don’t let your heart bleed


I think we all are aware about the new internet virus – Heartbleed, that is shaken internet  just now and that steals our passwords. This time it’s serious!!! Amazon was under attack and I was asked to change password and Google too.

I have found a website where you can test if the website you’re going to log into is safe:

Change these passwords now (they were patched) – CNN
Google, YouTube and Gmail
Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, Tumblr, Flickr

Also today great news for European internet users – EU court annuls the Data Retention Directive.

“The Data Retention Directive in 2006, forcing internet providers to store traffic data was annulled last week by the European Court of Justice. The Court’s decision was based on the information saved can lead to knowledge about user privacy. Where they live, what they do, what people they know and more. Despite the fact that the data can be considered to be of value to the public in the form of resources for law enforcement was not considered the benefits to be large enough to justify the violation of people’s privacy.”  (text:

So everybody – keep on surfing safe.

“It’s like the Wild West, the Internet.
There are no rules.”
Steven Wright


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