about my cooking

“Nouvelle Cuisine, roughly translated,
means; I can’t believe I paid ninety-six dollars
and I’m still hungry”
Mike Kalin

When I posted this post the first time I had only been blogging for 4 weeks and I think I have to introduce my skills and background again – got so many new friends and followers since then.

Cooking …..  don’t do it if I don’t have to – have become a bit better, since I left the kitchen. While working I never cooked for my self. In UK they have M&S and they do fantastic fresh dishes for alone living – like me. M&S kept me alive for 20 years.

Love to cook for friends and in my work – so a Gordon Ramsey I never was – even if my chefs said I was the female version of him. Never been in his league and never had his passion. Have bitten off some chef’s heads through the years .. but that has nothing to do with my cooking. I have met Gordon, a very charming and funny man. He are filled to the neck with AUTHORITY!

For me should food be simple, full of comfort and hearty. Except desserts! Are addicted to desserts! Don’t like when it’s played around with and I don’t like food that takes long time to cook. That has to do with my patient – witch I have nearly nothing off.  Never been impressed by big butter figures – that we find on cruise liners and luxury hotels in the Far East & Asia – scary how many bacteria’s will be crawling around in them. Saying that – I’m well renowned for my butter roses.

When it’s about coaching and teaching – I have loads of patient funnily enough.  Accpet mistakes – but only twice – after that  ………. and loads of bad words been used. Good as Gordon, in that field. Hate when chef’s are sloppy or cheating without knowing the basics – sometimes is’t okay to cheat but not so it’s noticeable – and to not be caught out you have to know the basics.

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I always knew so soon there something not right was going on – and when I checked my gaunt feeling was right – didn’t have to be in the kitchen to get that feeling. Not much escaped me. Chefs are like children – when they are quite something is going on!!!

I’m not much for complicated dishes and recipes with many ingredients – if a dish takes too long time to prepare I lose interest and if I lose interest in a dish – my chefs would have done it for sure too. Keep it short, quick, simple, easy and of course tasty. T0 spend hours perfering a dish – nothing for me.

Of course I like to go out and dine – but also that can be a bit boring in the long run. Okay for a holiday or couple of nights per months. Like to try out new places – try somewhere nobody else has been. Not very picky .. so long as the food is well cooked, vegetables “al dente”, clean presented and no stacked peas or carrots turn up on my plate. During my time as Executive Chef was it also a way to pick up ideas – always something be learned. Loved to take out my senior chefs to broaden their’s view and we went to some fantastic places – easy to be generous with a corporate AMEX!

Nouveau (Nouvelle ) cuisine – nothing for me – but I don’t want my plate filled to the rim and I definitely don’t want any cold garnish on my hot food; lettuce and tomatoes – if I want a salad I order one. A lemon/lime wedge with “Fish & Chips” – seafood platter – Fajitas is okay – but there is my limit..

Have to confess that I’m useless on baking, pan cakes, waffles and omelets – and world-champion on boiling the perfect egg and to peel them – have been able to peel an egg in each hand on the same time. A perfect egg is a 9 min egg from put into boiling water, – as I call it  – a daffodil egg.

And I just “love” frozen green peas – never used fresh – the best frozen product there is on the market and it doesn’t matter what brand, Save money and time, I would doubt if anyone could tell the difference between a boiled fresh and frozen pea on a plate. I never boil my frozen peas – just soak them in hot salted water for a couple of minutes.

Coming to Scotland and training staff there – where a good meal was in general judged by amount of food you got on the plate. Scary and to get the chef’s to serve hot food on warm plates – was a mission of it’s kind, because they had never their food on a warm plate, when eating out. Got that sorted, but it took time and I know that today plates are red hot where ever I been or ????

In my active days my uniform jacket was black with raspberry colored trousers.

Love Heinz Baked Beans – snap pots, can’t get them in Sweden – so I have to fill up my bag when over in UK. Heinz … with grilled smoked bacon and boiled potatoes topped with a poached egg. That’s what I’m going to have for dinner tonight and I feel very lucky.

Photos provided by; coutureauchocolat.com / imageshac.us / tvwood.com/ merchantcircle.com / publicdomainpictures.net / annegeddes.com / kitchenpreserve.com /dreamstime.com / es.coloribus.com/mooremediaproductions.com

30 thoughts on “about my cooking

  1. Heinz baked beans – is one of the main ingredients for a cooked Irish or English breakfast … never had them before I came to UK – now I can’t be without them.
    In Sweden we have something called – bruna bönor (brown beans) – a very traditional dish in Sweden .. we eat with bacon and potatoes too – but for lunch or dinner, but is sour sweet from vinegar and sugar. Think I will share that recipe.

  2. You should start importing Heinz or be the distributor. Am sure you’re not the only fan. I was when I was in college although I haven’t had it in a while. Yeah the last time was when Mom and I went to London for breakfast. It can easily be bought here so everyone is trying to make them at home although there’s nothing wrong with the canned ones.

    I find I was more patient in trying complicated dishes when I was young. That was when I never had a back problem. Nowadays I am reverting back to dishes of my childhood.

    • Bebes, we have Heinz products over here, but their baked beans are in tins, not big – but I can’t use a whole when eating alone. But I don’t think baked beans is a big thing over here. But I visit UK and Ireland once per year and then I buy the snap post, just perfect .. I have never eaten home cooked baked beans. Only eaten Heinz and I love them.
      Bebs, when we are young – nothing was really a problem … the older we get we have learned that is more to life than standing by the stove for a full day, blogging is one of them. Have a pleasant weekend now.!

