postcard from sweden; a stands for anders celsius.


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A stands for Anders Celsius – all about plus minus zero since 1742

Anders Celsius, (1701-1744) was a talented Swedish astronomer. He founded Sweden’s first astronomical observatory in Uppsala in 1741. Anders Celsius is best known for the Celsius temperature scale used in thermometers worldwide, °C

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Anders Celsius best known for the 100 -degree Celsius temperature scale , which is used worldwide (except in the U.S. , which uses Fahrenheit scale). During the 1700s they used thermometers are widely used, but there was no recognized gradations. It was mostly the outdoor temperature that was measured and was used , among other things, the temperature of a healthy person, the temperature in a deep basement and freezing point of water as a reference.

In total there were over 30 different temperature scales in the early 1700s.

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Anders Celsius took the freezing and boiling point at a given pressure as a reference. He made many measurements at different heights, as the water boils at different temperatures depending on the air pressure. Then he put 0 degrees as the boiling point and 100 degrees as the freezing point. He presented his scale in 1742.

After Anders Celsius death turned the scale and the Celsius thermometer was created, with 0 degrees as the freezing point. According to some was Carl Linnaeus one of the first to use the Celsius thermometer and suggested to turn on the scale.

Anders Celsius was a pioneer in Sweden for international cooperation in science and had a rich network of contacts abroad. He had also, according to contemporary witnesses, a winning personality that made him friends where he came.

Abroad were remembered him long in the cities he visited during his long journey, and as late as the 1770s, met other Swedish travelers on many there who remembered him with joy and admiration. He was described as “always happy and cheerful.” Although he was overwhelmed with work, he seemed to never be in a hurry but still made their tasks quickly. He had, according to contemporaries also an abundance of humor, which sometimes could pull the sarcasm.

Celsius died young, at the age of 43 due to tuberculosis.

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“It doesn’t matter what temperature a room is,
it’s always room temperature.”
Steven Wright

Celsius termometern - celsius.met.uu se

My could is “Där Du Andas” (Where You Breath) from the soundtrack “ARN” – sang by Marie Fredriksson (1958), one part of our world famous duo, Roxette. Marie was diagnosed with a  brain tumor in 2002, but was back in the studio 2006 and been touring since 2009.

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46 thoughts on “postcard from sweden; a stands for anders celsius.

    • Nia, I don’t think it’s many people that knows that Celsius is Swedish – I don’t know who Fahrenheit was, I think he was German. Checked with google – I was right. We learn something new every day. Thanks, Nia

      • yes dear Viveka, the beauty of learning, the beauty of share, all make us rich, and a rich world… rich human story… And always makes me so excited to learn something new and I don’t know…. Once again thank you, I am in this world, in this connection I feel myself not alone… Maybe I am not in good mood today, but I want to hear all the drums of my land and of my people here, I want to scream the beauties of democracy, liberty and being human… and so many things… sorry dear for my feelings I dropped here. You are welcome, love, nia

      • Nia, I understand exactly what you mean …. I’m so luck that I live in country where there is true democracy and freedom – we are not in a war, we work for keeping peace … still we moan. We don’t have to be homeless, but still people prefer to live on the street … because they don’t want to end up in our social system – what is all that about, when in countries all over the word where children don’t live in proper homes or not able to go to school, no medical care, no fresh water or food.
        Nia, it’s okay to be upset – but when people are not happy with how their country is ruled, conflicts start and lives get wasted.
        It saddens me to read how upset you’re about your countries state of mind, but I understand – because I would be the same, but we are so spoiled here in Sweden.
        I hope your weekend has been good.

    • It’s quite a few Swedes that don’t know Celsius is a Swedish inventor. I can’t understand for my life why we all can’t use the same systems of measures. No wonder we can’t agree on bigger issues. *laughing

  1. I really enjoyed this V. Also the graph/thermometers as I always have to google Celsius compared to Fahrenheit. ( I wonder who created the word Fahrenheit?) And your music !! AWESOME! Very moving composition .

    Hope you are feeling better : )

    • I can’t understand why we can’t have the same measures in everything. And what about having the same type of electric plug and watt. But life isn’t supposed to be too easy.

      Thanks for asking and caring – had a really rough day and evening yesterday. So sore, but in overall has my good days increased. Today good so fare, but I’m still under the influence of the pain killer, which I don’t mind at all.*smile

  2. Again you taught me ~ I did not know the Celsius scale also came from Sweden!! At the risk of losing some US friends I simply cannot understand that the States has not converted – at the moment only it and two small African nations ‘go Fahrenheit’ which even we at the bottom of the world got rid of over fifity years ago!!!! Absolutely ridiculous not to be decimal – and most of my US friends oh so do agree!!!

    • Yes, that is what I thought when I did the post, I didn’t know that he died so young before I started writing about him.
      So many years ago and his scale still works, nobody has come up with anything better.

  3. So many clever people have lived in this world, Vivi! It’s quite amazing the advances they have made in science and technology. But still we need to teach people to love each other 🙂
    I’m curious now, about your mega post 🙂

    • Yes, I know … but still after all those years, nobody has come up with anything better – and never will.
      I don’t think there is anyone clever enough to solve the “love each other” issue, we have to sort that out ourselves.
      It’s for letter E!!! No more given away. *smile – don’t sit by the computer with your sore neck now. No good .. NO GOOD!

    • Yes, they are …. I to be find at the Uppsala University Library. Fahrenheit was German.
      In Sweden we call X-ray for Röntgen … after the man who invented it, one of the first Nobel Prize winners. Also German. We learn something new every day. *smile

    • Tina, I think ARN is movie .. but for US maybe they have sent it as a series. There is 3 in total, if I’m not wrong.
      I I have problems with your blog – yours worked for the first comment, but some blogs it’s a nightmare to follow.
      I like WP. Easy to use.
      Welcome to my world … I will see if I can follow you now.


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