would you give your jacket to johannes?

Found this Norwegian video about helping those that needs help – in my dear blogging sister Dallas@Crazy Train To Tinky Town blogging world I just had to steal it and share it. I’m sure she approve.

Even if not all of you understand what they are saying …. Johannes has got his jacket stolen on a freezing winter day – all done by hidden camera, so what happens on video is for real. (You can click on Captions – to get it in English – start the video and and then the caption/text box  shows.)

There is truly some everyday heroes in Norway. Good on you, Norwegians.

“We only have what we give.”
Isabel Allende

Featured image provided by and thanks to: mattiadellera.it

22 thoughts on “would you give your jacket to johannes?

    • My pleasure, just had to share … I think it’s such a love video and we don’t have to understand what they are saying .. we understand the message.

    • It’s so wonderful to see that .. people do care for each other, but would it have been the same if it had been an adult man sitting at the bus stop. I doubt it.

    • Yes, it’s truly terrible what is going on in Syria; Sweden has the biggest quote (all countries in the world) of acceptance of refugees with UN. Last two years most refugees are coming from Syria and I’m so proud over Sweden for what they do. We have plenty space, but there is still so much we can do – like sending a kid’s jacket to Syria. After watching the video … I’m going to buy a jacket and send to SOS Barnbyar – if they have the same collection here in Sweden.

      • And I am more than ‘disgusted’ by our current Liberal [Republican] Govts attitude about the socalled ‘asylum seekers’ – you would not know about the cruelty meted out to innocent refugees already at the end of their tether!!

      • Of course there is withdraws with our agreement with UN – and not all Swedes agree with the government on their policy, but I think if we get some immigrants (new Swedes – as we call them) that maybe should been accepted … with those that really needs help. Met a young man from Syria a couple of months ago and he had only been in Sweden 3 months and we could have a conversation in Swedish – that is how serious and thankful he was over to be in Sweden. 3 months and Swedish is not an easy language to learn, but there are always some bad apples in every basket.

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