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On the 2nd of September is it time again for me and Anna-Liisa to check-in and to  takeoff for my FAVORITE destination; Chicago – flying directly from Copenhagen with SAS and 9 hours later hopefully we will be waiting for our bags at O’Hare airport.

During 5 days I will have the chance to show my friend Anna-Liisa why I love Chicago and after that we carry on to Las Vegas, a new destination for me. Hopefully will I be able to meet up with 2 of my blogging sisters; Heather@VINTAGE FRENCH CHIC and Bebs@Taking a Deep Breath in Chicago.

Like last time I visit Chicago in July-12 we will be staying at Hyatt Regency Hotel, the biggest hotel in town – but also with one of the best locations, got a twin room for $161/97£/117€/1.050sek per night.

Why Las Vegas???? Why not Las Vegas ???!! The main reason is that Anna-Liisa once said that she wants to spend her 70th birthday there – it was planned that way from the beginning but when we checked into the weather and temperatures in July – we had to re-think. Neither of us could handle +100F/38C day after day. So we will celebrate on my birthday, 11th Sept. instead.

We are checking into Tropicana Las Vegas for 5 nights, a smaller hotel with only 1660 rooms and just off the Strip. But suppose to have one of the best pool areas in town. More or less opposite MGM Grand – that was my first choice, but when reading about all the complaints about the slow check in and the queues – I decided to look for something else.

Tropicana is one of the old hotels in Las Vegas, but Hilton Doubletree has now taken over it and totally refurbished the hotel, have very good reviews. Built by Ben Jaffe and opened in April 1957.

The hotel has been used in films like; Viva Las Vegas. Bond; Diamonds Are Forever, The Godfather and The Godfather II – also been used in numerous TV series. So we will be staying amongst some Hollywood history. We got such a good deal with plus 10% discount, a delux twin (taxes, fees and resort fee incl) for 2.535SEK/388$/233£/282€.

Our flights is a real bargain too; We paid 11.340SEK for our direct flight to Chicago and our flight back home we first fly with Virgin America to San Fransico and from there direct with SAS back to Copenhagen.

For our flight between Chicago and Las Vegas we paid 2.33oSEK/357$/214£/260Euros and we fly with American Airlines. The total for our flights comes to; 13.870SEK/1.125$/1.276£/1.546€. Our flights to and from US we booked with – and the domestic flight with – but we found both through Momondo.

I was really struggling to find flights with good departure times and combination with good price until I went to searching by timetable instead of price. It I had booked the same flights with SAS directly – it would have cost us 16.740SEK/2. 564$/1.541£/1.866€ – and that is not with the domestic flight. So we saved in total on our flights; 5.200sek/800$/480£/582€ with using Momondo. That is a big saving, nearly our hotel stay in Chicago.

You can fly anywhere in the world with them as you travel agent and do so many stopovers you feel for.

“ is a Copenhagen-based travel metasearch engine that enables users to find and compare prices on airplane tickets, hotels, cars and travel deals. momondo does not sell tickets directly, instead it provides an overview of available travel services on the internet and refers its users to travel providers. The technology of momondo enables its users to gain insight into the prices of airplane tickets and to get an assessment of the attractiveness of a flight ticket based on its price and travel time” (text;

And of course they have an app!

“Let’s fight for an open world,
with no boundaries or prejudice,
and with travel as our weapon.”

momondo app - .google com

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37 thoughts on “momondo; only a click away

    • Uru, I will …. Chicago I know, but Las Vegas a new playground for me. I’m not sure I will like .. a bit too plastic for me maybe. We have to wait and see.
      Sent you a email … used Firefox, same .. same.

  1. What this also means is we will have another fabulous post that takes us to new parts of the world.

    I have family members who would SO move to Las Vegas!!!! I haven’t been. And it’s not on my ‘to do’ list. But I bet after reading about your trip I’ll see a reason to go. 🙂

    • Colleen, I’m sure there will be more than one post out of this trip.
      I have never been really interested in LAS, a bit too artificial for my taste .. and plastic, but I have a couple of friends that has been there, and they rave about the place and because A-L wants to go. I’m sure we will have a FAB time.

      I really recommend Momondo .. when you are looking for flights and search by timetable … 800$ is s huge saving on our flight tickets.

