a top place that impresses

Blackbird 2

619 W. Randolph, Chicago, IL 60661,USA
Phone; (312) 715-0708
$$$$ Modern American – booking recommened.

If you are in Chicago, then you should check out the great atmosphere and buzz; delicious food at Blackbird Chicago Restaurant. This favorite Chicago restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy some truly unique cuisine in a sleek setting; both interesting and sophisticated.

The food is kept simple and no fuss on the plates that shouldn’t be there. They let the igredients talk for themselves and they talk loudly. Every plate a piece of art in it’s simplicity. blackbird . zagat com

As a “lonely” diner and being a woman normally I end up being offered the most hidden table – but not here. Had a truly great evening … with fantastic buzz (quite loud), it was packed to the rim and outstanding food. Service where fun, friendly, pleasant and relaxed. They made me feel like I was the most important guest that evening, great feeling.

After 11 years  is it a bit difficult to remember description of the dishes, but I indulged myself with their tasting menu; as a started I had parmesan risotto followed with poached salmon as main course and a divine dessert with the perfect chewy meringues together with fresh berries. It didn’t come cheap, but I can’t remember that I was sweating while paying.

It’s now 11 years gone since my visit – have kept an eye on the place and it’s still one of Chicago’s 10 best rated restaurants. Why didn’t I go back in July-12 ???  I had heard so much good about their new restaurant “The Publican” – so I gave it a try, had a fantastic evening there; sharing dishes, beligum beers and more beers, but a total differenct concept and eating expericance.

But I think I will revisit Blackbird in September this year.

blackbird seafood

“One cannot think well, love well,
sleep well, if one has not dined well.”
Virginia Woolf

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14 thoughts on “a top place that impresses

    • Suzanne, have a long bucket list all ready … with new exciting places – only have 5 evening to spend on them. Chicago is one of the best food cities in US:
      But I would love to revisit Blackbird too. Randolph Street in Chicago is THE restaruant street.

    • So am I *smile
      Blackbird is quite expensive … but I really like the place, but I never had a bad meal in Chicago. Have loads of new restaurants on my bucket list too. Only have 5 evenings.

    • Jo, I listen to this piece just now … beautiful. It’s a piece by Vivaldi for mandolins. So beautiful, but cheerful. Just like a good dinner should be.

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