one trip every month challenge – febuary; stockholm highlights

“Stockholm In My Heart
Let me berhyme you now,
Aged In youthful verdure,
City of islands, it’s you!
Of the cities I know in the world
Are you the city with everything
By Mälaren’s love of the sea
A mixture of fresh and salt”city hall in the dusk

Returning to Stockholm is always a pleasure for me – doesn’t matter what time of the year it’s. Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, laying on its 14 island – founded 1252 – surrounded with endless number of bridges and water, also given the name …. Venice of the North.

48 hours I spent in the center of Stockholm on my own, when my friend Anna-Lisa left for a skiing week with her granddaughters – I checked in at a hotel in the middle of the city center.

An unmanned hotel – a Finish hotel chain – Omena Hotel. It worked excellent – because I hardly use hotel services anyhow. Cheap, comfortable and very clean with a great breakfast buffet served at the restaurant in the building. Fantastic!! I will stay there again, only 12 min walk to the Central station and the airport trains and buses, on Torsgatan. Got door code and room allocation by text in the morning of arrival. Loved it.

We had 36 hours of soft beautiful winter while I stayed with Anna-Liisa, but it rained away in less than 8 hours. That was it. Wasn’t luck with the sun up there niehter – thick overcast every day.

I flew up from Copenhagen and I took the “high speed” train back home so far as Lund and then the local train to Landskrona. Excellent service, but I wouldn’t call it high speed .. because we were 1 hour late to Lund.


Highlights of my 48 hours in Stockholm this time???? Beacause Stockholm’s gives new highlights everything I visit.

• Michael Bublé alive at the fantastic Ericsson Globe Arena – the reason I stayed behind in Stockholm after Anna-Liisa had left.
• Meeting up with my old friend Bodil, that I haven’t seen for 7 years nearly – a long lunch with loads of talking, laughing and catching up.
• The walkabout in the Old Town – Gamla Stan – the city between the bridges. Taking a closer look at the Royal castle.
• My hours at the open market at Hötorget and the Market Hall.
• Stockholm Central Station – a magnificent old building – a town in itself with all the old features and all the modern service, massive station and very well organized.
• And my fantastic Sunday lunch at the cozy restaurant “Agaton” in Gamla stan.

This time I decied to make a post of one or two highlight it’s own – because I can’t concentrate long enough for a giving everything away at once, have been trying time after time – and it doesn’t add up for me. 

“The camera makes everyone a tourist in other people’s reality,
and eventually in one’s own.”
Susan Sontag

one trip - every monthWhy not join the challenge  – for all details click on this link; One Trip Every Month Challenge.

market flowers

As cloud for this post I have chocen a Swedish song about Stockholm, called “Stockholm I Mitt Hjärta” – Stockholm In My Heart. Can’t be more suitable, because I carry Stockholm in my heart. See you soon with more words and photos.

48 thoughts on “one trip every month challenge – febuary; stockholm highlights

  1. Just from looking at all the photos and the art surrounding, I am already in love with the place! there’s something about culture you just can’t replace and bikes instead of a place filled with cars is always a welcome sight 🙂

    • Sweden is a big bike country, but not so crazy as the Dutch and the Danes, but not far off. Still loads of traffic in Stockholm, but not so it bother you. We are very good commuters, we Swedes.
      We are only 9,5 million in total in Sweden and 1,2 lives in Stockholm – before I moved to UK I found Stocholm very stressful, but being used to London – Stockholm is a nice and relaxed city.

      • That sounds like a perfect place to find peace, though Vancouver is absolutely beautiful, I could use a break from all the hustle and bustle 🙂

  2. Kudos to you and Oscar for wonderful pix! I hope some day to visit there myself. Scandinavia is a part of the world I have not explored. Thanks for a lovely trip by proxy. Mary

    • Mary, this is not a job by Oscar – he wasn’t in the picture until I arrived back home. Hulda my little pocket-friendly PowerShot SX100 did this. Scandinavia is so beautiful and all countries so different. Welcome to visit, Mary!

    • I think I have about 500 photos to share … not everyone is perfect. *smile
      So there will be more Stockholm coming up – especially about Gamla Stan. Thanks for coming along and I hope to see you again in Stockholm. *smile

    • Tobyo, in my next post about the old part of the Stockholm, there will be some more information about Stockholm. I hope you will join me again then. *smile Thank you so much for your support.

