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so sorry - cosmiq de

I haven’t been around as normal, – but my sorry ass and I had a rough week. Not able to sit … for a longer period again. I’m so sick over it and I don’t really want to talk about it, but its here to stay and create problems for me.

At least the weather has been fantastic – so there has been a lot of walking about under the blue sky and in the still little chilly wind and Oscar has been working hard during those walks, but to edit photos takes time and time on the butt is not an option just now.

Also I need to get my head around how to organize my visits to your world, to cut down the time sitting down every day – if anyone has any ideas let me know. As it’s today I get about 150 emails about new posts and it will take hours of sitting to visit you all, but there must be some ways to get better organized.
Have been thinking on organize your posts into weeks days and visits??? Will that make any difference??

Blogging is a two ways relastionship – and for a while it has only been from you to me – and that doesn’t feel all that good, for me.

Because we need you ….. me and my sorry ass!

“It takes a strong person to say sorry,
and an ever stronger person to forgive.”

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46 thoughts on “so sorry …. for

    • Dallas, thank you so much for your kind support, but my sorry ass is here to stay … *smile
      If it had been for my f…… side effects, I would be one of the healthiest people in the world.

  1. I’m sorry it’s flaring up again Viveka. How do you do with standing? I only ask because at work I put together a little stand for my computer so I can elevate my computer and I stand at my computer at work. I hope someone comes up with a suggestion that works for you. Thinking about you.

    • Colleen, for being here …. *smile
      Standing up while working on computers is very common over here, nearly every bank teller are standing up .. those days, they have an option of course.
      The thing is then the “fire” has arrived, that is it.
      Doesn’t matter if I walk or stand up … pain killers don’t take the pain away … it only mess up with my head, so I will be more tolerant. Sunday night I slept 2,5 hours.
      It’s burn damaged nerves. Thinking of you too.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your health problems – argh it must drive you crazy. Don’t worry about visiting blogs for awhile – have a break Viveka! Lots of love Julie xxx

    • Thanks for you lovely comment …. but I don’t think it’s a but a short break .. it’s about a more or less constant break – and I need my blog to keep myself in sanity.

  3. I read your posts because I like what you have to say and do. If I leave a comment it is because I want to, not because I am looking for a reply although of course it is nice to hear from you but please don’t stress (I am sure I talk for many of your followers if not all). Enjoy the moments you can sit and post something for us if you wish or maybe just enjoy other peoples, whatever makes you feel a little happier. So sorry to hear of your predicament. I have very wriggly annoying legs and find I stand and type sometimes, don’t know if that is possible for you.
    Regardless, please don’t worry so much, you have enough to stress you as it is. Stress free peaceful vibes to you … hugs.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and support.
      The think is if my ass has started to go on fire – it increase by the hour … and I can’t do anything really … because the burning is there in my colon.
      And it will be there until I take a strong pain killer, which doesn’t take the burning away .. but it mess up my head, so I can tolerant it.
      The thing is that I never wake up with the burning – and sometimes it doesn’t occur, but those days are easy counted.
      Then I have my numb feet – that makes it very difficult for me to walk – constant pain too .. but I love walking and somehow I can live with that pain if my walks are interested enough. My feet pads are so sore.
      The brain except some pain after a while … and becomes more manageable.
      The thing is that I have hardly even taken a pill for headache before – been so lucky in all my life, since after my cancer treatments. So my tolerance of pain is very low.
      Your comment made me very happy – because a lot of it the pressure we put on ourselves when blogging – that we have to pay visit to others, but I want to share your worlds too.

  4. Oh, my dear Viveka, I really hoped that this would get better [still do!].
    Don’t worry about your friends – we are all here.
    For less time on a chair maybe try browsing from your reader instead your mailbox. By scrolling down you can see what your friends have been posting and choose where to visit.
    Sending you my best wishes for a full recovery and hugs!

    • Marina, thank you so much for your sweet comment – and support – I have used readers, but then I I have to get up – and when I go back to it .. I have to stroll and stroll and stroll.
      I have now stopped the emails and I have to stay in one world at the time and go back to older posts too when I visit.
      Marina, the sad thing .. is that there will be no recovery from this – I’m just trying to keep two worlds going with this problem that will be apart of me for the rest of my life. And I truly struggle. … thanks for being here for me.

  5. Vivi, wwe too are all sorry . . . . . one could use some very colourful language here or throw pillows against the wall [both actually help me because I begin laughing at myself!!], but . . . Now, to be practical: I have had a very bad back for a quarter of a century: general very early degeneration of the whole spine which leads to hellish pain since I work of the computer. Now I divide my time into four: kneel for a quarter, then stand for a quarter, then sit for a quarter . . . then slowly walk around – damn nuisance but at least I can keep on doing so on a rotational basis for quite awhile. Much of my pain is in the ‘southerly ‘department also so perhaps this is of little help – big hugs meanwhile to both Oscar and you!

    • It saddens me to read that you struggle with pain too.
      Pain is so hard to handle – and it effects everything in us, heart, body and soul.
      I’m not a cry baby – but it has been a lot of crying going … lately. Because it stops me for being me.
      Bad back, thank god .. I never struggled with that – must be terrifying … had it once: lumbago – and that pain I still recall when thinking about it.
      Promise you that colorful language has been used this morning .. and last night.

