weekly photo challenge – inside

Inside is a bit trick subject – and even if I have at least 1000 photos I can be using … I didn’t know what way I should go. After a while I have decided to go for looking into things that make me feel good INSIDE ; fresh fruit, a brunch cocktial and a creamy cake, based on the little quote I use here by William Arthur Ward.

Looking inside my bag at Granville Island, Vancouver – where I bought 1 pound fresh strawberries for my lunch, that I ate sitting on the dock in a wonderful sunshine..

Looking inside my brunch cocktail straw at PJ Clarkes in the North Cove Marina, Manhattan NYC. A very hot and sunny September Sunday … last year.

Looking inside my favorite cake; Kartoffelkage – aboard my flight to Dublin in November … bought at Copenhagen Airport. Probably the best cake in the world.

inside my bag

inside my glassinside my cake

“Happiness is an inside job.”
William Arthur Ward

Why not join the challenge yourself or at least check out all the other INSIDEs this week – Weekly Photo Challenge; Inside

Featured image provided by and thanks to; nastani.time.mk


43 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – inside

    • Syliva, thanks a million – yes … the Kartoffelkage is just filled with goodness … made out of potato flour.
      Kartoffel means potato in Danish.

  1. Nice. Looks like a yummy ‘inside’ treat. Except for one … I think I’m the only person in the world who doesn’t like strawberries, or any kind of berry for that matter.

      • Have hardly been outside for 3 days – we have full storm – and it’s not safe out there – grade 2 storm.
        But today I have to return to Landskrona today … the whole building is shaking. The whole weekend the same, so no walkabouts with Oscar, but more from Stockholm tomorrow.

      • Winter storm? Snow? Ice? Rain? Oh geez. I hope everyone is okay. Three days?????

        Please be safe. Let me know how it’s going. I bet you could get some pictures from inside, of the outside.

      • No some rain … and just strong winds – no winter yet, but Stockholm got some snow yesterday.
        It has come down – but it wasn’t a great weekend weather wise.
        There is always interesting subjects … indoors too.

      • I’m not scared by strong winds … but I don’t want to be out in them. *smile – there is a threat of danger – totally agree.

  2. Great photos! I’ve always had issues with photographing inside. The amount of natural light in our house is slim to none. I would love to have some huge windows in my kitchen so that I could have more of the light. Well done!

    • Same with my house … so I can’t take any photos of dishes I made during the dark months … soon I can start again. We are changing the clock in the end of the month so it will get even brighter.
      All photos here was take outdoors, except the cake … that was up above the clouds.
      Sunshine today .. but no camera walking – grocery shopping. *smile
      Thank you so much for the great comment.

      • Your welcome! I know I’ve been distant to commenting on blogs, but I’m finally trying to catch up. I have to set aside some time each week to read them and comment. I have just been super busy lately!

      • Jennay, we have all the same problem … to catch up with missed posts – all I can say is missed posts let them be missed, because there is plenty more posted tomorrow.
        It’s a no win situation … and there is bloggers that post up to 10 per day. I have given up and I catch up when I have time and feel for it. So don’t worry if you miss any of mine … the world will still go around. *smile

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