monday spring safari

spring freshToday another gorgeous day of early spring , a bit chilly in the wind – but otherwise just one of those days when the rest of life has to be on hold.

Because my new pills created that I get more lymph fluid in my body and I had problems before –  do I have start taking a diuretic pill now (without talking to my doctor), my doctor I know will say it’s okay, but the nurse that handles my lymph problem will not be happy. But I haven’t been able to get a proper shoe on for over a week and my fingers have swollen up too. One thing after the other … pardons my Swenglish; F…k It!!!

But it also means I can’t do anything in the morning until the pill has done it’s job, and of course my cancer treatment gave me urinary incontinence too.

So it’s not just to get the coat on – and grab the camera anymore – it’s more like going on a safari, everything has have it’s order and in its place.

Nearly 2 pm before I was outdoors and I felt so good about everything – just me & Oscar, ready to take the spring on. Started to take photos in our backyard … when I notice Oscar was going to cut out on me – he hadn’t been fired up. Manage to take 5 shots and he gave up.

Here I’m ready to take on the spring – sunshine – a whole world is ready for us and …. NO …. NOOoOOOOOOooo!

Up the lift and get the new spare battery out of it’s package … and it was full charged – Magic!!!!!!!!

Here it’s all about my safari today and of course full of flowers and fresh greenery. Stopped my by favorite garden nursery shop “PETÖR”, couldn’t pass – it was an explosion of spring outside the shop and it gave me a chance to chat with the owner, such a lovely guy.

Met 3 wonderful tigers too … that had spent some time in the park. The small one she had the most light blue eyes.

I collected my favorite watch that has been repaired, the glass had fallen off – and a new shop had open on our “high street” for larger sizes, so of course I went in with camera and came back out with a camera and a bag. Sunshine do funny things to us, girls. The result became a white/black striped dress .. and trousers. Zebras they are to been seen on a safari ???!!!!

Time for a treat too – a blueberry white chocolate muffin and a big mug with the best fluff in town, at Espresso House. Its hard work to be out on the savanna here in Landskrona, need to hold the level of coffee and calories right. *smile

Going on safari isn’t that bad after all – traveled very light; Oscar, a Tena pad and a credit card.

“Not all who wander are lost”
J. R. R. Tolkien

full of spring

39 thoughts on “monday spring safari

  1. Sitting here chuckling – typing in time with the music. You rascal, you! Thanks for taking us with you on safari. hugs –

    • Yes, this is the closest to a safari I will ever get … so sick and tired of have to take so much into consideration before ….
      Thanks for coming along. *smile

  2. LOve your ‘spring heading’ and sure love the music!! Methinks you are wonderful for many of your readers a you make the ‘real’ ‘real’!! Not many are willing to talk about swollen lymph glands or having incontinence problems [can you do Kegel exercises; just thought they would help – I do not have the problem as yet, but do 100-120 daily !!] . . . it makes your life and ours real: good and bad!!!! And fun to be here!!!!

    • Thank you so much … I know that there is so many people, both female and male that suffers in silence when it’s about their incontinence problems and that made me talk openly about mine.
      The thing is that after the uterine been removed my bladder have moved backward and that means that the urethra open up, the bend has gone (that is the normal lock) is straight.
      Everybody should do the Kegel exercises, both men and women. I wish I had done them before my cancer; also my tumor was so close to my bladder and that means that the radio therapy has damage my bladder and made it very sensitive and sore.
      Things I have to arrange my life around and there is days it real gets to – all the aftermath problems that cancer has caused me, but I’m here … and today another day of sunshine and early spring. LOoOooOOve it!

      • LOve you, Vivi, I really do!! And I do hope a number of your readers look up ‘Kegel exercises’ on line!! So easy at night or when on the phone or even when keyboarding on the Net!!! I began after my first baby at 26 as I did not want my sexual partners feel me too ‘loose’ . . . . am still doing them with no problems, stress or strain two generations later! Like washing one’s teeth!!!! Realize matters not quite as easy for you! May help, may hurt!! Bugger [sorry!] but glad you are somewhow coping!! And being a huge example to others!!!!!!!!!!

