playtime with oscar

canon- frame -sx50-hs- photopoint ee

Sorry, my friends … but I will not be available this weekend – because my playmate, Oscar, has arrived … so the fun can begin. Just have to charge him up first, which is a pity, because otherwise this post would have shown some of his talents already. He is surprisingly small and light.

Some of my girlfriends has name on their cars, so I decided to give my cameras names. I had an pet owl when I was a kid, by name Oscar – so my new camera I will call Oscar and my old powerful little thing is a she … needs a name too, so it will be Hulda after my grandma – she was small and powerful. Too powerful at times.

moon SX50HS - vimeo com

I don’t think I will be able to take close up of the moon’s surface for you this weekend … mostly because of the weather, not much moon visible and even if  he has a superlens – I don’t think he will manage to take me through those clouds. One day we, Oscar and I, will take you closer to the moon.

If I had this camera with me at Michael Bublé s concert last Sunday in Stockholm, I had probably been able to see what he had for dinner .. or the colors on his under-wares, information that we gladly could be without.

So sorry …. now will Oscar and I start up together …. get all familiar with each other; more close up and personal.

If you are interested in getting to know Canon SX50HS too – is this a fantastic link: Camera Labs, loads of information, images, videos about the cameras features and finale verdict. 

“Start before you’re ready.”
 Steven Pressfield

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32 thoughts on “playtime with oscar

    • Victor Hasselblad said once that we should our best camera first – I did in my first Canon, but now in the cupboard. It’s a long time since I was this excited over a “new toy”. *smile

    • Oscar and I had a good time today … very pleased, but we need to get used to each other, suddenly I got a shakey hand, never had that before. Very light and quick.

    • Nia, heartly thank you … had a lot of fun today. Fantastic camera, but I need to get use to it, very quick and I’m not used to the LED screen that I can fold out. Getting there. Have a lovely sunday.

    • Heather, I love him already .. did a fantastic job in the fog today. A day like this I normally don’t go out if I don’t have too .. but I enjoyed walking about with my new playmate.

    • Marina, new moon???!!!! It’s so foggy I can hardly see my hand *smile But it did a great job in fog. Very pleased. Other people go out with the dog, but I go out with the camera. *smile
      Have a nice weekend.

    • Thank you so much … some years at least. Cameras today isn’t what they was, like everything else. Had a great day today with the camera, took fantastic shot in the fog. Have a great weekend now.

  1. What a zoom! Wow! Yes, hahaha, Michael Bublè’s underwear… 😀
    Looking forward to pictures you’ve taken with Oscar…or the gory details you will be showing us from now on??? 😉
    Have a fun evening xo 🙂

    • Yes, what a zoom .. it’s out of this world. Been out in the fog the whole day nearly with Oscar, he did a great job – done a post. Tomorrow no running about with Oscar. Tomorrow homework – mostly ironing. We haven’t come to the gory yet, me and Oscar. Have a pleasant Sunday.

      • 😀 hahah, same thing here – washing and ironing tomorrow… and maybe another post about something from my little Louis Vuitton museum 😉
        Sleep tight xo 🙂

      • Over midnight … aj-aj!!!!
        Under duvet time.
        Enjoy your homework tomorrow … some good music on load and we will be flying. No post for me tomorrow .. but I will read yours.
        Midnight hug. *smile

  2. I have always wanted a camera that could focus on the moon! I watched the YouTube you linked in the other post. It looks great! I am jealous! 🙂

    • Yes, I’m only waiting for the moon to show it’s face ..
      It’s a small brilliant camera and I love the sound when I snap a photo. We are getting along great.

    • Have been fooling around the whole weekend, both outdoors as you have seen …. and indoors – some serious toy. Very pleased with my new playmate. *smile

    • Yes, I just heard about trail, have been very little on the news about the murder or trail up here. Had a pet owl when I as 7-8 … his name was Oscar. *smile

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