chr’s “kloka ord” – words of wisdom, #1



Last week I published a post about my visit to Christer Stömholm’s
exhibition in Helsingborg at Dunkers Kulturhus, Post Scriptum – “art’s enemy is ignorance”

At the exhibition they showed a documentary about Christer done by his son Joakim, through watching that film I found out that there was published a book about Christer’s words of wisdom, every day he wrote down short sentences on envelops that he later divided into 32 categories, which was his way to keep a diary.

Through the film I also fell in love with Christer … a remarkable visionary and artist.

my book

So back home I started to look for the little book, not to be found in regular bookstores – and I found at an antiquarian website and today I received the book. It cost me 275 SEK/42$.

On the back of the book there is some “after words” by Timo Sundberg¨, Swedish author & film producer.

Christer Ström Holm (born 1918) is one of the biggest Swedish photographers.
Through the years he has gained wisdom.

Some bears his unmistakable stamp. Second, he has stolen, intercepted or adopted. These wise words about images and creation is sometimes indigestible humorous. Together, the wise words a friendly exhortation to the reader’s sense of humor, ingenuity and seriousness.

Christer Strömberg – CHR, died in in 2002 and the book was published in 1997.

So I have now decided to publish one of Christer’s quotes, now and then – and today I will share with you the qoute on the first page in his book.

quote #1

“Where does something really start”

Isn’t it a great question????? Where is the beginning on something ????

I truly hope you will enjoy his humor, thougts and wisdom.



29 thoughts on “chr’s “kloka ord” – words of wisdom, #1

    • The egg and hen thing is universal, I guess … I’m very intrigued by Christer’s question and where does things end. Or is that when somebody comes to an end with something … someone else pick it up ….

    • First of all … a GoodMorning hug!
      Had a rough, tough and sore yesterday – still with my head up in the clouds on the painkiller, but I don’t mind. It feels so good. So far so good .. today.
      It’s quite a responsibility I have taken on to translate his words into English and not lose their true value.
      I will add them to my own images – worked a bit on the translations yesterday – glad that his quotes aren’t long.

  1. I am walking another path, with warm tears in my eyes at the moment [Oh, I shall get to your words soonest 🙂 !] . . . . you see you are playing ‘my song’ today . . . . I had a priceless love affair with a much younger guy, a concert viola artist, for some four years . . . . oft he would drive the ten hours twixt his home and mine, probably getting to my place at 1 or 2 in the morning . . . . out would come the instrument and that would be ‘hello’ . . . .

      • I love this piece to and i’s played by Andre Rieu – but I didn’t know that it’s Elgar that has writen it. See, we learn something new every day. *smile

      • I love your story – how romantic – so glad it’s not only me that has “love stories” to tell and willing to tell them.

    • I love your story – how romantic – so glad it’s not only me that has “love stories” to tell and willing to tell. I hope that every woman had a younger in her life at least once in a life time … I prefer mine younger.

      • Oh this was a totally unexpected ‘happening’ just at the right time in my life . . . . and if this does not sound too private: every woman deserves to be made love to whilst a second movement of a violin concerto is playing 🙂 !!!!!!!!! Yes I fairytale to remember!!!!!! Very happily . . . am certain we both smile when we do . . . .

      • Love your view on love .. and music. *smile
        I don’t think I known a man that play an instrument, what I lost for me. *smile Football isn’t the same thing, I guess.*laughter.

  2. I will enjoy anything you share about him Viveka! I have found a site that has pictures of his exhibitions….but it wouldn’t let me in the site. I’m going to try again in a different browser. And I’ve found lots of “short” sites that give information, all that need some kind of translation. But it’s nice to find him in bits and pieces even. 🙂

    • Colleen, I read out of the book … the whole afternoon, amazing stuff … and tried to translate into English so it’s still understandable.
      I have decided to combine his quotes with my photos as background.
      Pity you couldn’t enter the websites about the exhibitions, but to get a man in small doses at the time – isn’t a bad idea. *smile
      I’m totally smitten by him.

    • Yes, the documentary was excellent done and so honest.
      I fell in love with the man – what a personality and his views on life and the art, so straight forward and uncomplicated, but I think he will be a hard number to live with. *smile
      More quotes to come.

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