      • Eha, I don’t have much of a choice, life goes on .. or I can just roll over and feel sorry for myself 24/7, which happens too.
        “Kegel exercises” I do when I’m on a train or bus … watching TV – we can all do it wherever we are.
        And men should do it too, not only a girly thing.
        Had a great chat with my doctor yesterday … not much else to do then take the pills and arrange my life around the problem, but the pills helps. It’s my nerves that has gone damage after the radio therapy – so the pill is a nerve painkiller – and no morphine or anything like that, so I can’t become addicted to it. And it’s not an anti- depressive medicine, as someone said. So life goes on .. and its up to me to stay behind or come along – I’m coming along.

    • Spring is something so special for us up here in the North – after 4 months of snow and darkness normally, but this winter only 1 week of snow, but plenty darkness.

      Thanks for stopping by … as you always do.

  3. More hugs needed, darlin 🙂 Just not going your way, is it? SO frustrating when the weather finally breaks and all you want to do is get out there! But when you did get there, Vivi…boy, you made it count! I love these photos! Happy law.n, million flowers and kitty blue eyes among my favourites.
    Love your fighting spirit, Vivi 🙂 Only wish I was a whizz of a doctor who could solve all your troubles

    • Had a long chat with the doctor yesterday and if feels a lot better today, we are increasing the pills. It’s a never pain killer. And I will have to take a diuretic pill every morning.
      We are on the right track.
      It’s the nerves that has been damaged through the radio therapy, but as all the other doctors has said, it’s something I have to arrange my life around. Will never go away – none of my side effects.
      Pill hugs ….

      • But the wonderful news for all of us is that you are still here, and sharing, and moving us all with your courage and great attitude. Love you, Vivi.
        Sorry ‘conversation’ is disjointed this morning. I was watching ‘my Rafa’ 🙂 He played overnight and I was just too tired to wait up last night. I needed to watch it early this morning before I saw the scores. Also a few WP probs with my walks post. But I’m still smiling (he won!) 🙂

      • Jo, don’t be sorry over spending the nights with a hot young tennis player – enjoy and delight yourself… every minute.
        I will join your walks later – still about “druken high” on my pain killer, had a truly bad day yesterday.

  4. I don’t know why but there isn’t a comments box, Vivi, so I came back to tell you how beautifully you’ve painted Copenhagen. A place to fall in love with (or in 🙂 ) Hugs!

    • Good Morning, thanks for telling me – don’t know what has happen. All the right settings are ticked and I’m not going to post anything today .. but I have contacted WP: There is always a natural explanation to everything. Yes. Copenhagen is a wonderful city, just like the song – Wonderful Copenhagen – but far too expensive … but they are very happy people and so social, like the Irish.
      Breakfast hug …

  5. I understand you troubles of getting going. And how frustrating it must be. But then when you do, nothing is like a safari – of any kind, is it!? You sure captured some delightful images, full of spring and joy. They are all so cheerful. I wish you all the best , Thea Maria.

    • Otto, I really like when you call me Thea Maria. Makes me smile. I hated it when I was younger.
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment – the thing is that during spring I can be come a bit feed up with all the flowers and all the prettiness it gives – and I go look for a bit of roughness. Spring is always an easy subject, the colors and the freshness.
      But now it’s time to find some beauty in the roughness too.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.

  6. You are an angel for sharing your most intimate issues, knowing that will help others cope with theirs. Thank you and bless you.

    • Frank, great to have you back!!! Is the move over now … I will be visiting you later.
      They have the best coffee in town – a true treat and a muffin with it is never wrong.

      • I can imaging …. take it easy so you two don’t damage the back or fall into the empty boxes or trip over them.
        Have been over visiting you today.
        I just wonder if you know that Bulldog .. is sick and on hospital.

      • I think he are feeling a bit better .. don’t have a clue what has happen to him, he had very high infection counts.
        I hope that he will back to his old him soon.

  7. I never realized shopping could be done while on safari. 😀 Love your outing and happy to see the spring header back up. Now if only our snow would melt so that we can have lovely flowers…I’m beyond ready for spring.

    • Do you still have snow ????? Can’t believe it – you will get a great summer after a winter like that *smile – I hope *laughing. We have the most fantastic weather this weekend and the full country has it. So there will be walkabouts and maybe more safari, but no shopping …. Time to think about Istanbul pocket money.

  8. Such wonderfully joyous scenes Viveka, spring blossoms, blue eyed tigress, and all! I was hoping your pain had vanished with the winter blues 😦

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