a lot more big pluses

foggy night… than small cons with Oscar, my new Canon SX50HS – but nobody is perfect, not even a camera.

Have had my eyes on SX50 for over a year – but I didn’t want to buy a new so long my little one was working fine, but then last week I saw it to a such a good that I couldn’t resist and now it’s mine.

Spent a week with Oscar now, as I named it. And what a difference in cameras; Oscar is in a class for himself.

I love most about him is the superlens, 24-1200mm – no words to describe it.

I love that it has a nightshot mode that is stable as with a tripod.

I love that the LED screen is moveable and also give the camera a solid back and that protects the screen too. First time I worked with LED screen that I can angle, it also helps me to keep the camera steady.

I love the sport mode – that is excellent. Used it on birds that moves around.

I love the Marco – which is brilliant and for the first time have I been able to capture rain and water drops without having to go down on ants-level.

I love it because it has setting for 2 personal programs. I have only set one .. my Marco. A fantastic feature.

I love that it’s using SDHC card, hate those small micro cards … so easy to lose and misplace.

It has also a setting for getting the full view back when focusing and that is fantastic, because how often don’t we lose the object when focusing – press the button half way and the full view is back and let the button go and focus is back. Absolutely brilliant and Canon call that button; Framing Assistance Lock – and there is also a button for framing assistance seak.beauties 1

I don’t like is that the video button is so close to function setting and it’s very sensitive – so I have by mistake started take video films.

I don’t like that it’s a bit plasticy – but that is what makes the camera small and light. Something I can live with until I drop for some reason.

I don’t like that it eats battery – on Saturday I was out and about with Oscar, we took 321 shots and I wanted to take one more, but the battery was dead. It take about 45 min to charge the battery in the charger, which is okay. I will get a second battery this week.

When on Autofocus mode – the focus point moves around very quickly – and not always where I want it to be, don’t know why and it’s something I have to learn more about. But setting the camera on Program – it stays solid. I’m not much for manual setting, I don’t have the patience, and I’m not born with it even. Just found out its called “Smart Focus” – have to pratice on that one.

Oscar and I will be a great team – very quick in response – a bit too quick at times, but it’s to delete those mistakes. The camera is easy to understand, mostly because I had Canon cameras before. A bit like Nokia mobiles, if you had one … you will have the basics with every new model. I love that.

I just love my new playmate, a bit too big for evening handbag, but that is why my powerful little one will still be in the picture. So Hulda, as I named after my grandma … will still be part of my exploring team.

“When I have a camera in my hand,
I know no fear.”
Alfred Eisenstaedt


39 thoughts on “a lot more big pluses

  1. Oscar sure takes some impressive shots! the evening sky is perfect compared to a typical point and shoot that wouldn’t understand how to capture night, It’s perfect with the macro since you too also like raindrops, which I love in your photos because you took it without reflection, giving it that natural look 🙂

  2. You will love learning how to use your new camera! And we will enjoy seeing all of the photographs you take with it. It sounds like a fantastic model. My camera has a button on the back, when I press it and look through the viewfinder I see a bunch of red squares. Then a push a toggle around and that is where I set my point of focus. Maybe you have something like this? xx

    • There is so many focus point with this camera .. if there a group of people I will take a photo of – it has a focus point on every face in the shot. This with smart focus .. I have to learn more about – because I have the camera focus on one point, at least I think so .. but auto focus is somewhere else in screen. Have to practice on that one.

  3. Viveka I can see the difference in the cameras! Your ‘little’ camera took some fantastic shots. OScar appears to be letting you take even more. This will be fun seeing what Oscar sees.

    • Yes, its a big difference, but the little one is still brilliant and so easy to use, can take photo with one hand only use that.
      With Oscar both are needed and of course that means a bit more complicated and that video button drives me mad. I press it all the time by mistake. Have hands.

  4. Well it certainly takes beautiful photos… I want to buy the new Fujifilm HS 50 which is the newer model to my HS 10, but it will have to wait for me to find it a little cheaper than what it is now or when it goes on special which they always do at some time or other… But I do love what I read about this camera here on your post… have fun with it…

    • It’s very likeness my camera – only slightly shorter lens – but it cost nearly the double to mine. Looking good, had to look it up. I have waited for nearly 1,5 years … to get a good price and there it was – strange that I got a feeling that I should have a look. *smile Normally it’s in the same price range as yours. I want to stay with the same brand too – because then at least I have the basics. It’s a killer of camera – only is that it’s so easy to start the video – 10 times per day I do it, but maybe it all depends on how I hold the camera. Very pleased with my buy.

    • Go and get one … you will love it too. *smile It’s truly a PowerShot, but so was my little one – brilliant buy too, got a refurbished from Canon – for less than ½ and it has now taken nearly 16.000 shots in 6 years.

  5. Welcome Oscar! An extra battery helps and when travelling I get an extra memory card too. But the new memory cards can handle so many photos that you probably won’t need it. Glad you found a new partner in crime.

    • Like all Canon they eat battery – so I have ordered a spare battery, they are expensive. I always has loads of SD cards – because I only delete what I don’t want .. and I hardly reuse them. They are so cheap the cards. Yes, we are going to do some killing together. Bring on Chicago . Bring on Las Vegas.

  6. You must have been up early to post! 🙂 Your neighbours are so not safe any more with Oscar on the job. Spying through their windows- they won’t dare make a wrong move 🙂 Keeps them on their toes.
    The sports feature sounds handy. I have to glue birds to the branch before I can get a shot in. Is your leg working again now? 🙂

    • No I schedule most of my post for midnight glad the neighbors wasn’t up to something naughty on the kitchen table *smile
      I have very seldom manage to get bird shots, too slow .. but hopefully Oscar will fix that. *smile

    • Thanks … I like that photo too … I could see inside my neighbors kitchen with my new camera. Glad they wasn’t up to some naughty *laughter

  7. You and Oscar are a formidable photographic team, Viveka. 🙂 Lovely shots indeed. Your enthusiasm for your new camera has seeped through my computer screen, and I’m almost as excited as you are. 😀

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