quick fix …. lemon and olive oil braised cod back

brassied cod

I have decided to start up a new recipe section that will be called; quick fix – which mean easy, quick and tasty recipes. It will either proper recipes or just based on my skills, head and hands.

Was longing for fish over the weekend, time to start using up from the freezer again and I had some lovely pieces of back filet from Atlantic cod.

So this will go under the “leftovers & cupboard” tag too. Had everything at home, except the Italian parsley – so this weekend I used frozen dill.

brasied cod 1

This recipe I have done so many times, I enjoy it everytime as it had been the first time.

I don’t claim that Scandinavia has the best fish and seafood in the world, because I’m Swedish, but it is because of the cold waters that surround us. It’s also down to the way we cook it and the spices we use. A lobster on a restaurant in Sweden taste so much better than anywhere else in the world. We let the lobster cool down in its stock … we use salt, sugar, brandy and tons of fresh dill.
Was in shock when I notice how chefs in US treated the beautiful Maine lobster, hardly any salt in the water (because salt is not good for us????!!!) and so soon it was ready the lobster was lifted out of the pot. When we freeze a cooked lobster so we in its juice/stock.


Lemon and Olive Oil Braised Back of Cod, serves 4
4 back pieces of cod, 125g (4.4oz) each
6 potatoes
3 garlic cloves, thinly sliced
1 onion, thinly sliced
500ml (1.1pint) olive oil
salt & pepper
200-400ml (6.76-13.93 fl oz) fish stock
100ml (3.38 fl oz) white wine
1 lemon, juice only
70g (2,46 oz) pine kennels
8 small tomatoes, halved
Italian parsley (I used frozen dill)

And I also used for seasoning some spice mix called “Nice Fish Mix” – don’t have clue what’s in it- but it’s nice, that is where the colored pieces comes from on the top of the fish.

brasied cod

1.Roast the pine kennels on high heat in a dry frying pan, constantly shaking the pan, until nicely golden. Put in a dish and to the side.
2. Peel the potatoes in slice in 1/2 “thick slices.
3. Fry the potatoes, onion and garlic in the olive oil, season with salt and pepper. Pour the wine, fish stock and the lemon juice over and let cook for about 15 min under lid.
4. Put the cod pieces in the pan and cook for another 6-81 min also under lid. Mine cutlet was about bigger so I had to add 2 min more.
5. Add the halved tomatoes to the pan when there is about 2 min left.
6. Base 4 warm plates with the potatoes and onions place the cod on top – divide the half tomatoes around the cod – scatter the course chopped parsley and pine kennels around the fish.

And only one pan for washing up.

brassied cod. pageI eat a lot of salmon, mostly because it’s so much cheaper than the Atlantic cod. Salmon is a very a versatile fish, but sometimes it is bit boring. And when I was at the fish harbor over in Simrishamn last I visit, about 3 weeks ago, bought  a whole back of cod (the best bit on the cod) and portioned myself and frooze them individual. The back of the cod is the thickest piece and also called the tenderlion of cod, but look out for the bones …. fish means bone.

This is a cracking dish, full of flavors and fantastic aroma. Smaklig måltid.

“Give me a fish and I eat for a day,
teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime”
Chinese proverb



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32 thoughts on “quick fix …. lemon and olive oil braised cod back

    • Colleen, it’s so simple .. one pot – you can use salmon too if you want to – but the cooking time after you added the salmon will nearly half.
      Good luck, and it smells fantastically too.

      • I bet it does smell wonderful. Now Viveka…..this would be lovely IF I was going to cook. 🙂 And IF I ever do, I promise to show you pictures AND a review of how well I did. But let’s be truthful….I don’t think it will happen soon. 🙂

  1. I love cod, and this actually looks delicious… As soon as I come back to the market I´ll buy a cod piece and I´ll prepare it in your way. They are, now, in a very special price. I have published a while ago a very traditional Spanish cod´s recipe “Pil pil cod” (Bacalao al pil pil) that I´m sure you have heard about it and it´s delicious as well. I´m looking forward to your easy and tasty recipes.

    • Thank you so much …. I will check out your recipe – up here cod is so terrible expensive, nearly €20 per kilo.
      And never on offer – salmon half price. Still we have the best cod in the world outside our coast line.
      Welcome back!

