douze points à la france

Twelve points to France.

My blogging sister, Mélanie@Mélanie’s Crossroads posted this video today …. and it’s a long time since I had so much fun – she truly made my evening. This time the French has got it right. To be honest I didn’t know that the French had humor, but this has proven me to be so wrong. Merci beaucoup mon ami!

So what we all learned from this little video – is that we all should talk French!  I don’t mind.

“Le plus grand faible des hommes, c’est l’amour qu’ils ont de la vie.”
(Man’s greatest weakness is his love of life.)

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48 thoughts on “douze points à la france

  1. I’d better start polishing up my French, immediately, Vivi! Or perhaps Polish would be better 🙂
    Did you have a good weekend? Hope all’s well with you. French hugs!!!

    • Dia, I wish …. I can manage to pay a bill … book a hotel room and understand a menu – but that is all.
      French is a very beautiful language – I think every language is the language of Love – if you only speak it right .. in the right moment to the right person. *smile

    • Thank you for asking … we had an okay weekend, it seems like the new pills helps – but they are giving me side effects, The lymph fluid has increased in my legs. Nothing can be perfect, can it ???? But in overall I had a couple of good days.

    • I think it’s a great and funny ad – for learning French! Just love it – but there is also some truth in it. Why don’t we see any obese people in France????

  2. Oh how can one go onto the public forum and say ‘yes, for once I think the French have it right’ ? 🙂 ! . . . . well methinks they do but just perchance they should not crow about it: we know what we know anyways!! Huge fun!

      • Yes, in Copenhagen … and France hasn’t been that lucky for many years now .. that is why I gave them 12 points for this video.

    • I think France has it right – because last time I was in Paris, I really looked out for people that was obese – not one .. and no overweight kids at all.
      The French has done many great and fun ads .. but this is top of the class – I don’t mind France, if I can avoid Paris. Love France.

      • I’m not a Paris fan .. we have never really agreed – even if our relationship has become better. But I love France – and my very special gem is Biarritz and been for 35 years.

  3. Hmmm….I live in the USA, try NOT to eat like the general population and speak basic, High School French. Is there hope??

    • I was suprised that in NYC we didn’t see more than maybe 10 obese people in total – so I’m think things has changed over there … we have got the same problem in Sweden, all the junk food has made it’s way here. Still a funny add.

      • Haha! No things have not changed…at least not in my neck of the woods. I do think in more cosmopolitan areas there is less obesity. Maybe from all the walking?? Or just more positive pressure to be healthy? I do know that bigger cities offer better choices in restaurant food and grocery stores.

      • In NYC we hardly saw any. I think we have our eating habits comes from our home. Like the French never eat green leaf salad with the food .. they eat it after the meal before the cheese, at least in their homes.
        Just to get digestion going – and they only eat green leafs .. nothing in the salad. We have to talk a bit more French maybe. *smile

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