a bit closer to the moon

I promised some posts ago that Oscar and I will bring the moon a bit closer to us – and on passed Saturday I had the chance, in the late afternoon. Not easy to trying capture the moon, when it’s just above you.  It put some strain to the neck and the hands needs to be steady too. So here is our first attempt. There was at least 10 not so successful photos and I didn’t use the zoom to the full, only to 600mm.

For you that don’t know, Oscar is my new camera, Canon SX50HS – a compact camera with a 24-1200mm superlens. A serious camera and its wieght just a little over the pound, 595 gr.

moon 1moon

“If you strive for the moon,
maybe you’ll get over the fence.”
James Wood

74 thoughts on “a bit closer to the moon

    • Yes, the lens is a killer lens …. hopefully I will be able to come a bit closer when it’s full moon. *smile
      Have to be steady on the hand .. not easy. Don’t want a tripod.

      • I wouldn’t say that … there was at least 10 photos not so steady … but the lens has stabilizer – still but it was hard to stand with the head so far back… and that could be one of the reasons why my hands wasn’t steady, still I think I need a tripod to be able to use the lens to it’s full capacity. I have only half way on 600mm on those shots, at least when taken photos of the moon.

    • Thanks a million, I truly hope so .. had a lot of fund with my smaller powershot and that is still in the picture, when the handbag is too small.

    • Yes, he is a great playmate – but here I nearly broke my neck and my hands were seriously shaking as hold that lens to get a steady photo. Maybe I will use the video next time instead …

    • Yes, we have a lot of fun so fare …. others walk their dogs – I walk my camera. Good .. get loads of sea air. Thank you so much, Suzanne.

    • On the moon … yes, I love the moon. I want us to leave the moon alone – spend our money on earth instead first of all .. I would like to touch the moon rocks too.

    • Yes, he is a gem … only thing is the the video button is to close to the menu button … so I start videos all the time. But I will do a review post about him. Fantastic camera with the killer lens .. and it’s compact. Nothing carrying a full bag of lenses anymore. And light.

    • Yes, you should … so handy, but too big for a small handbag. Free from carry around all those different lenses. Not perfect, but nearly. *smile

    • We are getting there, have so much photo … to work with – so he gets a break.
      Thanks for your faithful support. Are thing okay in your end ??? Has the spring arrived yet ??

    • You should be able to get great shots with that …. you need a steady hand … or tripod with a lens at that size.
      Good luck with it.
      I had a SLR camera, but I don’t want to go back to have to change lens all the time depending on what I want to shot. It’s like going on a safari every time.
      24-1200mm in a compact camera perfect.

      • I’ll be using a monopod quite a lot for nature/wildlife work. I always use a tripod for my own moon photos and timer/remote trigger to cut down any camera movement. Oscar has some pretty good specs for a bridge camera! I generally take a small selection of lenses specific to what I’m planning to photograph out with me. I like to have complete manual control over my photography and some of my lenses are great for a shallow depth of field which isn’t always available on a bridge camera. They’re great for when you can’t take lots of gear out with you though 🙂

      • No my life is built for comfort those days … not more extra lenses – just me and the camera. Still my little one is still in the picture, because this camera is too big for an evening handbag.
        I want my camera with me all the time – when I visit the hospital .. going shopping … in my everyday life and my little camera was perfect for that – only have to get use to that Oscar is a little bit bigger and need a bigger handbag. *smile

      • I pretty much always have my camera with me too although there are some hospital trips that it doesn’t join me on! When I had a big operation 3yrs ago I really wanted to keep the camera with me to document my recovery but the hospital wouldn’t let me 😦 Which reminds me, thinking of your own problems, have you ever heard of St Marks Hospital Foundation in London? It’s a specialist bowel hospital that I go to for my Crohn’s. It might be an idea for your doctors to contact them to see if they can offer help or advice on your treatment.

      • I will ask the doctor when she phones me on 25th – regarding if the new pills is doing any good. The doctor is a bowel specialist and one of the best. But I will ask her about Crohn’s medicine it that can help me???
        You’re a tough cookie .. I wouldn’t like to take photos of myself recovering … we are not allowed to take photos anywhere inside the hospital buildings and I think that is just right. But I love to take photos on the surroundings … loads of interesting objects. Have a nice weekend now.

      • I hope the Lyrica (pregabalin) is helping a bit! I take it for my Fibromyalgia to help with the neuropathic pain. I can be hard to find the right dose that helps reducing the pain without you being too tired to do anything. At the moment I take 75mg twice a day but I know that some people take even higher dosages. St Mark’s is an international referral centre and they treat all conditions of the intestine. I think they sometimes use techniques like Bio-feedback to help with pain. I don’t think the medicine for Crohn’s itself would be right for you but the doctors and researchers there are amazing with how they can help with rare and unusual conditions http://www.stmarkshospital.org.uk/

        We’re having some lovely spring weather here at the moment so I will definitely be having a lovely weekend! You take care and have a great weekend too 🙂

      • Sorry to read that you have to take the medicine for your pain too. I had to look up Fibromyalgi – never heard about it before, but my friends I’m now visiting, both of them has it. It seems to be a lot of people that suffers from it. As I said I have never heard about it.
        I have heard about St. Mary’s hospital … lived in UK for 20 years – thank you so much for the link. I will ask me doctors some questions, when she phones me. I think Lyrica, helps to some degree … because I have more better days now than a month ago, but when they are bed, they are really bad. I’m on very low dose 2 x 25g per day.
        Lund’s University Hospital is very advanced on gastroenterology – so lucky that it’s my hospital. The thing is that my problems are “burn” damage in the lower part of my colon. And I come to the point that I accept any kind of medicine to free me from discomfort and pain. Thank you so much for your fantastic support and try to help.

        We have been hit with a new storm … strength 2 .. couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours last night, because of all the notice the storm created. Terrible. Not sunshine in sight tomorrow neither, but Monday.
        Once again – thank you so much for your support. Have a pleasant Sunday.

      • I really wish you all the best with your treatment and I’m glad to hear that you feel the Lyrica is already making a difference. I’ve met others with bowel or bladder issues after radiotherapy and I do feel for you! So unfair to have this happen after you’ve already fought so hard and overcome previous illness.

        I’m sure come April we’ll end up with plenty of rain again! Hope that storm hasn’t caused too much damage. Enjoy the sun when it comes back again!

    • Yes, he deliveries … but tricky to keep the camera steady.
      Very pleased with the shots .. have to practice on a full moon – there was small clouds in-front of the moon, but it seems like the lens went through them .. they don’t show.

    • Barbara, no tripod … but it was difficult and I wasn’t able to use the lens to it’s full zoom, because the moon was just above me and I have lean my head so far backwards .. and my hands was shaking big time.
      The lens is a killer, 24mm-1200mm. It’s like having a lens as the sport photographers has and even longer. It was very early in the evening and the sun was still up.

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