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D stands for David Lega – nothing is impossible  

“Goal setting has always been extremely important for David Lega.
Being the best he can be has always been more important than medals or
being the best in the world.
Today he is one of the most in demand speakers in Sweden.”
Stefan Jonsson
SAJ Agency”

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David Lega, born 1973 in Gothenburg, is a Swedish politician (Christian Democrat) lecturer, entrepreneur and former athletes. David is Mayor of Gothenburg since January 2011 and the Second Vice-Chairman, the Christian Democrats since January 2012.

David the eldest child, was born with a severe disability which means he was paralysed in both arms and missing muscles in the legs. Doctors told his parents that it was unlikely that he would never even able to sit up without support. Lega began to train early and managed to sit before the age of two. When he was twelve years old was born his interest in swimming when he started in Mölndal ASS.

There is no information to be found about Davids private life today online – a very private person.

david lega - expressen se

David is paralysed in his arms and has no muscles in the legs. He has had a career as handicap athletes and participated in two Paralympic Games (1996 and 2000). He beat 14 world records in swimming during, 1995 – 2000. After the Paralympic Games in Sydney 2000, after which David retired from the sports world and then worked lecturer and entrepreneur.

In 2005 was David one of the recipients for this award The Outstanding Young Persons of the World by the Junior Chamber International (JCI). Previous honorees include Orson Welles, Nelson Rockefeller, Leonard Bernstein, John F. Kennedy, Wayne Gretzky and Elvis Presley.


David worked after their sporting careers with their companies Lega Wear (which manufactures custom clothing) and Lega Travels (which arranges travel for the disabled). David has also organized several competitions, one of which is David Lega’s talent cup. He has since 2000 worked as a lecturer in personal development.

david lega & queen syliva - davidlega com

In 2009 that he joined the Christian Democratic Party and ran for parliament in the 2010 election. Autumn 2010 he was elected mayor and took office in January 2011 as Councillor for the Christian Democrats in Gothenburg.
David is also vice president of the athletic association and board in Gothenburg. He has profiled itself in issues affecting children and young people’s living conditions, the voluntary sector and business conditions.

David Lega - davidlega com

His credentials, awards and assignments:
Currently holds five world records and 11 Swedish records
Three World Championship gold medals and two silver medals
2 European Championships, six European Championships silver
and one European Championship bronze
2000 Elected to the International Paralympic Committee
2003 Board member of the Swedish Organisation for the Disabled
2004 speaker of the year in Sweden
2005 Future leaders in Sweden
2005 The Outstanding Young Person of the World
2006 Elected to the Svenska Dagbladet Bragdguld Jury
2009 National Sports Board
2009 The Years Affärsnätverkare of BNI Network of shops
2011 Member of the Executive of the Christian Democratic Party
2011 Director of UNICEF Sweden
2012 Second vice-chairman of the Christian Democratic Party

handsfree - davidlega com

He released the book “HANDS FREE” – David Lega’s Inspiring Journey in 2008.

A man that has against his odds and since he was just a young boy been determent to give himself a chance on life – and have succeed big time in everything he put his mind to, but he has done it all in his own pace.

“You have never meet someone more disable than me
David Lega

I got help with information and text from and

david lega swim - davidlega com

Bo Eriksson, born 1965 in Uppsala, Sweden, better known by his stage name ”E-Type”, is a Swedish Eurodance musician. “Life” a single that was released in 2001.
His album “Last Man Standing” released in 1998 – his 3rd album – the album remains E-Type’s best-selling album with sales of 3 million copies worldwide and includes hit singles like “Angels Crying” and “Here I Go Again”.

E-type - expressen se

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34 thoughts on “postcard from sweden; d stands for david lega

  1. My dear Viveka, thank you for sharing the story of a very interesting person and a man who has proven that it is worth to fight for the right things 🙂
    Many hugs xoxo 🙂

    • Dia, he are a truly remarkable person – and I always go back to him when my days are big tough … but as David says, we should always do things in our pace and force ourselves – I truly believe in that.
      Have a love day – hug. *smile

  2. Still here..listened to the whole song. Not quite Armin Van Burren but really good and now in my library : )

    • I think it’s a brilliant track – and it’s 16 years old. So E-type was ahead of his time. Van Burren … was only 22 years old when this was released.

      • I had to wait most of my life for that feeling. I was 49 ! Then it broke me but at least I felt it! You are a very good woman.
        I am taking a break from here. Hopefully when the dust settles I will be back, healthy and happy ! You can email me if you are inclined. I will do one last post.
        ♥ Be well.♥

      • You take good care of yourself … and if you need to talk, I’m here.
        Not great news that you’re having a rough time. Take your time out – will be here … whenever you decide to come back.
        Be good to yourself. Hugs ..

  3. This is why we should always encourage people that they can take care of themselves, because if someone like this can do it, anyone can. The human spirit is stronger than we give it credit for.

    • I totally agree with you, Lori – here is man that has taken 14 world records in swimming with no muscles in legs and arms – he was mayor of the second biggest city in Sweden, Gothenburg .. just amazing – and I moan about my feet and ass. *smile – but I often think about David when I have my “feeling sorry” moments. Just an amazing person.

  4. It’s as though God gives an extra helping of grit and determination to people who are severely disabled, I sometimes think, Vivi. Ordinary people like me just go about their lives without having to struggle and fight just to sit up. It must seem as though anything is possible but you have to really want it.
    A great story and a huge example to us all. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Yes, there is some remarkable people out there … but I read something strange last year – a girl tried to commit suicide – and throw herself in front of a underground train.
      She lost both legs and one arm in the interview she said that now she was happy … and had found the meaning of life.
      I don’t understand – why couldn’t she be happy with her arms and legs. I felt that very macabre.
      Life hits us all .. very differently and we all have our own battles, big and small.

      • That’s horrible, Vivi. It may be very weak of me but I’m sure that in that situation I’d rather be dead. But I’d never throw myself in front of a train. Pills maybe, and booze, if I couldn’t cope any more. How sad life is for some people. Love you, hon. Back to dancing 🙂

      • Very strange way of thinking … but we are all differently.
        I agree with you – my biggest fear is to become disable. That is why I’m so scared of heights where I know I can have a chance to survive.
        It was some serious dancing last night – it’s BBC over in US too and the same judges, but I think the program has so much more over there. I download. We have it too, but it’s so boring compare to US.
        But US are world champions on how to make glamour shows.
        I Had a very rough night, so I will go under the duvet again. A big Morning Hug >>>>>> full of me.

      • Oh bless you, honey! Even happy pills aren’t helping much, are they? Stay snuggled, Vivi. I’ll catch you over the weekend if not this evening. It’s a ‘girls night’ for me, but just a home-based one. Gossip and catch up 🙂

      • Jo, girly evenings and nights … is the best event ever.
        But as I said before, make sure that the evening before … are noticeable tomorrow. *smile
        Delight yourself, GirlFriend.

      • Good, have a fantastic evening – I woke up 1hr ago.
        Still a bit doughy in the head. Life is pretty good.
        Hug and big smile.

  5. People like him always have me in awe. It’s impossible to know how I would manage having such difficulties. I don’t think I would have that determination. Love your post.

    • To be honest, I don’t know either – but say the willing to life and survive is so strong, hopefully we will never find out. Thank you so much, A-C!

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