walking my baby back home

Last Wednesday I took Oscar with me to my Zumba class … to try out the night scene mode and test his ability, during my walk home. The shots are supposed to be stable as when using a tripod – have never used a tripod outdoor. I were all excited. I have about 10 min walk home – and I didn’t use the flash in any of the shots.

This is how Canon explains “Handheld Night Scene”: the camera takes several exposures and combines them into a single photo. The PowerShot SX50 HS, allows the flash to fire in the Handheld Night Scene mode.

My favorite shots is the roundabout shot  and the florist shop shows how great the 24-1200mm lens is, I’m standing on the other side of the street. I could have focused a bit better on the second shot.

But it take brilliant night shots on Autofocus too – sometimes even better – can’t wait to be able to bring the camera with me to Istanbul in May and down to the waterfront, to take some scenery night photos of the city. Our hotel is only 5 min walk away from the seafront.

This evening is it time for Zumba again, but Oscar isn’t coming with me.

“Walking in the dark with friend
is better than walking alone in the light.”


25 thoughts on “walking my baby back home

    • Andy, I didn’t know that you don’t have a camera – your phone does a fantastic job, truly fantastic. Smartphones takes really good photos. I don’t like smartphones, they stress me out and I done use the mobile phone that much. So I have to have a camera.

    • Thanks, Syliva – I have heard so much great things about Istanbul – so I’m so excited over the trip. I’m also meeting up with one of my blogging sisters there, Nia.
      Was checking out restaurants yesterday … my favorite hobby. *smile
      I’m sure there will be some posts to follow.

    • Jo, sunshine today too … this is now nearly a week. It’s so wonderful. Yes, the whole county has those bus stops, they are rather cute. *smile I toke the photo because of the light it created. I think maybe Oscar will be feed up with only seeing Landskrona, so this weekend will I visit friends in Simrishamn … and I will walk “mom’s path” with him.

  1. I find it incredibel youcan take such wonderful photos without any form of flash!! And thank you for showing us how pleasant your walk home is! Zumba classes – wonderful, wish my back and distances allowed!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you so much, Eha – I started with Zumba 5 months after I was done with my cancer treatments, love it. Only once per week and I don’t think it has done a lot to my figure – but it’s fun … and I hate gym. Sorry to read about that you have back problems, something I so happy over that my heavy and tough work hasn’t given me. I have been worried over it. The back is the bridge for the whole body.

  2. Så kul att den är så bra , du är ju en briljant fotograf och då är endast det bästa gott nog. Puss o kram!

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