  3. 9 minutes huh? I put it in for 5 mins into steaming boiling water and I find the center just perfectly poached 🙂 but that’s just me lol 🙂 wow for you to have met Gordon, So envious of you!

    • Yes, I had the honor to meet some of the biggest names in UK. Not all that fun and charming as Gordon.
      Brain Turner is my favorite!
      5 min in boiling water gives you a perfect egg with a little softness in the middle, but I couldn’t serve that in a salad or sandwich .. because not everybody can eat uncooked egg. 9 min egg is perfect for everyone.

      • In a way I miss it … the action and the people I worked with … my suppliers and of course all the perks.
        Don’t miss the long days and all the hassle … the checking up. Had the most fantastic staff – but checking up was a very big part of my job – making sure the standards were there all the time. Chefs has a very hard job – working against the clock, quality and guests … tough going and they are only human and have their bad hair days too.

      • Yes, and also that all products in the kitchen was stored and labeled properly – that everything was in its use by date. There is a lot more to a kitchen than cooking and that portion control was there for every dish.

      • I had senior chefs – as most I think I had 140 chefs and 28 senior … but they were spread out all over UK. A little army.

  4. Love your egg-cellence in boiling one! I am the opposite hahah, mine always end up runny but my omelettes thanks to some chef with a science for cooking show (Alton?) And Jamie Oliver helped me with that arena. Basically as soon as the eggs look like they are near done, remove from heat immediately as they still cook a bit on your plate 🙂

    • Pink, omelets and me we don’t agree … I have tried and tried … but no luck – but I bought a tupperware dish that makes perfect omelets in the micro wave every time – and just as you say have the omelet slightly running when taking out from the dish – it after cooks.
      Same with salmon and other fat fishes – never cook a piece of salmon through – it cooks while being plated.

  5. I am glad you did this post again Viveka, it was a great read, love hearing about your cooking.
    I am the same with patience, I don’t have any, but I do seem to have a lot when it comes to teaching.

    • Thank you so much, Leanne … I think this with having patience at times, it has to do with that we care for the people especially when we have taken on a responsibility that involve other people.
      Will come and visit you today. Been a while.

  6. A 9-minute egg? It would be rock-hard here in Vienna – or even in Hamburg, although I buy XL eggs. And I don’t like my eggs soft, drippy-soft. Yuck! They have to be like the ones you boiled look. But here that takes about 6 minutes.
    I regret we don’t have M&S here. I like their food and I could live on it. Too bady we don’t and so the Mr. is in charge of our cooking 😉 😀
    Feeling any better?

    • Dia, I have boiled eggs all over the world .. 9 min – but goes in boiling water … I promise they will be perfect. Never put egg in cold water. *laughing – I don’t think you have more different eggs in Vienna than the rest of the world. – but I’m willing to check it out when I come to Vienna. 6 min would be far too runny for me.
      Yes, M&S – brilliant shop .. but they have become so expensive. But they never let you down.
      Lucky you – I always wanted a man that can cook .. but the ones I met couldn’t even boil an egg.
      Had a fantastic day today, have increased the pills with one in the morning. No discomfort what so ever today. So SOoOoOOo Happy!

      • I put eggs in boiling water. Could it be the difference in altitude between Landskrona and Vienna 😉 ?
        We’ll check the eggs when you come to visit 😀 xo

      • It’s the same attitude … in UK, Ireland… Canada … Denmark … Hong Kong. *laughing. Good for you that you put them in boiling water, my kind of girl… the challenge is on.
        I even advice Wendy how to get a perfect egg when she lived in Hamburg … and it worked for her. *smile
        You really made my Thursday. Thanks a million, Girlfriend.
        Here comes an under duvet hug. *smile

  7. how interesting! I love to cook but I’m no professional. so are the M&S frozen meals then? I’ve not heard of them and guessing they’re only in Europe? and your butter roses – is that some sort of sweet or butter in the shape of a rose? either way, it looks cool!! thanks for sharing all of this since I’m one of those new followers and haven’t read this before. 🙂

    • No, M&S have to 95% only fresh products and fresh meals … but they have ready fresh meals for one person – fantastic dishes, just to put in the micro wave. Their food hall is so exciting, but very expensive.
      Yes, they had many shops in all major cities in Europe, than they came into financial problems and they closed all their shop abroad – but now they have started open up again. They are also a fashion store for the whole family and home.

  8. So funny, Vivi! My Michael is a tinned peas and carrots man 😦 Disgusting!
    Oh you would have me so frightened, rattling those pans. Love you, chuck 🙂

    • Tinned carrots and peas, I agree – but there is a need for all tastes. I’m sure you would be okay in my kitchen, so long as you stay out of my way … *laughing.

  9. I love eating in the finest restaurants or a simple cafe as long as they serve food where they let the main ingredient’s flavor shine through. Simple is better…too complicated and I don’t care for it. I totally agree with your about frozen peas. 🙂

    • I always, said that you’re my kind of chef.
      This with everything fresh and .. the highest quality on everything in all recipes, how many of us can really afford that every day, not me .. I would say maybe only 15% of us.
      Why not do recipes for every day cooking – in the reality.

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