not in london, but foggy

fog rolling in Playtime with Oscar, my new camera, straight after breakfast – we had a bit of sunshine to start with. Had big problems getting  my all-weather boots on, was struggling – for some reason my feet was so swollen …. took me about 20 min.

Had them for years and never had problems. With boots on feet and camera in hand …. It was very bitter and really an unpleasant day, but I just had to get out there and see what Oscar could do for me.

No doubt about it; Spring has arrived already … the park was full with snowdrops, crocus and winter aconite. Also the forsythia was nearly blooming … and some cheery trees (I think) had some blooms. Far too early, last year we waited until May nearly.

The birds was singing so I nearly got headache – all on the same time. I just manage to get to the Art Hall when the fog started to roll in – and all the birds went very quiet and it became freezing cold. Not easy to take photo with glows on, also when I took on my gloves I notice I got one glove of two different pair – was lucky I had got one of each. Life isn’t suppose be easy and they where black both.

Walked around in new harbor area, with terrible exclusive apartments … but no trees or plants, just down by the seafront, Nyhamn it’s named. I wouldn’t live there if they gave me one of the apartments.

No atmosphere at all, but fantastic views on a clear day – over Öresund (the water between Denmark and Sweden) and all the way to Denmark. As I was walking along the quayside the fishing tour boat came filled with happy amateur fishermen. They must have left home about 5am.

Walked my way back to the town center – there was some kind of “after ski” parties on all the pubs organized by Jägermeister, one pub had even got some snow into the main street.

People were having a good time and great dancing music was blasted out – they had then gone on since I passed the town center 3.5 hours earlier, still going strong. All dressed up in skiing outfits.

I had a nice large cappuccino in mind since hours back … and a grilled sourdough sandwich at the Espresso House, a true treat. Sat there for an hour to get the heat back into the old body. It was extremely busy … people in all ages treated themselves, Saturday treat maybe – I was lucky to get a seat.

Then straight home through the fog that was thick as milk. It was so nice to come into my warm and cozy apartment and … my first walkabout with Oscar was over. I enjoyed taking photos in the fog … beautiful results! First time ever I done it.

A little story about fog … from my years in UK, they have plenty of it. Was living in Dover at the time and there the fog just came from nowhere in minutes. One morning they said on the news that the fog was so severe that Europe was cut off from UK!!!

That is the way an empire thinks. It wasn’t the other way around – that maybe it was UK that was cut off from Europe.

P.S. I think Oscar did a great job with my Saturday – he are so easy to handle, a bit too easy at times, but we are getting there.

“In nature, everything has a job.
The job of the fog is to beautify
further the existing beauties!”
Mehmet Murat ildanrain poodle reflections

61 thoughts on “not in london, but foggy

  1. Looks like you are very used to oscar! 😀 Great shots Viveka, Especially of course your water drops 😉 I may even start looking into getting my own sometime 😀

    • Andy, for sure there is a big difference in cameras. Oscar is very lighthearted and reacts very quickly and .. also the button for video is close to the set button, so I started the video a couple of times.
      Also I’m not use to the LED screen … it’s great because it helps me to keep the camera steady, because I notice that I shake on the hand a lot, never happen with my little one. And when on Autofucus the focus point moves around all the time, so I have to have it on Program. The Superlens is just out of the world.

      I watched a video on YouTube about how to use the Macro and there they said that we do wrong when using macro, we go too close to the object. Also the camera has to settings for 2 personal programs. One I will set for Macro. I have never been able to take water drops that easy before.
      Very pleased with my buy!!!! A bit plasticky, very that is why it’s so light and not big. I can live with that, so long as I don’t drop it.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, we all love the spring flowers – but I think the shots of fog became beautiful.
      Was out 5 hours today with .. Oscar, tomorrow I will do some ironing or maybe not. *smile Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Love your foggy shots, Vivi 🙂 We sometimes have summer fog on our beaches and it makes very atmospheric photos. Not so cold on the fingers either!
    Like the knot too, and raspberry and white choc muffin will do me nicely. We’ve earned a rest! I walked miles today too but haven’t downloaded the shots yet. Cosy hug!

