chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom, #3



“Nyfikenhet straffar sig aldrig sällan”

CHR #11

And still we are so afraid of trying something new – something we never done before. Is it because we are comfortable with what we know????

It doesn’t mean that we have to do Bungee jump or throw ourselves out from an airplane. It could be that we just take another route to work one day, try on a new color or visit a restaurant that serve food from another continent.

To be curious is very healthy …. and it has given me a lot of inner strength and it hasn’t killed me yet.

There is quote that says; curiosity kills the cat – but we don’t have to act like cats to be curious.

And we don’t have to try everything once, to be curious.


31 thoughts on “chr’s kloka ord – words of wisdom, #3

    • And it will not kill us neither .. if we don’t poke our noses in something where they shouldn’t belong. *laughing … I’m sure it can be very dangerous too.

    • Thanks, I use my own images from his quotes.
      This with posting Christer’s quotes, means I can use all my favorite classic tunes. It has to be something subtle.
      I totally agree without .. when we stop being curious …what is left.????

  1. Agree 100 %! “…It’s easy if you try… ” 🙂 All – except trying on a new color… Every time I decide to buy something totally different, as a rule – I end up with the same (usually black) color…..otherwise I use to be pretty curious… 🙂

    • I have never been a black .. woman – but I like grey, navy and brown as my base colors – but this year I gone totally wild, with purple, cerise and orange. And if feels so good.
      Curious … is healthy.

      • You’re so dark .. you will look good in it – only bought orange for jeans, can’t have orange around the face. Use olive green with it.

      • I’ve always thought about orange as a “happy” color 🙂 There’s never too much happiness I guess… Olive green is beautiful! I like to use it – on canvas (ha ha) I have to be more curious I suppose 🙂

      • Good luck with the orange … olive green is a color I use only in summer. It really suits my green eyes so well.
        Let’s both get a curious this spring. *smile

  2. @”Curious … is healthy.” – I totally agree… positive, too! 🙂 I don’t belive that curiosity has killed any cats… 😉
    * * *
    “cur” = ass, butt in Romanian… 😀

    • I’m not too sure about the cat … they are everywhere!!
      I would say that crossing roads .. is pretty dangerous for them, but the grass is always greener on the other side.

      Cur …. great – because now I can say I have a sorry cur instead of ass. *smile

  3. I’m good with the trying new things, Vivi, but I’m glad you excused me from bungee jumping. I’d have a serious problem with that!
    It must be about your snooze time. I just missed you this morning but here I am for a bedtime story 🙂

    • I hope you had a good curious day – mine hasn’t been that great … but I will take a lucky pill tonight – and watch US Dancing with the Stars, some contestants this year.
      One girl don’t have any legs … and she dance fantastically on her prostheses. Amazing.
      So here comes a couple of …. under duvet hugs. *smile

      • I looked for you earlier. I love Dancing with the Stars but don’t think we can get it here. Snuggle up, hon. Hope tomorrow dawns bright and much better for you.

      • Jo, we have a grey – but dry Friday. Slept 1,5 hours … and I’m all messed up in the head, but otherwise life is just wonderful. *laughing
        I feel all high still after from the lucky pill and it’s a great feeling … I can’t understand why people use drugs .. to get by. I really do. Maybe a bit of dancing .. before I return to bed.

      • Yes, I always thought drugs were a great escape route, but they wreck lives sweetheart. (and save them!) Sleep well- we have full on Summer here- clear blue skies, yesterday and today, and then crazy April showers. Gentle hugs, darlin 🙂

      • Jo, I’m scared over drugs – and always been. I hate pills in overall, it’s all chemical stuff that we put into our body, but I had to rethink this year.
        Hardly took any pills during my cancer treatment.
        So happy that you have the weather … to enjoy. We had some crazy showers and thunder during the week. Another hug, how wonderful …. a big delightful hug for the evening.

  4. Life somehow would cease to have meaning for me if I did not find something new almost every day! Two reasons methinks for many to avoid : lazyness and being ‘scared’ to find something new with which they may not be comfortable!! ‘What if I make a fool of myself’ scenario ?

    • Eha, you’re so right … it doesn’t have to be things and events that we learn from … it’s enough to watch TV or being online – I’m very lazy those days, and I enjoy it – but it doesn’t stop me from being curios.
      Not everything appeal to me .. to know more about or be curious about ..
      And like you I have passed the “making a fool” scenario.

  5. Love this. We all have a comfort zone, and sometimes going beyond that doesn’t make sense…sometimes are gut is a good protection; however it is good to venture a bit here and there. I like to call it baby steps!

    • Hi there, Sandy … thanks for taking the time to comment.
      That is just what I meant – we don’t have to be curious so .. we are stupid and silly.
      But we have to have some curiosity in us and it’s not the end of the world if things doesn’t work out .. as we had hoped, at least we tried.
      Comfort is good, but there has to be something else out there that tickle our senses and imagination.
      Baby steps … have never happened with me .. it’s all in. *smile

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