chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom, #4


This I’m an expert on – and I think I have been all my life. My mom said that I was running before I could walk. *smile

“Brådskan spärrar vägen mot målet”

CHR #4

I just rush into things without thinking – head over heel and mostly without a thought on the end result. Mostly because I’m such an inpatient person.
Then when I hit the big bang in end and have to step back and take a deep breath – start rethinking, I so many times have said to myself – why did I have to rush again. Still I did it all over again maybe only a couple of hours later.

It also have to do with that I want to get over and done with things so soon as possible and things need to take it’s time … at times, but not in my book. It has to be here and now – at once. Even if I know the whole time that I shouldn’t rush. I always want reach the goal/the result so soon as possible.

Hopefully I’m not alone with this “behavior” – but they say that we learn by our mistakes, not this one.

I have been the same when it’s about falling in love too, but that has mostly only resulted in fantastic experiences. But how come I never been in a rush when it comes to marriage???

Chr 4

21 thoughts on “chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom, #4

  1. Oh Vivi, you are definitely NOT alone!, As a very definite Gemini, I have to be here, there, everywhere, NOW!! Absolutely love your choice of the ‘Minute Waltz’ one cannot possibly complete in a minute! Actually I used to marry ”em” – wiser now . . . laughter!!

    • Eha, I think it’s my childhood that has affected me .. and my mum was married 4 times, never found the man she needed.
      But she gave it good try. *smile
      I’m a Virgo … and I really have both feet solid on the ground *smile

  2. I think I can relate a bit to this. I have two speeds GO and STOP. If I have to do something I want to get it done. If I have to be somewhere I have to get there. 🙂 And I love how you reflect and smile. 🙂

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