soon. Hugs, darlin! :

    • Pink, thank you so much … had a great and nearly painless Easter Holiday … with great weather and company. The best medicine there is really.

    • Yes, this year we will have a very loud Spring 1th of May.
      The 31th of April is when we sing the winter out and the Spring in. Everything is so lovely green and cherry trees are blooming.
      Feeling okay now … and did over the whole Easter. My butt problems has kept a low profile too.
      Thanks for your concern and thoughts.

  10. I’m really behind reading my emails. I hope you’re feeling better. Maybe I’ll find out when I get to your more recent posts. The blossoms are beautiful. We’re not there yet. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

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