something in the air last night

Naturally_7_12_ au

Last evening I spent with Michael Bublé at Ericsson Globe in Stockholm, but I will come to him later – but this is about his “warm up band” – Naturally 7.

Naturally 7 are a unique wonder. Collectively, they have a talent that journalists are lost for words to explain. Seven young men from New York whose voices construct the most amazing harmonies and replicate the sounds of a variety of instruments so well that they decided that their album would be just that. Only voices. No instruments. Something they call “Vocal Play”

“Naturally 7 is an American music group with a distinct.They sing primarily R&B with extensive beatboxing. Group members are Roger Thomas (musical director, arranger, 1st Baritone, Rap), Warren Thomas (percussion, guitar, clarinet, 3rd tenor), Rod Eldridge (1st tenor, scratching, trumpet), Napoleon “Polo” Cummings (4th Tenor, guitar), Dwight Stewart (2nd baritone, vocals, trumpet), Garfield Buckley (2nd Tenor, Harmonica) and Armand “Hops” Hutton (Bass).” (text;

They took the Globe with storm last night – and me that  never heard about “beatboxing” before I’m totally sold. An amaizing group. This with that they can make their voice sound like instruments – mindblowing really. 

The origins of the group date back to New York City in 1999 when Roger Thomas started the group with his brother, Warren, and five other talented singers they had come to know over the years from singing around the city. Having been in and out of several traditional male groups over the years, Roger developed an affinity for a cappella sounds and a unique ability to create distinct harmony arrangements. When invited to sing at a major a cappella competition in New York, they won the competition, moved onto the nationals and took away two more wins.

They is the opening act for Michael Bublé since 2010 – for his “Crazy for Love Tour” and “To Be Loved Tour”

A group that I will listen to a lot in the future and invest some more in Itune for their tracks . They are very popular in Germany. Together with Michael will they hit; Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, New York and Mexico during the 8 first months of this year.

The group has released 5 albums and 2 singles
What it is
Ready II Fly
Wall of Sound
Vocal Play
Singles; “Music Is the Key” and “Feel It (In the Air)”

I would gladly play to see a full show with this fantastic group. Thanks, Michael for introducing them to me – I will come back to you later.

The all the concert photos is mine from yesterday evening.

“If the music is too loud – you’re too old”

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18 thoughts on “something in the air last night

  1. Wonderful photos and music… and I love your last quote… “If the music is too loud – you’re too old” step aside all… Viveka and I are not too old…

  2. Oh, oh, I guess I’m too old for some kind of music 😉
    I really like your pictures and this music, too – but I can only take volume to a certain notch… now what about my age!?

    I was having computer problems, so I was off-line for a little while. Right now my little electronic friend is fulfilling her job perfectly 😉

    Have a very HAPPY evening 🙂 xo

    • Wow, this make me very happy – because they are truly a great group… thank you so much. Very talent guys. I wouldn’t mind see them in a show of their own.

  3. If you hadn’t shared the video, I would never have known there were no instruments involved. I can see why you would have enjoyed their performance.

    • Karen, I would love to see them in their own show … just brilliant. Such a fantastic group and after the show they met up with people at a special area of theirs: talking … selling their album and videos.
      I didn’t stop the queue was so long.

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