quick fix ….. oven baked herb chicken

herb chicken This post is not going to be about any fresh or organic ingredients, the only fresh products I used … was for the dressing; lemon juice, 1/2 tomato and a garlic clove. Everything else came out of the freezer. I wish I could afford to buy fresh products every day – but I can’t – as lonely diner. The waste would be so huge. findus WS - findus se When did my weekly grocery shopping I notice that Findus had launched some new frozen vegetable mixed already seasoning and I just had to try it – I’m a massive fan of Findus frozen vegetables and herbs.   I had some chicken piece in the freezer, a thigh and drumstick that I smeared in with dry “Herbes de Provence” mix and I put the pieces in the oven from frozen for about 40 min on 225C/435F. findus pageIn the meantime did I do one of my favourite dressings; 2 person
½ tomato
1 garlic clove
2 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp warm water
½ tsp sugar 1 tsp lemon juice
½ tsp coriander and mint – I used frozen
Salt and freshly ground black pepper.
I just run all the ingredients with my wand mixer to a smooth mixture – to make the dressing takes 5 min max.

The couscous I use is Moghrabieh also called Lebanese couscous and it look like very small pasta – has to be cooked for 12 min over very low heat. If there is any excess water in the pan when the couscous is ready – drain it away – put the pan back on the heat and stir until all the water has evaporate. It’s important that the coucous is dry. herb chicken page 1 When it was 15 min left for the chicken – I took a handful of Findus “Cook Sicily Style”; a full-bodied Italian basil and black pepper seasoned vegetable blend with artichokes, red peppers, broccoli, haricot verts and cocktail tomato and put it in oven on a pre-warm dish. So chicken and vegetables was ready on the same time – I put the vegetables in the couscous and added dressing that I had quickly given heat. herb chicken page 2 A dish was full of flavors – and well balanced – I have very hard to believe that it would have tasted any better if I had used everything fresh. This with frozen mint and coriander – when I buy fresh the pots of herbs they far too big for me that eats alone most evenings and will die away before I had a chance to use it all, so I pick the leafs and chop both roughly – then I freeze them.

It works perfectly for season dishes with and because it the herbs has been frozen the flavors has increased when defrost. I freeze them of course separate ! One of my mentors told me many, many years ago that there are chefs that can destroy the most wonderful fresh ingredients and there is chefs that can whisk up miracle from leftovers – he preferred to hire the leftover chefs.

“One morning, as I went to the freezer door, I asked my wife,
‘What should I take out for dinner?’
Without a moment’s hesitation, she replied, ‘Me.’”

herb chicken 5


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 As cloud have I chosen “Let It Go” by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez from the fantastic Disney animate film “Frozen” – The song won the Academy Award for Best Original Song this year. It’s Idina Menzel that sings.

36 thoughts on “quick fix ….. oven baked herb chicken

    • Jennay, thanks for the visit – I have only seen the movie once, but it’s magical. But I like anything with snow and ice. My week has been mostly okay … got some “homework” done – had a really rough night.
      I wish you a lovely weekend.

    • Thank you, I love bone in all my meat – makes it a lot more moist and I like gnaw on the bones, something I have after my grandpa.
      Chicken breast will be fine, but I recommend skin on.

  1. Do like the marinade and shall copy! Methinks what you call Lebanese couscous is what we call Israeli couscous? Looks the same! Use it often!! Also live mostly alone and only shop on line once a month: but manage with all fresh vegetables quite well planning way ahead – we do not seem to have as ‘exciting’ a choice of frozen vegetables and many of my main ones like artichokes, asparagus, aubergine, fennel, sugar snaps and my beloved zucchini are hardly represented 🙂 ! Then add all the many salads and Asian mushrooms!!! And I do love these crisp 😀 !!

