weekly photo challenge – perspective (2)


It wasn’t meant to be two entries for this week challenge – but this morning when having breakfast I saw something that I think is perfect for the challenge.

I saw how my tablemate was reflexed in my camera’s viewfinder – so I got my smaller camera out – and started to playing  around.


“The best camera is the one you have with you”

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16 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – perspective (2)

  1. Love the photos! Totally inspiring to look at the world around me in a different way, to simply just photograph things around my house, thank you! My photography needed that.

    • Pink, thank you so much for you lovely comment – yes, there is loads of interesting things inside our homes to use as subject, I’m not very good at it. This just came to me – because it was lying in front of me when I had my breakfast. Have a blogging sister name Nia – and she takes photos all the time of details in her home, great shot – maybe I should start doing the same.

      • Absolutely! An inside look into your fascinating world! The things we take for granted everyday. Besides, many photographers are encouraged to ‘play’, just find random things and start learning more about your camera by shooting them, as told to me by pro photographer, Kristian Bogner 😀

      • So true … but I wouldn’t call myself a photographer. *laughing
        I think the camera is a playmate for most of us .. and it makes us playful or most of us anyhow. One thing is for sure that is that we see the world in a different way with a camera in our hand. Thanks for you lovely comment.

  2. Very cool idea, Viveka! I love how the ordinary table mat looks like something totally different in the viewfinder. I thought it was a cufflink or a wristwatch band.

    • Wow, I have missed your comment – so sorry … yes, I when I saw it I gave my little camera a bit of work and it worked out find, Lot of fun. Thanks, Patricia!

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