please join in – earth hour 2014


So where you are ….  tomorrow at 8.30pm  – just leave you freezer, fridge and channel box on … turn the rest of for one hour – give ONE HOUR back to Mother Earth.  Get the candles out or join all the Earth Hour outdoor’s events where you live.  Show that you have the power. 

“Another world is not only possible,
she is on her way.
On a quiet day, if you listen carefully,
you can hear her breathing.”
Arundhati Roy


“Feel Again” with OneRepublic is the offical track for 2014 Earth Hour.

16 thoughts on “please join in – earth hour 2014

  1. My husband and I always celebrate Earth Hour. We love getting the candles out, turning everything off and just enjoying each other’s company. The first year we did this we actually were at a bar and they turned off most of the lights, all the TVs and music and lit candles at all the tables. It was such a shock to the senses when the lights and the TVs came back on. We wanted them off for a longer time. We try to have our own Earth Hours on a more regular basis but we don’t always remember.

    • I totally agree, Carol … we should have it more often, but I think it’s fantastic that the whole world is able to make a difference for one hour per year. I have done since 2011. Never heard about it before I moved back to Sweden.
      I use to play games on my netbook …

    • Dia, every big and small city join in – Paris, London, NYC, Sydney .. will go dark for one hour. Landskrona turns off the street lights and shops goes dark. So we can join in wherever we are and do our little part in a massive event.
      Many hugs back .. and have a great weekend.

  2. Definitely!! Alway!! Usually no candles necessary – live semi-rurally and just go walk outside so enjoying the stars, which should be visible here tomorrow night 🙂 ! [Hmmph, your last two ‘sends’ would not ‘work’ for me . . . . after some five years on Social Media at times I can still be a total neophyte!!]

    • You’re right .. the stars will be up tomorrow – we are suppose to have fantastic weather the whole country and full weekend. When I lived in UK I wasn’t informed about the 60+ even if London was involved. Coming back to Sweden .. they remind us constantly when the day comes up. TV and local press. Done it since 2011. Such a easy event to make a difference through.

      • Don’t mean to be bragging, but how many people know this started in Sydney, Australia [home to me!] in 2007 as part of the conservation movement! Many people totally misunderstand: one is not supposed to be saving that much electricity!! That is not exactly the point, is it!!!!!!! The hour does not count, the year-long thought and action does!!!!!!

      • I know … that you know … that I knew. *smile
        Great job Australia – we have massive power if we only stand united.

    • Good Morning, Sunshine …. here some a sunny morning hug first of all. Earth Hour has happen very year for a couple of years now. It was Sydney that started on their own in 2004 with “light off event” then they did it again with WWF support the following year and in 2007 San Francisco join in theirs “Light Off” with Sydney and now the since 2008 whole world turn off the light for one hour. Amazing. Sydney called first “The Big Flick” I have done it since 2011. See what power we people really have – and there is loads of events in all big cities outdoor when the light goes out. London have a lot going on. So has Landskrona, they turn of all street lights. Whole of Paris goes dark. NYC too.

      • Sorry, I wrote ‘my bit’ before I read your very clear explanation – Wiki still says 2007, but that probably was when it came about in the current form!!!!

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