    • I didn’t have a muffin, I regret that now. Time for bed – tomorrow homework like ironing ….
      It was bitterly cold today – not nice, but I jusst need to take Oscar for a walk. He ates battery, so I have to buy a spare.
      I can’t wait to see what you will put in your gallery. To edit and download the images is the boring bit.
      Over midnight hug … see you in the sunset, NOT!!! *smile

    • Colleen, it’s always great and fun to have you walking along with me. I like the top one too – that’s why it got to be the head photo for this post and I love the last with the rain poodle reflections. The swan is beautiful and he was truly showing off for me. Quite of them in the inner harbor, not my pair. Thanks a million for your fanastic support and friendship. No walk about today. Raining.

  3. Well it surely did not take long for Oscar and you to become firm friends 🙂 ! What a wonderful array of photos . . love the early spring flowers we lack Down Under. But more than that enjoyed the foggy takes as I have always been very comfortable when it envelops me . . . we get them here in the Highlands in late autumn: about May-June . . . and ‘thank you’ for the music ~ not that London fogs are necessarily as clean and beautiful as yours but I do like the song and especially your version!

    • I love this version of “Foggy Days” – it’s David Bowie that sings … so glad that I was able to use it.
      We don’t have fog like this very often, first time I can recall since I moved here, 5 years ago. So glad you liked my post and the photos. Yes, we clicked and bonded yesterday, there is so much more to learn about Oscar and there is things I will never use (I think), like the video apart.I will make a post about what I love about “him” and what I like less, because there is some bits. Nobody is perfect, not even a camera. *smile
      Thanks for the support.

      • Viveka dearheart – days late this has just gone out to lists of friends – just could not resist the Landskrona fog, the marvellous photos and David Bowie!!

      • It’s the best version of this song … what I have heard so far. I listen to it .. nearly every morning when I have breakfast. Brilliant … just brilliant. It’s like I see the fog when he walks through London. Thank so much for sharing my “art” with me.

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  5. Lovely! I predict a long and happy relationship for you and Oscar.
    Feedback: (In case you did not know.) I loved it and wanted to share it on two of my blogs: “Using IT” and “Counterpoint”. I first Reblogged it on “Counterpoint”, then found Reblogged can be used only once. It is also the nicer as it shows 6 pictures and a bit of your copy. So I used Press This on “Using IT”. That shows only a link but at least I can add copy and pictures if I wish. I may try adding some of your pix to it, but for now that’s it – a “teachable moment”. Thanks again for this beautiful Oscar inauguration.

    • Thank you so much – you’re always so supportive to me and my blog – Fantastic. And thank you for reblogging this post – I will come over and check what you have been up to. I really enjoyed doing this post, mostly because I really liked the photos taken in the fog. I wasn’t meant to post it until next week, but I just had to.
      Thanks again and I’m so glad … that you liked my walk about with Oscar, he did a pretty good job – and we have bonded now.

  6. Oscar cannot do such a beautiful job as these photos without your help, you make an excellent team. It was not your feet, the boots shrunk over winter 🙂

    • *smile … it’s all about teamwork – but it’s easy to get great shots it you love the moment you take them. It’s all about feeling and joy.
      I have problems with lymph fluid after my cancer treatment, but it has never happen that I wake up with swollen feet; I was concerned for a while yesterday. I wish it was the boots that had shrunk *smile

  7. The Spring flowers give me hope that soon it will be our turn. I love taking landscape pics in the fog. I think you and Oscar are going to be very busy!

    • Bebs, there is so much to learn … and the manual is on disc – so I read it online instead. Don’t have media unit in my netbook. But we are getting use to each other. Thanks for your support.

  8. Love your new camera “Oscar” 🙂 Why Oscar ? It looks great! Thats the kind I need to start with too! My favorite is the bright blue sky called gunwales…what are they ? 🙂

  9. Always enjoy seeing what you see on one of your walkabouts. The fog shot of the lamppost and statue are class. >Well done to you and Oscar! and ha, ha about fog and the UK – that’s the “we’re at the centre of universe” thinking for you 🙂

    • Yes, you just put it right – “we’re at the centre of universe” – when I heard that on the news … it made me smile for days, so typical British. When I had problems to do changes to old routines on our vessels, I also said … not easy to change an empire.
      Never taken photo in fog before and I love the result. My favorite is the rain poodle shot with the reflection of the lamppost. Thank you so much for your always so fantastic support.

  10. Oscar seems like a fantastic friend to have Viveka!!! What a marvelous set of photos! ‘Landskrona into the fog’ is my favourite of your excellent gallery..

    • Thanks, Wendy … been out this evening to try all the night settings and the are fantastic .. this with the night stability. Post will come.

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