give you the sun and the moon

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…..  and all in between!

On Saturday, 2 weeks ago, did we have our first full day of sunshine since the beginning of December and we were desperate for it. One fantastic day;  with a friendly breeze and not chilly at all. The crocuses had turned their faces and open up against the sun and enjoyed so much as we did.

I made my mind up very early that this will be another day with Oscar, but I have done the same mistake so many time – going on at noon when the sun isn’t very user-friendly for a camera, so I didn’t get out until 3pm. Jumped on bus 5 for Borstahusen, the little fishing village inside Landskrona municipality, about 15 min bus ride.

Some of the houses out there is from 1770’s and very tiny, that cost millions today. Very quaint and incredibly popular during the summer, plus their yacht marina – there were some who walked out on the pier. All nice yachts were all safely ashore. Money is needed to live in out in Borstahusen.

golden cruising

Had a fantastic afternoon and early evening – I walked along the seafront back to town center for about 45 min, then I jumped on the bus. It would have taken me over 1,5 hours to walk home. Another day!!!!

Found out today that Landskrona is called the Town of the Swans – I understand why, because they are every where and plenty of them.

I will let the photos talk for themselves – Oscar did a fantastic job – I even manage to get the moon closer to you, but it was just right above me and it wasn’t easy to get a good photo. Had to lean the head back so much – but still you can see the surface of the moon in my shot and with intense blue is how the photo came out.

It was a very intense afternoon in overall with the ocean, sun and the moon.

“A camera is a save button,
for the mind’s eye”
Roger Kingston

moon close up

33 thoughts on “give you the sun and the moon

    • This is on my doorstep – in my book Sweden very beautiful with such a huge and diverse scenery – totally different on all sides. We don’t have a desert *smile

  1. Absolutely wonder series! And of course an excellent idea for lighting. I could comment on the creative composition of so many shots but am short on time. Just want you to know how much these are appreciated and how special they are.

  2. Thank you for that relaxed amble in the middle of my busy day . . . you and Oscar are doing just great! As a child I must have been thru’ winters like yours . . . in Australia if the sun does not shine for two days [and that is rare in my neck of the woods!] we have severe ‘withdrawal symptoms’ 🙂 ! Love the music and do not recognize . . .

    • The music is .. called – Into The Sunset by Brooklyn Brothers, that I know nothing about, but I love the piece. So beautiful.
      We had no sunshine for nearly 3 months – so depressing … but we had sunshine for a whole week this time.
      I don’t know if I could handle constant sunshine … I love the 4 seasons too much, even if the sun is absent at times.

    • Colleen, the moon picture is a great image and the music is totally new to me – found it on Soundcloud, fell in love with the piece straight away. Thank you -Thank you!

    • Yes, I do – Bebs! But all places what has water close by is scenic – your’s Chicago is very scenic too. Thank you so much for your support.

    • Sylvia, thank you so much – yes, it was so great to have the sun back and it stayed with us for a whole week – but this week back to sepia and dull. There is always ships outside Landskrona, so hard to aviod *smile

  3. Full of the joy of being alive, Vivi! I love that “Spring has sprung” feeling and you’ve captured all of it. Love especially that sunset boat and the wonky pier 🙂 And the music is just right to go with my grapefruit. Breakfast hug!

    • I like that image too … with the sunset and the ferry!!! An image full of gold.
      Yes, when the sun is out … I’m singing like a canary bird. *smile
      Had a great day yesterday too .. without sunshine, but with great company .. same thing isn’t it ????
      You have to be careful with eating grapefruit … too many grapefruits can give you breast cancer. Did I spoil you breakfast now ????

      • I found out when I had to investigate what all the different juices and fruits was good for .. the best thing we can eat and drink for our body is Cranberries.
        Especially juices … most juices has lot of cons. But reading about the grapefruit I was taken by surprised. Stay safe. *smile

      • Sound great to me … and you know that red wine, chocolate (dark) and nuts is good for you too … maybe we should start the day with a glass of red wine ????

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