top of the world …

I love mice and I love cheese – so I can’t resist to share this.

“If you build a better mousetrap,
you will catch better mice.”
George Gobel

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41 thoughts on “top of the world …

  1. Began laughing five seconds into this, then had my ‘serious moment’ to finish on a very high note indeed!! Well, if you lived rurally, Vivi, and there were regular field mice plagues, methinks perhaps you would not be so enamoured? A couple of dozen scuttering around one’s cottage any given night is not my idea of fun tho’ I have said ‘excuse me’ when I have almost stepped on one again!!! I have to admit being on ‘their side’ somewhat and I always hope my ‘soft’ traps haven’t killed and I can just empty those in the garden, but I DO go thru’ large jars of peanut butter every year for their life/death lottery!!!!

    • I can understand that mice can be a massive problem … and I remember when I lived with my grandparents – they had mice inside the house in the winter, on the loft … what a hunt it was, but most of the time grandma got them.
      Still I think they are so cute .. especially the field mice. Maybe you should give them a stronger cheese so they can be like this mousse.
      I would feel so guilty too if I had to kill a little mousse

      • Oh no, no, no ~ their very favourite dishes are peanut butter and bits of leftover T-bone steak 🙂 ! Honestly!! The Aussie field mice will back off cheese – I have tried!!

      • Eha, i would say that your Aussi mice are spoiled – and with good taste. *smile
        I’m not a beef lover, but a good T-bone I would go for. Have a pleasant weekend now.

    • Yes, it’s really funny … and so we should keep on eating strong cheese, because we never know when we will get trapped. The same company has made funny one about their nuts. Will post that too one day.

    • I just love mice too … but they can really do damage … it’s better to catch them alive, my grandpa was great for that .. and let back out in the nature.
      Grandma was mad at him, because she knew they would back in the first chance they got.

  2. Every time I hear this music I’m going to think of this commercial from now on, Vivi.
    I eat way too much cheese so shouldn’t have any problem getting out of traps 🙂 (getting through doors, one day, maybe!!!)

    • I’m the same … eat far too much cheese … during my chemo treatment I couldn’t eat cheese – it was so salty, it nearly turned me off on cheese, but I’m back for more – just like the little mince. It’s a brilliant little ad .. and mousse is so cute, even if he has muscles.

  3. I prefer mice in cartoons, but I loved your video Viveka!
    ‘Top of the world’ used to be my favourite song once upon a time…..brought back memories from way back when!! 🙂

    • This little mousse is so cute … and I really mice, but not inside my home, because I don’t want to harm them.
      “Top of the world” was one of my mom’s favorite too.

    • Jo, yes … I was really rough yesterday … even if the doctor is fantastic. Got a new medicine that really thrown me under the duvet. A medicine for epilepsy and shingles had a massive reaction on it. Thank you so much for being you and for caring.

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