    • Findus … is older than me I think – they are to be find all over Europe – they had a scandal a year ago when they found horse meat in their lasange in UK, it was their french supplier that was cheating. I did a post about them – http://wp.me/p293Pw-5dJ – they have become so good on their frozen vegetable and the is just fantastic. They do stir fry vegetables that is still crunchy when the dish is ready. I buy fresh vegetables sometimes, but it means I have to eat the same ones for a whole week or they get wasted.
      I just love Findus and we are so luck to have their exciting range. I don’t think there is a Swedish household who doesn’t have something from Findus in freezer.
      I have always know it as Lebanese couscous, I’m sure it is the same thing.
      The dressing is just fantastic – when I want to be very posh – I roast the garlic and tomato on low heat for 1 hour in the oven, but that I wouldn’t call a quick fix.
      Have a lovely weekend now.

      • Oh, Vivi, we again have Findus in the freezers [it was not allowed to be imported for quite a few years], but quite frankly I am unaware of the range: it is a Swedish firm so I daresay all of the content your way is also Swedish. The content here tends to come from Asian countries, especially from China with its abuse of farm chemicals. We all do try to buy Australian to save the Oz import dollar – also the huge carbon footprint suits few. Why do such enormous harm to self and this country if local, fresh, seasonal and organic is available from gate sales, farmers’ markets, personal gardens [I do all my own herbs at least – some 30-40 pots], organic aisles of supermarkets etc. Also our method of cooking varies for most: with all the mixed steaming and stirfrying [have just had lunch: grilled fish fillets and 6 different vegetables/herbs/noodles stirfried Japanese style]. I vary my 4-9 vegetables every day [have them at least twice during the day and have never felt it boring!] To each their own, but interesting!!!

      • Very interesting – 30-40 pots of herbs, wow … Even in the supermarket I can’t get that many .. tried with my own pots on the balcony, then when I went away for a couple of days, they were all dead. And the ones we buy in the Supermarket either taste or smell anything. You are very good to yourself – I wouldn’t be able to serve myself 4-9 different vegetables per day, mostly because I only eat one cooked meal per day. I totally agree with China – and we should support our local farmers. Our farmer market that we have on main square today, isn’t that great and the products comes from where the supermarkets gets theirs – at the fruit and vegetable wholesale market in Helsingborg, where every supermarket buy from. We can buy products directly at the farms during season, but for that a car is needed.
        Here in Skåne all farmers sell their vegetables more or less to Findus, because they have their factory here.
        I wish we all can afford organic products – but the prices are far too high for ordinary people.
        You have all the exotic fruit too – which is far more interesting to me than vegetables. I’m a fruit addict and fruit isn’t cheap up here – not even in season and we don’t have much more than apples, pear, plums and strawberries – but we have the best strawberries in the world. *smile And we have lingonberries of course.

      • Yes Vivi, but our climate is so much milder and there is so much more land available! I love to cook with herbs – there ARE many Asian ones which would be strange to Europeans. And please remember I am a nutritionist and still studying at a higher age than you 😀 !! Basically I also only eat one cooked meal per day, but will have a huge salad or salad wrap most nights and often pile salad vegetables on my morning smorrebrod 🙂 ! Look after myself? ~ I’ll leave you with a thought – often people around me say ‘I could not be bothered’ – to them I quietly answer ‘Whom do you love best in this life?’ Many don’t get it!!!

  2. That was so tasty! Thank you so much 🙂
    Has the fuzziness worn off now? You must be feeling more like yourself with these great posts you’ve put up. I’m feeling a tiny bit fragile but I made it to zumba 🙂
    Do you freeze your herbs in ice cube trays, Vivi? Weekendy hugs!

    • No I freeze them in small plastic container – with lid, to be find in £-shops.
      I had to give up my Zumba for this season – hopefully I can go back in September again. Really miss it but my numb foot pads burns like fire when I dance. If it’s not the ass … is it the feet. *laughing
      Yesterday, I went to bed to watch TV around 8pm and I woke up 4.30am. I was fuzzy the whole day yesterday, but I enjoyed it. *smile
      Supermarket hug ….. !!!!

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