  2. What a jolly fishing song, Viveka. Your fish dish looks so delicious. I think it’s wonderful that although you live alone, you really cook fabulous meals for yourself. Many single people wouldn’t bother. 🙂

    • Sylvia, when I was active over in UK as Executive chef and worked with food from 7am-9.30pm nearly every day – I didn’t cook anything for nearly 20 years for myself – expect when I had guests. M&S food court kept me alive with their fantastic dishes for one person.
      When I returned home to Sweden and stopped working with food every day – I got the passion back – but I wouldn’t stand for hours to cook something for only myself.
      I have never liked complicated dishes … if they take too long time, I lose interest and it was the same when I was active – If I lost interest in a dish, my chefs sure would have done the same.
      Of course my blog was supposed to be a cookery book, but I realized that I’m a lot more than food – so here we have a blog that is all over the place, just like I’m.
      I like jolly songs … and I think it will be very difficult to find a sad song about fishing. Thanks for lovely comment.

  3. Love your idea of a cooking page occasionally – [big laugh] you might even get me back to cooking Northern European: at the moment I do about 60% SE Asian [mostly Vietnamese, Szechuan, Hainanese, Shanghainese, Thai, Malaysian and Burmese] and the rest divided Middle Eastern and North African – it is healthy and exciting, but of course I do remember the Scandinavian dishes of my childhood 🙂 ! My ‘problems’: don’t eat potatoes and do not fry [stirftying is different] 😀 !! Am looking forwards to the future – love you using ‘nice fish mix’ without knowing what is in it!!!!!!! Natural chef indeed!!

    • Wow, don’t eat potatoes … I couldn’t live without them, my favorite vegetable. I like Asian food, I didn’t eat for nearly 20 years after all time I spent in China, didn’t start eating Asian food until I moved to UK. North African is great food.
      I took photos of a couscous dish I made the other day, will do a post. I got the “Nice Fish Mix” on a food exhibition as a tester and it’s fantastically good, but there is nothing saying what it’s in the mix.
      I really like the Swedish traditional cuisine – gladly with a modern twist.

  4. I love cod but as you said very expensive. Maybe this is a good argument from buying that salted cod at the store which is $15+/pound. Your food pictures are so awesome!

    • Bebs, salted cod we don’t have in Sweden, but Norway does. We have large salted herrings …
      My new camera likes my food and there is something with the camera that it adjust the light – so even if my lamps in kitchen aren’t the best for photography – the light in the image is perfect.
      Don’t ask me …
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment.

  5. Sounds tasty! I’m on your page…I like to cook good, tasty food but don’t spend ages. As long as you know how to cook, and prepare ingredients appropriately, it doesn’t need to be a long drawn out process!

    • There is people that can be in the kitchen for ages … and loves every minute of it – I admire them, but not my thing.
      If all goes in one pot – even better.
      But it has become so trendy with cooking and recipes – too much on TV too, every channel and some has more than one per evening.
      Then all recipes are made from highest quality of products – very few of us can afford it .. I would say less than 15% in the real world. Nobody does any recipes with frozen products .. everything is organic and market fresh – not in my world.

    • Pink, seafood and fish is even worst for poisoning – and it makes your more sick than from meat.
      I have done some great recipes with salmon – search for salmon on my blog. All is very easy to make.
      I hope you will feel better soon, food poisoning is terrible.

      • Haha.. thank you! I think its secretly been workplace stress too… at times there is ostracism which a friend tell me research shows it can cause something in the brain that leads to pain to manifest in the body as it was pretty harsh this morning but mild to gone after a few hours when calling in sick to work.. its been tough but I’m tougher… just need to focus on what’s more important… the people I can help.. and well, I will give it a few more months and then see where I want to be next… thank you for the recipes!

      • Good on you!!!! Just go, girl …
        How our day will turn out is all up to us .. when I get out of bed, it’s all in our own attitude against our day.
        Even if “bad” things will come with our day – we can handle it so much better, if we have decided to have a good day.
        Have great weekend.

      • Pink, you’re on the right track no …. lovely to read.
        So happy that you are more confident in yourself now and that you enjoy being you. What a fantastic improvement … What a hug step you have taken.

  6. I’m happy to see you sharing some of your tried and true cooking techniques…you have so much to offer. 🙂 Your cod looks terrific. We always have fresh cod, halibut and flounder in our market, usually about $10.00 a pound unless it is on sale.

    • Thanks, Karen … there will be more quick fix!
      About the same price as over here then … maybe slightly more expensive over here, because your price is per pound, 454gr.
      We have loads of fish around … not much exotic fish, not fresh anyhow. Halibut one of my favorite … long time since I cooked at home. Turbot is another great fish.

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