union is the strength

This is one of the most amazing videos I seen for a long time, so extremely powerful.  Magnificent done. Found it by chance when looking around on YouTube. Don’t  have clue who as made it or if it’s an ad – but worth every of nearly 4 minutes. Enjoy!!!!

“All for one and one for all.”
Alexandre Dumas

Featured photo provided by and thanks to youtube.com

23 thoughts on “union is the strength

  1. Amazing Viveka. I cannot imagine how it was shot! The videographer had to have been mobilized but the video isn’t shaky so he must have had professional equipment. Could it have been staged? Surely the sound is dubbed but it is truly fascinating however it was made! Thanks for sharing. Love the ending!

    • I don’t have clue … but I think it was stage in some way .. and I guess it’s a commercial that never happened. Just amazing. The sound was dubbed, because there is no way they could have mic’s on the animals, but still so cleverly done. Just like you I love happy endings .. even if the reality for the animals is always so.

  2. Nice Viveka…loved the dynamics. I was sitting on the edge of my seat from the beginning and when the roar came out.. that was so precious..thanks for finding and sharing this!

  3. Yes, man assuredly came into the making of this but it looks absolutely natural and every watcher surely just has to let out a cheer at the ending!! Methinks I too held my breath somewhere in the middle 🙂 !

    • Just reposted to lists of friends – did not have your email to show the wording . . . what a wonderful find!!

      • Eha, thank you so much .. you should get my email address through my comments in the dashboard. You’re always so kind to me.

    • I just wonder how they made it – because it’s so clever, a little story in itself and with happy ending, love happy endings.
      Sometimes the bear looks to be an adult bear, next minute it’s a small. However, they have done a brilliant job.

  4. Well that was a tear jerker! I can’t imagine how they filmed It? Was the sounded dubbed? Just amazing and thanks for our mums !

    • I think the sound is dubbed, because there is no way they can had mics on the animals.
      I don’t think it’s a mum … I think it’s a dad. *smile
      Just brilliantly done.

      • It touched my heart ! I did not really think little cubs made those noises but I really don’t know!

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