bottle fun

bottle fun 6The past weekend I spent with my good friends, Inger and Leif in Simrishamn. A weekend with extreme weather conditions – severe storms for 3 days – so not much outdoor activities, we took the car to do some grocery shopping, all that we was outdoors.

So there was no walking down mom’s path with Oscar. I played around indoors, but that will be a later post.

During my train journey to Simrishamn I played around with my bottle of mineral water. Here is the results from 1 hour of fun.

This gallery I could also use as entry for Weekly Photo Challenge this week, when the subject is; INSIDE.

”A camera is a tool for learning
how to see without a camera.”
Dorothea Lange

18 thoughts on “bottle fun

  1. ‘Bottle Fun’ ~ Well, when I saw the title, I somehow thought the subject matter would be different 😉 ! Dorothea Lange’s words are methinks absolutely correct – and Oscar has learned how to have fun with you 🙂 !

    • Eha, anything to make the time of the journey … a bit more fun and faster. Thanks a million! Yesterday I had a very exciting trip too – in the other direction. Oscar and I had a great day. Post later in the week.

    • Good Morning … early bird because of booked laundry room. *smile
      I suppose there is many ways to have fun with a bottle … maybe more unsafe than safe *smile
      Breakfast hug …

    • It’s a song by Spoon … I Turn My Camera On – but I couldn’t get the original, but I think this version is truly playful.
      Like it too.

    • Yes, sometime we don’t need much to keep us entertained – look at children .. they can play with an empty box for hours.
      Thank you so much for your visit and for taking the time to comment. *smile

    • A-C, had in overall a very good week, last night .. no good, I think the pills works, but they give side effects.
      More lymph fluid in my legs and feet, can’t get any shoes on and also my bladder problem has increased – so I don’t know what to. Thank you so much for asking .. very sweet of you.
      The doctor is going to phone me on Tuesday.
      After seen Christer’s way of playing/working … I have to play even more. He took photos of absolutely everything. So keep on being playful. It was fun – but the whole train looked at me … *laughing.

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