  2. Girls just wanna have fun, in the words of a certain lady, Vivi 🙂 And you will!
    Thanks for the heads up on Mimondo. Will check it out when I make some time.
    Tea with Dad last night, then he wanted to get home to watch snooker on TV. I was wrecked so didn’t blog. Nordic walking this morning then lunch with a friend. Have a nice day! Soothing music. Big hugs! 🙂

    • Jo, I’m sure that Mimondo likes all the heads up they can get too … but Momondo I give my thumbs up to. I’m being smart now … too smart for my own good, I think.
      I’m sure your dad was wrecked having you around too … *smile – and I hope he was able to watch his snooker. That is a man in my taste. Party we can do everyday.
      A Nordic walk … sound fantastic to me – and I had a bowl of yogurt for my lunch.
      I haven’t listen to any music today …. thanks for reminding me, been so busy in the laundry room and with catching up my blogging world. Music hug.

  3. I know you girls are going to have lots of fun. Did you check out the Bellagio, it is our favorite hotel and our rate has always been in the $200’s…worth a check to see. We get one of the rooms facing the fountains which are a show themselves. There are great restaurants in town, I know you have probably have been investigating. 🙂

    • We checked out Bellagio – but it was over $200 – I try to get the best deal there is .. with comfort. I have walking distance to their fountains. It’s 4 times the price we pay on Tropicana. Girls needs more than a bed in Las Vegas.
      I rather eat at some good restaurants for those money. Can’t have it all.
      Thanks for looking out for me.

      • I wish I would be able to stay on the most fantastic hotels .. I have done a few – the best of the lot was Peninsula in Hong Kong. And Landmark Hotel in London, that I got for free. Wouldn’t be able to pay those money for just sleeping and taking showers.

  4. Looking forward to meeting you in Chicago. I think you made a wise decision in picking a smaller hotel in Vegas. The other hotels are so big that you can spend a lot of time just going to your room or getting lost – going to a different wing or whatever. You will have fun there even if you don’t gamble. Maybe watch a show or Cirque de Soleil.

    • Cirque is a most for me – have seen 12 shows of them in total over here in Europe, most in London. I’m a huge fan.
      My friend that has lost most of her sight – loves them too, but she will not be able to see what is going on at the stage, not even if we sit on front row, otherwise we would have seen a new show of theirs every evening. One I will see .. one that is about water, because those shows are not coming to Europe.
      I’m not really fussed about the hotel, so long it has comfortable beds, power shower … in Las Vegas a great pool .. and some choice of restaurants for breakfast at least. Some reviews said it’s easy to get lost on this hotel, but I have good with directions. Expect in NYC subways.
      Bebs, I’m so looking forward to see you too .. all excited.

  5. Isn’t it fun to plan a vacation? I am definitely hoping to meet with you in Chicago–whether I can make it over there for a couple of days or just a day trip. We can have tea somewhere!

    I love that you are staying at the Tropicana—such a vintage thing to do even though it has been remodeled. My parents just got back from Vegas (visiting family) and were able to see the Grand Canyon while out there. Do you think you will do a day trip to the Canyon? Maybe you have seen it before…

  6. A marvellous trip, Viveka! I haven’t been to any of those places, but my husband has. Las Vegas was great to visit, but I guess only to visit. Living there would not be my cup of tea.

    • I don’t think I would like to live in Las Vegas, but Chicago … could move tomorrow, but I will back to Skåne during the winters. *smile
      So excited over the trip – but how can SAS sell the same tickets and departure times to an other websited 5000kr cheaper than their own website – terrible.And I’m a SAS member.

  7. Bravo on your next adventure! Make SURE to spend some time in the Cosmopolitan Hotel. It’s new and fabulous! Also I would recommend Zoomanity by Cirque de Soleilfor a little thrill!

    • Okay, thanks for the the tips … I will do both then. I have to see one of their shows, but I can’t leave my friend behind every evening. She loves them too, but will not be able to see what is going on, because of her bad sight. Terrible sad, but she still wants to travel with me and that is the main thing. Welcome back by the way. Nice to have you back.

      • Thank you. Its theater in the round and if you pay now you could maybe get really close up seats ( beware: it’s very racy )

      • No, she is not able to see anything if she doesn’t have her face close to the TV. I would love if there was a big artist like Celine or something at the time, because she would be able to enjoy that, because she knows how the artist look like. Life isn’t fair.

      • I saw here at old Wembley …. many years ago, she was great, but not so good as Michael Buble.
        I would see her again. And I would love to see Terry Fator … and his puppets,

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