don’t i excite anymore ????

Something has happen with my worldpress world over the weekend, when I open my mailbox today – not one notification.
Only two email about new posts????!!!!! Normally I get about 200 per day. So there should be about 400 at least.

Only one of you has manage to get through to me … and all other email works, so wired … very wired.!!!

Talk about feeling abandoned. *smile Terrible feeling!!!!!

Hi, friends …. I’m still here!!!!!! 

“It’s not over if you’re still here,”
Patrick Rothfuss still-here- macjams com

Images provided by and thanks to; & macjams,com


75 thoughts on “don’t i excite anymore ????

  1. I have had similar problems but never fear, gorgeous – I don’t always keep up with your posts but I will NEVER abandon you – naughty WordPress!!!

  2. Hey Baby! I know you are there! I was in the Nederlands for 10 days , back on Friday and only beginning to catch up! Once I accidentally spammed a notification and it my computer sent ALL of my new mail to spam? I didn’t see anything from you in my feed either and I looked Did you check spam?

    • I don’t have any spam setting on my email (I think) …. but everything regarding my blog comes through without any problems.
      Comments, likes and replays – but yours new posts – nothing. Have written to WP. All my following settings are up to date.

      • Well…I have not written any new posts since I got back. On my “to do” list but that requires a real time investment ..maybe tonight? I hope you get it, let me know? . I LOVED Horst and Leiden and Valkenburg and Zandvoort and the weather was perfect!!!

      • Can’t wait for to read your travelling reports ….. glad you had great weather, we are still in the sepia existence.
        I have to use Readers, but it’s so hard to get to older posts.

      • I decided to find the ones that really matter to me and just backtrack their history in one fell swoop ! It’s a good feeling! I get about 325 per day so keeping up is not an option!

  3. Your usual amount is staggering! Funny about the slump – was everyone absorbed in the Academy Awards? (Doubtful) Maybe it was those sunspots. They interefered a bit with the Metropolitan HDTV transmission Saturday. As for me, my day is not complete without you, dear Vivi! Give my regards to Oscar.

    • I watched the awards, but I doubt that all the bloggers that I follow did it. Have asked WP for help now, because all my following settings are spot on.
      I get all emails that has something to do with my blog. Very strange.

  4. Never fear Viveka… this seems to happen to us all at some stage or other… it has happened to me twice, I thought you had all abandoned me, felt like a sinking ship”’

    • Rob, I don’t think any of your blogging friends will leave you as a sinking ship and not me neither, but it’s a strange feeling – but so long that this as everything to my blog works, I’m a happy puppy … and that bit works excellent.
      To use Readers to get to the posts .. is okay for the latest posted, but not for those that happen two days ago or yesterday.

      • So true, I’ve had to go via the reader and using the edit button, switch on the email notifications again… don’t understand how they switch off…

      • Mine are not switch off … that is what I don’t understand. I have to maybe switch them all off and on again. And two bloggers works, but they are not on WP.
        Have to see what that Happy Engineer is going to say and do..

      • Mine are not switch off … that is what I don’t understand. I have to maybe switch them all off and on again. And two bloggers works, but they are not on WP.
        Have to see what that Happy Engieer is going to say and do.

  5. Still here!!! This happened to me also about a month ago. It may have to do with an overload of your mailbox. I had to go into my server’s mailbox and empty it. After doing that, I started getting everyone’s notifications as normal.

    • Hi there, my mailbox is empty … I get all emails that is connected to my blog. Because I’m on my netbook now and using my providers webmail … so there is no old mail in my inbox. Because I haven’t open my email program as such. Have to wait and see what they say, Have only 3 mail in my inbox just now.

    • I hope so … but it was quite nice to don’t have all those emails waiting for me for breakfast, 3 days of posts.
      Have to wait and see what they comes up with.

      The same to you .. we had another sepia day .. where is the sun????

    • I don’t if I have done something by mistakes, but no response so fare from them. Have to use Reader – and it’s hard work while working down the posts …

      Thanks for being here for me … Uru!

  6. We’re not abandoning you. It sounds like a WordPress error to me. How is it now? Everything back to normal?

    • No, nothing happens in my email … have used Readers today .. but it a work up! Haven’t heard anything from WP yet, but it’s great to not have an overfilled inbox. *smile

      • I can understand that. I rarely follow someone and request emails. That way, when I follow someone, their posts just show up in my WP reader. It makes my life easier. I get enough emails as it is.

  7. Huh 🙂 ! I for one was at the Oscars in the middle of the Australian day for almost four hours . . . and since my mailcall also is twixt 350 – 450 per diem I am still catching up!!!!! Anyways, another ‘one’ accounted for her 😀 !!! There are those days and weeks methinks, ’cause quite a few of my favourite blogs today had only one reader commenting before me!!!!!

    • I love the Oscars … it was so great this year. Nothing has changed for me in my inbox yet – don’t have clue what has happen and WP hasn’t come back to me – but it’s quite nice to have an nearly empty inbox. Have to start liking Reader more. *smile

    • A-C, I using my providers (bredband2) webmail as it’s now and that is nothing there – all mail end up there first of all until I turn on my PC – and everything that is connected to my blog comes throught without problems, I have to use Reader and it’s quite nice with not having 280 emails in the inbox. *smile

    • Got a couple of emails from them, but it doesn’t work yet. They wanted the names of the followers I don’t receive mails from -all 200???
      I will start using the Reader tomorrow if I have a good day.

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