weekly photo challenge – abandoned

This photo I took when visit my friend up in Stockholm, in early November-12  … we was walking over to the supermarket and there they where – this abandoned pair of male boots.

Don’t know the story behind them, but neither the owner have bought a new pair … or the boots just had enough. I think the truth is that the owner have been drunk,  very drank – because nobody sorber or in their right mind will walk barefoot outdoors in November – in Sweden.

I don’t have the story behind the abandon boots – but I have a story about the song, but sang by Eric Carmen. It was an every early October morning in 1976 and I arrived to NYC for the first time – by ship.

Working as steward on a massive container ship by name Atlantic Saga, owned ACL. I was so excited to come to NYC, so I could sleep the night before. We were docking at the New Jersey side – and when we went down the Hudson river alongside Manhattan, I stood out deck in the morning and from my radio in cabin this song was playing, I will never forget that feeling and it was the greatest feeling I ever felt, I think – it was like my chest was going to burst. It was so impressive and so exciting. The morning sky over Manhatten so bold and intense in the most stunning pastel colors. It was only me and Manhattan in the whole world, in that moment.
So every time I hear this tack, I’m back on deck 12 … in the early morning meeting Manhattan for the first time ever, but not the last.


“The man with the boots
doesn’t mind where he
places his foot.”
Irish Proverb

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72 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge – abandoned

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    • That’s a perfect track … but I have already used that song for another post, it would have been my choice … otherwise. Love that song. *smile – or maybe I should change track. You made me rethink. *smile

      • Two minds with a single thought! But Celine’s song is another of my favorites, too, and well place here!

      • I think because the subject is a bit sad …. to ba abandoned is not great feeling, so I thought maybe Nancy’s song is a bit too cheerful. *smile
        Celine is in my book one of our best female singers today.

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    • Uru, I love that .. that every shoes has stories to tell .. sure they have. I just feel sorry for those of my shoes that never been out of the box .. yet. I feel very guilty now.
      Thank you for being such a great support to me … always.

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    • Dia, thanks …. I had forgotten about the boots last time we had this subject. I really like this photo. It screams loneliness.
      Have a lovely evening.

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    • Sorry, I have missed you comment … sorry, sorry!! Yes, the colors are so bold and intens. One of the reason why I love the fall. Have a great Sunday.

      • No worries! I will always patiently await your response! I love the fall colors as well. There’s nothing more beautiful. Have a good weekend!

  10. What a lovely, romantic story and song! I could picture you up on that deck 🙂 The boots are perfect for the challenge, one of the best interpretations so far.

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