quick fix …. parmesan pan fried cod

pan-fried codI grow up with my grandparents – my grand father died when I was 8 … and I stayed with my grandma until I finished school, 1963. Then I moved up to my mum in Gothenburg.

My grandfather was the most wonderful man in the world – so kind, fun, gentle, honest, creative, humble and caring. He was so important to my early childhood. Died in cancer 1956. God, I missed him … and still do at times.

Anyhow my grandma was a very good cook and when finished the meal she often asked grandpa how  it was ???? And he always answered the same thing – “disappearingly” good.

an accident 1

I know that many of you wonder where that great chef has gone .. and where did that medium talented photographer appear from ????? – they are both here.  Only that the light in my kitchen is so bad during the dark months – so I’m not able to get good shots of the dishes when they are ready. That is why no food has been served since for nearly 5 months now.

Yesterday I saw in Lidl’s leaflet that they where selling fresh Atlantic cod fillets to a fantastic price – so I jumped on the bus.  Atlantic cod is so extremely expensive over here, even if we have it just outside out coast line.

pan-fried cod page 1

I decided to eat a bit earlier than normal – so I would have some daylight left on my balcony for a some shots.

Don’t ask me about measurement for this – I just did by head and hand – very simple dish. So how would it be introduced on my menu.

parmesan pan-fried cod filet on horseradish mash
served with apple squash salsa and olive oil tossed green peas.

pan-fried code page 4

I grated some Parmesan cheese and mixed in with Panko breadcrumbs and season with freshly ground black pepper and rock salt. I cut the cod filet into half and turned the pieces in the whisked egg and then coated them with the breadcrumbs. I always use good quality butter when pan frying fish.

The mash I just put some ready grated horseradish that we can buy in 45gr small plastic jars. It’s not a creamy horseradish …. it’s just coarse grated horseradish.  Fantastic product.  When I do mash I always put a little sugar into the mash, after my grandma.

pan-fried cod page 2

The “Apple & Squash” Salsa is something I buy at our biggest cider manufacture here in Skåne – Kivik Musteri. Can’t buy it in any shops .. only in their’s and it’s so good together with fried fish. Any fruit salsa or chuntney will go well with any kind of fried fish.

Green peas, I never use fresh green peas – what a waste of money and time – frozen green peas is one of the best frozen products there is. Very few of us would be able to taste the difference between a fresh and frozen pea when boiled.. I would struggle. I just let the peas soak in boiling hot water for a couple of minutes, do the same with green beans – I  never boil them properly. Then I drain them and toss them in a small amount olive oil and season them.

pan-fried cod page 3

As sauce I bunt of a little more butter in the frying pan to get all the good stuff and added some frozen dill.

That is it … and it was “disappearingly” good

“It is better to weave a net
than to stand by the water longing for fish.”
Vikrant Parsai



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32 thoughts on “quick fix …. parmesan pan fried cod

    • Thanks, A-C!!! I had to make the word up!!
      Morfar sa att det var försvinnande gott. Underbart uttryck.
      Jag använder det ibland på krogen och alla har uppskattat det.

  1. I sure would like to “disappear” a plate of that. Sheer ambrosia! You must have been in heaven eating it. Did you share it with someone? I wish it could have been me.

    • So sorry, have missed this comment of yours – No, most evenings am I a lonely diner … no sharing and that makes it a bit boring to cook and it’s always nice with dinner company. You’re more than welcome.

    • I hated cooking in school. Ended up to be chef more or less by accident, not at all meant to be.
      Grandma she did everything … homemade. Very talent woman, but I don’t think I have learned much from her, more than add a little sugar to the mash, pan-fried potatoes … and in sauces.
      Yes, I think it’s such a great replay … Thanks, Sylvia.
      Have a pleasant weekend now.

    • So do I .. and we have the best to choose from up here, only so expensive – far too expensive.
      Have a lovely weekend. Hope you will get some sunshine with it.

  2. Ask Colleen to move up a bit, please Vivi. I have my serviette all ready and I truly love cod.
    Funny about the sugar in the mash! And that you didn’t want to be a chef 🙂

    • I broke one of my kitchen chairs yesterday .. one of the legs snapped. *crying
      So maybe you and Colleen have to share chair if more people turns up, but you both has small buttoms. *smile
      Gordon, whould be very uspet with my mash – using sugar *smile
      I hated cooking in school, did the same dish for all 4 years, but it was all down to the teacher – so borring.

  3. Oh Vivi ~ we have talked on so many different topics over the past few weeeks – and not you actually cooking. Well, milady, you DO cook the way I want to eat: kudos: simple. elegant and REAL food! Sent onto friends: with al lot of thanks!!!!

    • Yes, I was a chef more or less since 1968 – became it by accident when I moved to Denmark as 20 years old.
      I worked as an Executive Chef for 10 years in UK and a pretty good one *laughing – had 120 chefs in my brigade as most.
      I’m totally with you – I love cooking uncomplicated dishes … that doesn’t take hours in preparing. It doesn’t have to be all fresh ingredients, but it has to have heart. Neither do I like when food is played around with.

      • Oh Vivs [sorry, had a favourite cousin called Vivi and I called her that! My apologies!!] I love my food blogging journey around the world, honestly, but when I read a simple joyful description of a fresh food beautifully executed rather than many convoluted recipes taking unneccessary hours off each meal I find it increasingly hard to say something worthwhile in praise of the latter tho’ I may quite like the person writing! You did something incredibly simple and yet I learned two things to try to begin with . . . me happy!!!!!

      • My nick name is Wivi, I din’t notice that you call me anything differently. Nothing to worry about. If anything takes too long to prepare I lose intrest and get a bit slobby. It was the same when I tried out new dishes for our menues. If I lost intrest there is a chance that my chefs would have done the same. Have a great sunday.

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