postcard from sweden: b stands for biff rydberg

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B stands for “Biff Rydberg” – “disappearingly” delicious

One of my favorite dishes and I have made it 1000’s of time through my years as a chef. It take some prep time – but worth every minute – but very easy to make.

biff rydberg - hemmetsjournal se

The dish is named after the Hôtel Rydberg in Stockholm , which in turn is named after the merchant Abraham Rydberg, who donated funds for the hotel’s construction. The hotel excited 1857-1914, and was during it’s time one of the city’s more well-known places of entertainment. It was demolished in 1914 to give place to a bank building.

hotel-rydberg_stockholm - absinthe se

Classic Beef Rydberg, serves 4:

2 large yellow onions, chopped
8-10 medium sized firm potatoes, chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
butter for frying
500g beef fillet or sirloin steak, cut in cubes
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 tsp pepper
chopped parsley
4 egg yolks

Nothing for this dish has to be finely cut, so big as you would like them to be.

biff rydberg page

1. Peel and chop the onion. Fry it lightly browned and soft in some butter or oil on pretty low heat. Remove the onion and keep it warm.

2. Peel potatoes and dice it into about 1/2 cm pieces. Fry slowly in some butter or oil so that the potato is browned on the outside and soft inside. Season with salt . Keep the potatoes warm.

3. Trim the meat and dry it . Cut it into 1 cm cubes. Heat the margarine in a frying pan . When it stopped skimming is the time to put in the meat, possibly in batches. Cook until the meat is well browned all over, but still pink inside. Season with salt and pepper.

biff rydberg page 2

4. Mix the onion with the potatoes and allow to heat through. Post it on one side of warm serving platter. Add the meat next to them. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. Pour the egg yolks into small cups and place them in the middle.

But you can serve the dish with fried eggs if you are not comfortable with serving raw egg yolks, still taste fantastic. Creamed horseradish is very nice with this dish. 

If you eat the dish with raw yolks – you mix everything together with the yolk.

biff-rydberg-alltomlchf nu

I know that raw egg yolks are a health hazard in more than one way. I eat quite a few dishes with raw egg yolks, because I’m not pregnant and Sweden is the only country in the world that has salmonella free eggs. Our hens are tested monthly.

snaps-kokaihop se

And of course you need a cold beer and iced snaps to go with it – to become a true Swedish gourmand.

“A hotel isn’t like a home,
but it’s better than being a house guest.”
William Feather

My choice of cloud is “Holy” with The Moniker – The Moniker (English nickname, alias, etc.), stage name of Olof Daniel Karlsson, born 1981 in Norrahammar, is a Swedish singer, musician and songwriter. “Holy” features the French singer Vanessa

the moniker - birstacity se

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63 thoughts on “postcard from sweden: b stands for biff rydberg

  1. Looks yummy! And you answered my concern about raw egg yolks as soon as I had it. You folks in Sweden are lucky about no salmonella! I vote for horse radish, and can just taste it all with a lovely cold beer. thanks for the lovely culinary dream

    • Carol, fried egg is the way most Swedes eat it at home … and on a restaurant you have whatever why you want your egg. It’s a fantastic dish. A bit of prep-work, but when that is done .. so easy to make.

  2. wow! that looks really interesting and delicious. i’d definitely try it with the raw yolk. I think it would give the whole dish a nice texture. with horseradish too … yum!!!
    viveka, let me ask … what is an iced snap? i’m guessing it’s a cold shot of some kind of alcohol … vodka?

    • Snaps in the Swedish way is to … keep the vodka bottle in the freezer – you rinse the shot glasses with water before you put also them in to the freezer – until serving.
      Snaps can be vodka … but we have also many flavored snaps .. some made from potatoes and real fuel. Personal I like prefere Absolut Vodka and always keep a bottle in the freezer, so when I pour it – it’s thick as oil. We also call the snaps – nubbar. – have to do a postcard about nubbar. *smile – this is a dish that men likes.

  3. Vivi ~ This looks awfully like the Pytt i Panna my once-upon-the-time Danish housekeeper cooked? Is there a difference?? Quite frankly I do not use frying as a technique at all these days, but do remember it tasted very good indeed 🙂 !

    • *SMILE … pytt-i-panna, is made from leftovers … did a post about it last April – But it’s the same principle is the same. And there should be a mixture of smoked, cooked and grilled meat. Pytt-i-Panna is one of my favorite dishes and I eat a couple of times per month.

      • Of course – a lesson learned and memories recalled! But I do not think we ever had it with more than 1-2 meats 🙂 ! The raw egg is mandatory to me – I buy organic eggs in Australia, use raw eggs all the time and am here to tell the story!!! And I really must find time to go over your old files – I know I have used your gravlax one a dozen times to prove to others a real one does not need all the stuff added these days 😀 !!!

      • Have you used my Gravlax recipe .. that is idiot proven – don’t 1000 salmon after that recipe?????? You made me so happy.
        A lot of chef’s have played around with the Gravlax recipe, but I prefer the old traditional version. I have done it with vodka or cognac – just take a small amount in my hands and smear it on to the salmon sides before I put on the rest. It also hurry up the marinating and if left out ambient for 4 hours .. it will marinate over night. Otherwise I give it 48hours. You also get the best result if you use a salmon that has been frozen. Fresh salmon .. is too porous.

    • Suzanne, it taste the same as a boiled egg yolk when you mix it in with the warm ingredients. It’s not so you notice the raw egg. Serve it with fried egg … great too.

