chr’s “kloka ord” – words of wisdom, #2


Another quote from Christer Strömholm;

“Låt det viktiga behålla sina konturer”

CHR #2

Personal I agree strongly with this one – everything that is important should be left alone, why do we have mess about with everything. Something should be kept “holy” and not changed just because of changing.

There is nothing wrong with changing things – but we shouldn’t touch the contours.

Love comes first to mind for me – love is so massive and we all want it and need it. Love is a so much and love doesn’t come easy, it’s hard work to keep alive and to cherish.

Sometimes we have to work so hard for it – and sometimes it’s given so freely and easy to us, without any conditions.

Still we play around with it, change its structure …. bend on the boundaries.
Everyone have the right to do what they want … feel and believe in. I’m not judging anyone, I personal just feel that we are playing around too much with at times.

Also I think we use the word, LOVE, for everything …. it has replaced “LIKE” and it’s a big difference in like and love. I’m one of them and I have start thinking on how I use “love”.

On the other hand we don’t use it often enough where it should be used, in its right contens.

I wonder why it’s not so easy to change the contours when it’s about hate??!!!

24 thoughts on “chr’s “kloka ord” – words of wisdom, #2

  1. You are in a very reflective mood today. I’ve never met you, face to face, but I can honestly say that I feel a ‘love’ for your kindness, your humour and your love of life that comes across in your blog. It’s definitely more than ‘like’. Hugs from across the pond.
    P.S. the sun is finally shining, the birds are singing and it’s feeling a little warmer today

    • Glad you have got the sun with you – we had it for 5 days … full blast, but not very warm in the wind yet, but it’s very early.
      It’s not very often I post reflections … but Christer’s words make me think.
      I often reflect on posts I visit – but I have never done any deep thinking in my own world here, maybe it’s time.
      I like the “love” that you’re sending my way and it’s very important to me.
      Delight yourself in the sunshine, Carol … and more beautiful music will come with Christer’s words of wisdom. Delightful hug … to you.

  2. Carol just said it for me! 🙂 Your wonderfully peaceful music is flowing in the background, Vivi, and I’m hoping you’re feeling ok today. How is the cold?
    I’ll be watching tennis soon but will check on you later. (no mischief, mind! Aren’t I a killjoy?) Sunday hugs!

    • Jo, thanks for asking – had a terrible weekend with my butt and still have, but I don’t want to talk about it … more like crying really *laughing.
      Tennis !!!!!! I hope he is worth it *laughing.
      Tuesday hug coming your way here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • Late start for me, Vivi. The rain is pelting against the windows and it’s nice to snuggle.
        Poor you! I knew by your absence. The meds should be near to working, surely? Living in hope for you. I know you will keep busy and try to forget it. What else to do!!! Hug in big mackintosh and wellies this morning 🙂

    • I totally agree with you – I think Christer’s words … needs some after thoughts and it was nice to do a bit of thinking in a post too.
      Both words are so important, but it both has its own place. Thanks for your comment.

  3. Oh yes, you have made me think, Vivi! It is SO easy to use the word ‘love’. . . and yet it is the most important word we have at our disposal . . . .the so-called social media almost requires us to us the superlative to make a point . . . . and we barely think ere we keyboard . . . . thankk you for the brilliant choice of gentle music to make us think!!

    • Eha, Christer’s quotes give me a chance to use some of my favorite classical music, his words of wisdom, needs a soft environment.
      We are so generous with the love at times .. and at other times, we struggle to use it, when really needed and deserved. I notice since I start blogging I use far too often … for a good post – a great photo etc. – and that’s not really want I mean. I mean I like it very much. You’re so right – my fingers are quicker than my thoughts at times. Thanks for your comment. Not really me to write about reflections on words and sentences, but Christer’s words … gives afterthoughts.

    • Uru, I totally agree with you on this one – and we shouldn’t replace like with love … if it’s not sincere.
      Have a great week – my lovely, downunder friend.

    • GoodMorgning, my Sunshine friend. The cold just took off and left after aa couple of hours, my problem has been this weekend – my sorry ass …. just for a change. Have been in very poor stage, but the weather was been fantastic, so I been out and about in the early Spring instead. Thank you so much for your concern. Today laundry again, that is way … I’m up so early. A big Arial-hug.

  4. I can relate, Viveka. I’ve often wondered why it’s easier for us to hate then it is for us to love. I think perhaps we feel vulnerable if we let go for love because of the fear of being hurt. But, what the heck to I know? It’s funny that you should post this, as I’ve been struggling with how to feel loved lately. Thanks for posting.

    • Lori, thank you so much for your comment – to feel liked and loved is a massive difference when we think about it. So sorry to read that you have been struggling with feeling loved, Lori. You know we have to love ourselves first before we can give and receive love from others.. or feel love at all. It’s comes all from within ourselves, we have to be receptive – I’m sure that there is love all around you aimed for you, but it’s something inside you that don’t pick it up. Lori, I’m far from an expert on love *smile

      • Hi Viveka. Had lots of troubles with some family and the hubby over the weekend. If you only knew, but it’s too much to write in a comment box. Things seem to be getting better today. At least for now. Thank you for your kind thoughts.

      • Lori, I’m over what you have gone through … you can write to me by email if you feel you need to “talk” – you know where to find me. *smile
        Glad that your today was a bit better and I hope for all my heart that it stays like that.
        Thinking of you ..

  5. Thank you for the reminder about the importance of words. I think maybe in this day of having “like” buttons, certain ideas and the words we use to describe them get lost in the ease of clicking and typing.

    • You are so right – I have notice that since I start blogging I use the word “love” so much more often, when I should really should be using “like it very” much. Sometimes I think about it and change it.
      Because like, as Uru says here – can never replace love.

  6. To me, the word love has a few meanings. It can mean a strong feeling of affection or tenderness for a person, but it can also mean a great interest or pleasure in something, like a love of football, or the wonderful music which is playing right now. I think that the word ‘like’ is often too weak to describe how we feel about something which we really enjoy. For example, I love chocolate cake with ice cream. 😀 xx

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