weekly photo challenge – streetlife



This week challenge I had nearly for free …. one of my rejected photos that by chance has became one of my favorite, when I entered a photo competition with it and against all odds, I WON!!!!!!

It is from 4th of July 2012 – the Centennial fountain in Chicago, was on my way to watch the firework in the end of East Wacker Drive when I saw all the people around the fountain. It wasn’t a easy photo to take with a small compact camera, but it is very powerful when it likes the object.

“Rejection is a challenge.”
Veronica Purcell

Why not join the challenge or check out all the other entries: Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

I have chose Patrick Stump’s  “This City” as as cloud for this entry – Patrick sings about Chicago, that is also my number ONE city in the world, at least of the ones I have visit and I will be back there again in September this year. Chicago, be prepared!!!




47 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – streetlife

    • I hope you have the same fantastic weather as we have … not a cloud on the sky – have come down with a bit of cold … feeling a bit poor.
      How is your neck ?????

      • Dreadful here! Cold and damp- but where Dad lives, in Middlesbrough, just 20 minutes away, it was sunny! I didn’t find out till teatime so too late 😦
        Still wearing scarf and keeping warm. I was coming to look for you later, but I bet you’ll soon be tucked up in bed. Snuggle up warm, Vivi 🙂

      • In bed now … had our hour of darkness … a while ago – in bed with netbook – and tonight we will put the clock forward one hour … into Summer time. Short night tonight.

        See you tomorrow – time for some movie watching – The Wolf on Wall Street!.

    • Thank you, Janet. Yes, Chicago is one FAB city .. far better than NYC, which I still enjoy – Chicago is a fantastic food city too … without costing an arm and a leg.

    • it’s like everything else in life … when we are passionate about something, we give it 110%! And there is loads of passion in me .. for Chicago. Spokes person sounds like a great job. *smile

    • Thanks Otto, yes it really is .. but I didn’t see at once – it was somebody else that made me look at the photo differently and enter it to the completion.

    • Linda, you’re so welcome … will be over and visit you soon, have butt problems *smile Hope you have a fantastic weekend too … not a cloud on the sky over here and the whole country has the same. Just love it.
      Have a great Sunday.

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