weekly photo challenge – perspective

Perspective 3 Perspective 2 Catch of the day – was struggling this week, and if I hadn’t taken my new playmate – Powerhost Sx50HS – for a walk today I wouldn’t have anything suitable, at least not what I can recall.

I would say I’m about 2,5 miles away from the wind farm, 1,5 hours walk – and this all down to my camera’s super lens 24-1200mm. So my camera gives me loads of perspective.

Why not join challenge or at least take a look at other’s view on the subject; Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact.
Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
Marcus Aurelius.

31 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – perspective

    • Over here … we have them on land and in the ocean – I think they are so beautiful .. there is a large wind farm just beside the bridge between Copehagen and Malmoe – in middle of the sea.
      The song is from one of my favorite movies – Thomas Crown (1968) with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway:

      • I always like your songs V.

        Many people call the windmills a blight but I do like them. They were the first things I saw as I got near the coast of the Nederlands !

      • I think they are awesome .. but I have never been close to one – but what I understand they are very noisy.
        We call them wind farms – which I think is a great name.

      • Yes I’ve heard that and I would love to be close enough to hear them just once!

    • Dia, thank you so much!!! We had a full day of sunshine today, first day for nearly 3 months – went down the seafront to a little fishing village. I feel a bit highflying and I’m so restless, but today my “sorry ass” is present. Our county is full of those wind farms, I love them ..
      Thanks for caring … have a pleasant night and great Sunday.

  1. Wow your camera got that good of a shot from that far away…wow. First time I saw a wind farm was out in CA when we were on vacation. I thought it was very cool.

  2. Oh Vivi ~ being of ‘simple’ N European heritage and a greenie to boot – I also love wind farms – both their simple uncluttered look and their use in generating clean energy. Unfortunately most of Australia does not agree – we are ‘gettting there’ but ever so slowly!! Many think them ugly, others state everything from cows not giving milk and other animals being frightened [all of our current ones are on land!]. NOW, as you are close and have a ‘like’ f regarding them – are they really so noisy!! That seems to be one of the regular complaints here!!!! Oh, absolutely love ‘Windmills of the MInd’ – do remember the ‘Thomas Crown Affair’ . . . just did not remember the song came from there!! Hoping you are bearing up . . .

    • We relay a lot on the wind farms, some farmers have their own, a brilliant alternative. Never been close to one, but I have been told that they are very, very noisy. It’s like everything else the animals get use the noise – here the cows just walk around them .. and I’m sure the wild animals don’t pay attention to them neither. I often listen to soundtracks, some great music – even in films that I don’t like. Great music – and it was the theme title song for Thomas Crown and got a Oscar. Lovely song. Glad you like it. Have a pleasant Sunday, I have a good day today – so I will do some homework, so needed.

  3. We have them in the countryside of Illinois but they are so far away from the highway to get a good photo of them. Someday. That’s a good close up you got.

      • Tusen tack …. hoppas verkligen så, men det har börjat bra. Träffade H & P på bussen igår när jag skulle ut och plåta i Borstahusen. Ha en härlig söndag.

    • I love them … they are so impressive! Our county has so many. Yes, the superlens works really good. Took some photos of the money yesterday too – came so close.
      Later post.

  4. I’m not so sure about the noise. I think it must vary? We have a couple of large ones near us and I have walked beneath without a disturbing level of noise. Of course, if there were a lot of them… Ours are out at sea, too. Amazed by the camera also.
    Windy hugs!

    • I have never been close to them, but I have heard that they are very noisy – we have a couple of farmers that have their own … close to the farm, but sponsored by an energy company …. wonder how they can live with the noise, still I think they awesome … first time I saw them was on our way to Devon & Cornwall. In bed hug >>>>>>

    • Yes, I think it’s a fantastic alternative … and I think they are beautiful too. We have a big farm out in the sea between Sweden and Denmark .. about 100 of them in one spot – so impressive. Thank you so much for your support, Barbara

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