      • Thanks, Suzanne … yesterday, was one of the worst for a long time – have increased the pills from this morning – but I can feel it’s coming on .. I’m so sick and tired of it. Starting to get depressed over it. Thank you for asking .. and for your concern.

      • Suzanne, I have been told so many doctors now that it’s something I have to live with …. it’s the nerves that has got damage and damage nerves can never be fixed.
        I just have to get my head around .. but I can’t. At least not yet. To constant live with a butt on fire … what a future *laughing.
        Maybe the cancer is gone … but it took 40% of my life as a woman too.

      • Suzanne, there is worst things to live with – but this not going to be an easy one. Thanks for carring .. you’re a such sweatheart.

    • Colleen, my little sweet pea … you can have your egg any way you like over here .. but I like mine raw with this dish.
      It’s a lovely song – found it on Soundcloud .. never heard it before, just released.
      Lost touch with all the Swedish upcoming stars .. when I lived abroad. So many good new artist that I never heard off.

    • Fried egg … will perfect too. I like raw yolk – and to mix it all in with the rest – it will be cooked so soon it comes in contact with the hot meat, potatoes and onion.

  4. Looks yummy. I’m not an egg fan, but maybe I would prefer it raw. Maybe next time when I’m in Sweden and I know the eggs are safe.

    • Men love this dish … and a fried egg goes perfect with it too.
      The song is beautiful … really like the track.
      Thanks for the visit, Frank. Always nice to have you around the house. *smile

  5. Hejsan Viveka~
    Vad kul att träffa en Svensk ny vän! Glad att Jo “skickade” dig till mig! Detta receptet låter så gätte gott! Men jag måste steka eggen innan…vi har inte så fina kycklingar här..
    Kul också att lära mig litet on hotellet i Stockholm.. Jag har bara varit i Stockholm en gång när jag var liten. Vi flyttade hit i 1974 när jag hade gått ut 2an. Vi bodde in Mölnlycke utanför Göteborg.
    Mitt andra år med A-Z hete min “theme” “Postcards From Sweden”. Bran namn du har väljt 😉 Då skrev jag om min barndom i Sverige, och i 213 skrev jag “Adventures in America” om mitt första år i USA.
    Fin music du valde!
    Vi sees snart igen.
    Din nya follower,
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

    • Tina, Välkommen!!!! Har bott i Gbg nästan hela mitt vuxna liv – tills jag flyttade utomlands 1989. När jag kom hem bosatte jag mig i Landskrona – eftersom jag är född i Sverige.
      Jag har en känsla att vi har haft kontakt tidigare .. för jag kommer ihåg att du skrev om dalhästen samtidigt som jag. Kan ha helt fel, inte ovanligt.
      Tack för besöket .. och jag hoppas att det funkar nu när jag följer dig.
      Ha en go onsdag.

    • Uru, it’s so difficult to take good pictures in the kitchen when I have to do in the lamp light – that’s why I haven’t posted food for months. With my new camera it is so much easier too – it adjust the light somehow, don’t ask me how !!!! And it’s also lighter outside in the evening. I thought you are vegetarian ???
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  6. Hmm, I can’t wait to make this. It sounds good with the eggs. A friend has a poultry at home (don’t ask me how) and she just gave me a dozen organic eggs. I could ask her again when I make this. Thanks Viveka.

    • Bebs, you can serve it with fried eggs … still taste great, but raw egg youk it gives a nice flavor to the dish when mixed in. Good luck, please – let me know.

  7. Amazing! I think I could manage to cook this dish without you standing at my elbow for guidance, Vivi 🙂 In fact, best you don’t because I get very nervous in the kitchen and drop things if I’m watched.
    I guess this was a post you had prepared so you didn’t have to sit for too long? I read your dialogue with Suzanne. Helpless, Vivi! I can only try to make you smile. Eggy hugs 🙂 Have a good night!

    • Hi there, Sweatpea! This is such an easy dish to do – there is a bit of chopping to do, but after that so quick – and I know that Mr will like it. Serve it with fried egg, because your eggs over there can be a bit iffy.
      No, this wasn’t the post that took me 3 days … letter C & E – has nearly taken a week total to make, but they are done.
      Yes, I was indroduced to Tina by Jo – she are living in US, left Sweden as a child.
      I think our paths crossed two years ago already – during A-Z challenge, becasue we wrote about the same subject under letter D. Have increased the pills with one, it things has become a bit better. I always smile when you’re around. Fell to sleep at 9.30pm yesterday, but I needed it. Big SUNSHINE HUG.

      • Glad you’ve caught up some sleep, Vivi 🙂 Sunk under grey skies here so I’m wandering in Andalucia. It’s always sunny there 🙂

      • I like the thought of wandering in Andaluica – I have to do some wandering to … need more pills.
        Enjoy your kind of sunshine … I will share it later.

  8. This looks like a very hearty and satisfying meal, but I would pass on the raw egg yolks in favour of a dash of mustard or horseradish. I would wash it down with a glass of Merlot. 🙂 Lovely voice, this Moniker has.

    • You must have missed it … because in my postcards there is an introducing in above the media player ..
      You must have missed … because in my postcards there is an introducing about the track I’m using, just above the media player … yes, it’s a lovely song.
      ”My choice of cloud is “Holy” with The Moniker – The Moniker (English nickname, alias, etc.), stage name of Olof Daniel Karlsson, born 1981 in Norrahammar, is a Swedish singer, musician and songwriter. “Holy” features the French singer Vanessa”

      • No problems …. and it’s more than okay to be silly. I call it clouds because I collect my track from soundcloud.
        And they are hanging over the post as a cloud too.
        You can buy his music on Itune.

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