  6. Sorry to hear that you are still having problems Wivi, but no need to apologise. I enjoy reading your blogs whenever you can manage to post. Your true friends will always be here for you, no matter how much time passes between communications

    • Trudi, thank you so much for your support … and what you said here is so true .. friendship will always be there – and those years I have now been away from you and the others, that I love over there .. has proven that time after time.
      Trudi, I’m very happy over having you … in my life.

  7. Dear Friend, Reading thru all these heartfelt messages I realize my idea won’t work – standing up. But I praise you again for sharing the miserable details. Idea: you say the pain is not there when you wake up. So could you sleep for short periods (2-3 hours), get up for 2-3 hours and blog and do other stuff, then another short sleep, followed by short period of activity – etc? Not very practical, but I had to contribute something. Hugs, Mary

    • I have tried that … during the week – and then I lay awake during the … night instead.
      I just wonder why the problem disappear when I sleep during night and not during the day???
      On Sunday night I was in such agony – slept only 2,5 hours and still the pain was gone when I woke up, but it came back so soon as I sat down for my breakfast. And of course there is more to my days than blogging – that need to be done too.
      Anyhow, Mary … I have to figure this out .. and find my way, but I’m so feed up with the whole issue.
      … time for break hugs, Mary ..

  8. Dearest Viveka, absolutely no need to apologise. I’m so sad that you are so uncomfortable. I hope and pray that your ‘sorry ass’ will start to behave itself again before very long. *hugs*

    • I know I don’t have a to apologize, but I needed some kind of approval – for my absence – I didn’t’ feel comfortable with me not “giving anything back” . Thank you so much for your support and thoughts.

  9. Seems your sorry ass is at it again. How about using your computer while standing? A suggestion to cut down emails is to stop notifications from blogs that post regularly (well, assuming you know what regular is to them). Hang in there!

    • Frank, when the fire comes on … nothing will ease or change, it just gets worst and worst – I don’t really know what ticks it off, most of the time while I sit down and have my breakfast, but I need to sit down when I eat.
      Just now am I on the edge … just had enough of discomfort and pain …nearly for a whole week constantly.
      Thank you so much for your support …Frank.

  10. Oh, sweetheart! You know you are loved 🙂 It’s hard to keep on laughing and smiling when you’re in pain, Vivi.
    I don’t have a schedule. I just return visits directly from my comments and likes, and pop into the Reader when I can. I know I must miss lots but it’s impossible to do more and still have a life, even in good health. You need a social secretary 🙂 No, you didn’t hear me volunteer!

  11. Don’t be sorry for not feeling well. We’re the ones who are sorry that you’re in so much discomfort and pain. Do what you can. I love your comments but please don’t feel you need to comment on everything I post. Just hit the like button once in awhile so that we know you’re still able to enjoy the odd post here and there. Hugs! Carol

  12. It’s a tricky one. I work full time and have little time to work on my own blog and find it hard to find time to visit my favourites. It may not be daily but I enjoy a catch up every few days or even weekly. Wouldn’t want to miss out…!

  13. I hope you feel better soon. Take care of yourself and read blogs when you can. It’s so hard to keep up and I do a horrible job doing just that. I try to respond to comments and visit those who did leave a comment. I wish I could stop by to say hi to all of the blogs I follow, but it would be a full-time job.

    Take care.

    • I think we put too much pressure on ourselves – that we must visit and comment – I love to get comments and I love to give comments … but there isn’t time in the day to do it to everyone.
      Today I have a little better day – took two pills against the nerve pain this morning and it has eased .. but I haven’t been sitting much – today I did some cleaning.
      Have a lovely evening.

  14. So sorry, Viveka! Surely there will be a way of organizing it! I’m hard working these weeks so not much is done from me either – but at least I have no pain. Hugs and thoughts in abundance!

  15. Ah, my dear Viveka – the old problem again… 😦
    Take your time, don’t worry about getting back to us. We all know that things aren’t 100% great for you all the time, so we’re happy when you’re around and if not, we’re happy to know that our little support might cheer you up!? Hopefully 😀
    Many hugs xoxoxo

    • Thanks, for your hugs … I love hugs and I need hugs.
      Have increased the morning pills – and it has helped – now I have to go and get some more. *smile
      Dia, I’m so thankful for your friendship and your support … and everyone else’s too of course.
      Have quite a few drafts that I can post … when days aren’t the best – just to let you know I’m still around n’kicking.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and warm support.

      • Good to know that despite all the pains you are braving them and trying to keep your chin up 🙂
        All the best and take care my sweetie 🙂 xo

      • Dia, you’re such a sweetheart – I had a fantastic day yesterday – have increase my morning pill to 2 and it seems to help. Hopefully I will have another good day today. Bring the good days on.

    • Zee, thank you so much for your support … I’m using drafts for the moment – posts I done when it has been possible to sit down for a longer period.
      Yes, song is lovely – it was my mom’s favorite.

  16. There isn’t a day that you are not thought about whether you visit or not. Even if you don’t post, you have the thoughts and prayers of many, my friend. There is never a reason to worry or apologize. 🙂

    • Karen … for your touching comment – means a lot to me.
      I had a good start on this week, increased the morning pill to 2. So I got a lot of “homework” done, it was needed. *smile

    • Nia, I have my days .. but that was a really bad week in overall. Have increase the morning pill – take two now .. and it has helped.
      Thank you so much for your thoughts.

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