time on my hand

depature time…. me and dates, time and numbers have never added up – and I don’t think that will ever change.

It has happen once while working over in UK – that I arrived to my home flight to Sweden, 2 days before Christamas, 24 hours too late. A very costly business and nerve racking, because there was only one seat left before Christmas.

My only hope was that someone shouldn’t turn up for the flight that morning or book the evening flight that had the only free seat left, but it had meant that I would have to spend the night at Copenhagen airport or Hilton Hotel … because no connections with Sweden. Both options would have cost me another £365. So it was only to caugh up the pounds and hope for the best that somebody was going to miss the morning flight – and so it happen.Kastrup station 1

And I have messed up hotel bookings – so my and my right hand man (handsome Stuart) ended up sharing hotel room for one night in Brimingham, UK – I had only been his boss for about 2 weeks time, his wife Wendy was very understanding. Poor guy, but then I knew he was perfect for the job.

On Tuesday was I flying up to Stockholm and MBF – Anna-Liisa, but counted wrongly on time, and instead of 2 hours at the airport I spent 3 hours and that’s is a lot.

I have many times prieced Copenhagen airport for being so effecient – and on Tuesday it must have been world record. My train stopped 12.18pm under the airport termial – 12.35pm  was I checked in and my bag was gone. 10 min later was I done with the security check up. Amazing. One of the busiest airports in Europe.

So I had plenty time on my hand to walk around …. and did some exclusive window shopping with my camera. I had a light lunch; a smoothie, chicken club sandwich and a great cup of coffee. A great home cooked meal was waiting for me a couple of hours later at my friends place.

Anna-Liisa has lost most of her sight during the last 2 years, but that doesn’t stop her from travelling with me, cooking great meals and keeping her home spotless, an amazing woman. She has something called macula and there is nothing they can do about her sight as such, but she also had cataract on both her eyes.

The doctor she had before said that he did’t want to operate because of the bleeding she had in her eyes. Then she got a new doctor and she said no problems. 14 days ago she was operated on one of the eyes and her sight situation has became a lot better, even if she can’t read without magnification machine. Now they also will do the other eyes. In for 2 years she had it like that … and a new doctor could make her world so much brigher.

So on Wednesday we booked our 10 days trip to Chicago and Las Vegas. We got really good deals, but I will come back to our bookings in another post. Because I’m just over 500 words now.

“Better be three hours too soon, than one minute too late.” ‘
William Shakespeare

22 thoughts on “time on my hand

    • I can’t even image how it’s not to be able to see … its really tough on her at times and she are very upset over her situation. LIfe isn’t fair. She like me retired early to enjoy life.
      We arrive Chicago 2,09 and stay 5 nights – then to Las Vegas for 5 nights too.
      My health is the same, still have more sore days then good days, but it has become a little better. Yesterday, was a terrible day. Thank you so much for asking and for your concern.

  1. That’s a LOT of juggling for a flight Viveka yipes! I see you definitely enjoyed your lil bit of shopping 😀

    On another note, wifi on board and warm home cooking after all that would make me happy too! 😀

  2. SO VERY MUCH in this story! I’m glad your friend has had some vision restored. What a huge gift that must have been to her. And lucky handsome Stuart to have you for a boss. I wonder how he felt that night!!!! 🙂

    • Yes, it’s fantastic that there has been … a chance for the better – even if she will never be able to drive … or read again. Her days has become a lot brighter.
      So happy for the development – and the other eye will be operated soon too.

  3. You were window shopping too! But not in the rain 🙂 I loved the material on the pretty girl’s frock and those cool-shaped vases! And Marc’s glass lamp looked very classy too. (I love glass!) You take great photos, Vivi. I feel like I spent a couple of hours at the airport with you.
    I’m always “nearly late” and have to rush everywhere at the last minute! Maybe I have less seconds in my day than the normal? Happy for Anna-Liisa (2 ‘i’s’- is that right?) that she has a surgeon who knows what he’s doing at last! There’s still hope for you, you know 🙂 Happy hugs!

    • Good Morning, more snow …. and a very soft morning again. Love it. But no chill as such.
      Yes, its 2xi in her name, her mum was from Finland.
      Copenhagen airport has so much to offer, but doesn’t come cheap and it – so window shopping is a great way to spend time and times flies away.
      The vases is famous Finish design – from Iittila – so beautiful. Design for tulips from the beginning.
      So happy for A-L that she got a new doctor that dared to the operation. So hopefully they will do the other eye too very soon, so she can enjoy the glitterly Las Vegas. Soft morning hugs.

  4. Has only happened to us once traveling from Iguazu to Sao Paulo, when we forgot that the clock had been set to winter time that morning! We made our flight in the nick of time!
    Good luck to your friend with her second eye. And I have my fingers crossed that you too will find a doctor someday, who can miraculously set your sorry ass right 🙂
    Great window shopping pictures as always Viveka. Coveting that orange bag 🙂

  5. Glad to here about her eye ops that have returned a bit of sight… to be blind would be the end of my world… you are really obsessed with the 500 word limit now… lol

    • Not obsessed as such .. it’s a great way to finish of a post that will drag on … blame the 500 words *smile
      My friend is so happy for the changes the operation has done to her sight, she will never be able to drive a car again … but she doesn’t have to crawl into the TV for watching the news. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my sight … so living with a sorry ass is a great option.

  6. I always have so much fun window shopping with you as you have the best taste. Very happy that a new doctor has been able to help your friend…hopefully the second procedure will be as successful. 🙂

    • Karen, thank you so much for your kind thoughts.
      One thing is for sure; things can’t go worst for AL with getting the other eye done too.
      I’m just amazed over how doctors look at problems differently.
      A second opinion is necessary those days.

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