  3. Oh Vivi, have not been for decades!!!! Used to stay at the old ‘Grand’ on the waterfront and sit up half the night just watching the world go by from the window!!!! Never ever had luck with weather: used to go [on purpose] June-July – well, after Down Under, 6-8 C in the middle of summer did not thrill!! But LOVE the tulips and the song . . . you sure can pick those!!

    • The Grand Hotel, is still there and fabulous and expensive. Where all the Nobel winners stays and get spoiled. I have never been inside .. but I would love to visit – only for afternoon tea or something. Next time. There will more about my visit.- Thank you so much for your faithful support.

      • Yes, well, have been married twice: during the first 21 years there was the money!!!! Then came the ‘other half’ 😉 ! The rooms actually were not all that ‘grand’ but I loved the front Verandah restaurant . . . lovely food too!!!!

      • Have been on my way so many times to have lunch at ” Verandan” – heard only good things about it. Next time it will happen.
        I think today all rooms have to be up to it – for the money they charge … they have refurbished the whole hotel some years ago.
        On the other hand I don’t think Grand Hotel has ever been on the cheap side. *smile

    • *smile I don’t know if I fancy wings, sounds very tiring fly so long far .. but it had been a lot cheaper to fly by own wings. *smile
      There will be at least two more post about my visit. So welcome back to Stockholm.

  4. long story, short, babe: I love your country and your capital! your royal family has French roots, you love Pays basque, so vive la Suède et la France! 🙂 xoxoxo

    • I know … we run out of kings … and got a Jean Bernadotte from Pau with help of Napoleon, think it was his best friend.
      I like our Royal Family too … not that expensive to run. Don’t make any noises neither. *smile
      Hurra för Frankrike och Sverige.!!!

  5. Lucky you to see the Bublé in concert. 🙂 I love his voice. Stockholm looks like a wonderful city, and your hotel, so convenient for visiting all the sights. You really had some great highlights. Love the majestic lion and the gorgeous tulips. xx

    • Have done a post about my evening with him – one of the best artists I ever seen .. only Michael Jackson is better. A fantastic full package artist … and he had so much fun himself too.
      Stockholm is a stunning … have made a post about the Old Town – will be posted in a couple of days.

  6. I like little snippets more than long posts. It means there’s something nice to look forward to. Stockholm is a city I must see some day, Vivi 🙂 Love seeing it through your eyes.
    A hug for your handyman too, but only if he does a good job on your leg (smile!) 🙂

    • Good Morning, Jo … sorry, I have missed this comment of your. It’s easy to make posts about something that is beautiful, same with taking posts.
      Stockholm is maybe not the fun captial in Europe, but it’s the most beautiful. I would say Copenhagen is the most fun one, but Denmark is the happiest country in the world.*smile
      The handman fixed the bed … but he has two more projects for do for me, no rush but I hope he are on them *smile

      • Morning, sweetheart 🙂 No worries! You can’t be everywhere, Vivi, and I often miss replies too. Glad you have 4 working legs again 🙂 No more wobbly hugs. Have a happy weekend!

      • Jo, had a couple of sore days … and I had forgotten that I had scheduled a post for yesterday, wasn’t able to sit down at all … today I will be in transit and over the weekend no blogging. I’m so sick and tiered over my butt problem.
        My bed is very steady legs again. … <<<transit hug.

    • Yes, Bodil is not that common name in Sweden – it was more popular when I was little. 8000 in total with that name in Sweden .. and about 55% has it as first name – we are 9.8 million in total. I wouldn’t mind spend 6 months in Hawaii .. per year. *smile

    • Barbara, yes … Sweden is beautiful .. but so is Canada.
      Stockholm is so much more water than Gothenburg – I lived in Gothenburg nearly all my adult life until I move abroad. Stockholm is beautiful … Gothenburg is fun.

    • Yes, I did …. he is one of the best superstars I have seen alive, and I have seen quite a few … only Michael Jackson beat him. *smile
      Stockholm is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the world, maybe not the best .. I would like to live there … but I love to visit so often as possible. Thanks for visiting.

  7. Just beautiful. I love how you capture little details that make the place even more appealing Viveka. I have no doubt I will be humming ‘Stockholm in my heart’ after a visit here 🙂

    • Madhu, thanks for your fantastic support – its comments like this that makes me keep on blogging about my country. Have problems to sit for a longer while and I feel like I let everybody down when I don’t visit their worlds so often as I would like too – but I don’t know how to get around my problem even if it has eased. Thank you so much for your support.

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