weekly photo challenge: threshold (2)

Berlin Wall 1

It came to my mind that in Berlin they had and still have some threshold – thank god that the ones that separated the cities people and cost peoples lives is gone.

But there is a new “Check Point Charlie” – The British Embassy – to enter the Embassy area by car you need plenty patience and time.  I was standing watching this diplomatic car enter the area and what a check up it went through.

On the other hand by the Russian Embassy there was only one guard – on the backside … quite up in age and very friendly.

The American Embassy two guards and a barrier – very friendly too.

Italians no guards,  no fences – just beautiful flowers and a hedge – but as they said: with the mafia you don’t need any thresholds.

Berlin one of the best cities in Europe  … if not the best!

Britsh Embassy

 “For many men that stumble at the threshold
are well foretold that danger lurks within.”
William Shakespeare

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15 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: threshold (2)

    • Syliva, it was a beautiful villa .. it was the guide on the hop-on bus that told us .. the joke about the mafia, thought it was great. Everyone else protected to the neck .. but Italians … no pretty and very relaxed.

  1. Am thinking ‘two ways’ about the Brit Embassy!! Am old enough to mistrust – am old enough to respect the Brits 🙂 !! Who on earth is ‘belting out’ the song 🙂 ?

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